Hockey Player Auston Matthews Breaks Down Hockey Scenes From Movies | GQ Sports


NHL star Auston Matthews breaks down hockey scenes from movies, including 'Miracle,' 'The Mighty Ducks,' 'Goon' and 'Youngblood.'
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Hockey Player Auston Matthews Breaks Down Hockey Scenes From Movies | GQ Sports


  • Aven7218
    Aven7218Dag siden

    wtf is he wearing

  • BlackMasakari
    BlackMasakariDag siden

    13:35 that sound-effect is the best.

  • Kellen Hatfield
    Kellen Hatfield2 dager siden

    I use wood goalie stick

  • JagdTeaguer
    JagdTeaguer3 dager siden

    Pro NHL player and doesn't understand why the goalie comes out of the crease on a break away or penalty shot? Wut. As a goalie you want to be able to be able to skate backwards at the same speed at the player coming in to take the shot so you can stay with them no matter what direction they want to go, and then you're at the top of the crease at full backwards speed where you've cut down the shooting angle and the holes to shoot the puck thru are the smallest possible. Goaltending advantages, take em when you got em!

    ANTON KOSS4 dager siden

    Does it bother anyone else that the stands are packed in D1? Only people who show up for games in youth hockey are parents/siblings

  • Gixerson
    Gixerson6 dager siden

    This guy should be in the NHL

  • Kurtis Beaulieu
    Kurtis Beaulieu6 dager siden

    how did i not know this video was a thing wtf

  • Jasmine Morales
    Jasmine Morales13 dager siden

    Should've showed him Letterkenny too lol

  • alex wunderman
    alex wunderman18 dager siden

    no slapshot that movie was good

  • Jasmine Morales
    Jasmine Morales18 dager siden

    keep up the hockey content with the young stars in the league

  • Doey Jiaz
    Doey Jiaz22 dager siden

    He even says Toronto properly, this guy is a beaut

  • lovelessissimo
    lovelessissimo27 dager siden

    1998 Mike Piazza plays hockey?

  • Bradley Miller
    Bradley Miller29 dager siden

    I was expecting tooth fairy to be on here

  • Tizzankyume Onfroy
    Tizzankyume OnfroyMåned siden

    This guy's high af, constantly smiling, and red eyes

  • Over Rider
    Over RiderMåned siden

    GOON is the most unrealistic , buddy

  • Keith
    KeithMåned siden

    I don't think I trust a hockey player who has all of his teeth, and they're in such good shape.

  • Patrick Greene
    Patrick Greene2 måneder siden

    Auston "Kind Of" Matthews

  • Fargonauts
    Fargonauts2 måneder siden

    I'm not seeing Slap Shot on here, very disappointed.

  • M Kaylan
    M Kaylan2 måneder siden

    Do again with Crosby!

  • Alex Kirby
    Alex Kirby2 måneder siden

    I've never seen a player be so inarticulate about the sport he gets paid 7 figures to play.

  • Ethan Zardus
    Ethan Zardus2 måneder siden

    Hahahah you lost to philly let’s go

  • Ethan Pollock [Student]
    Ethan Pollock [Student]2 måneder siden

    Where’s the drill where you rate your teammates based on effort?

  • ModernVince
    ModernVince2 måneder siden

    Sooo monotone

  • johnny v
    johnny v2 måneder siden

    The interviewer is asking so many dumb questions. Smh.

  • Thomas Knelsen
    Thomas Knelsen2 måneder siden

    Matthews never did suicides? Really? I had to do them all the time in minor hockey.

  • Francis Chabot
    Francis Chabot2 måneder siden

    Someone needs to be very confident to proudly wear a pornstache like this one.

  • dgmaffi
    dgmaffi2 måneder siden

    No Slapshot?!

  • wedamammynuns
    wedamammynuns2 måneder siden

    Should've done this while he's golfing. Thats what the Leafs do during the playoffs

  • Alexander Siasi
    Alexander Siasi2 måneder siden

    Mr. Potato head

  • M Merritt
    M Merritt2 måneder siden

    kid reps hockey like a librarian talking about how to catalog books. Lol, have a coffee bud, its gonna be ok.

  • Joseph 2HD
    Joseph 2HD3 måneder siden

    Love Matthews also my Proflie Picture I’m wearing Leafs T Shirt

  • disfunctional morons
    disfunctional morons3 måneder siden

    No slap shot?

  • Nic Fahie
    Nic Fahie3 måneder siden

    Never called them bubbles, called them fish blows

  • Nick Moody
    Nick Moody3 måneder siden

    No Slap Shot?! Lame....

  • Jeff Wilson
    Jeff Wilson3 måneder siden

    I can hear the Californian in him. He had to have said the word "like" 80 times in this video. Very much a Northern California/Bay Area thing.

  • Mike R
    Mike R3 måneder siden

    "What do you wear now?" There's literally only one option, guy. Do some research before you interview.

  • shibodira
    shibodira3 måneder siden

    “That’s jail time” 😂😂😂

  • Matt
    Matt3 måneder siden

    Whats up with his sweatshirt?!

  • Avery Price
    Avery Price3 måneder siden

    They were offsides in that flying V 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Grant
    Grant3 måneder siden

    He's right about the time limit on penalty shots, you only get twenty seconds.

  • william taylor
    william taylor3 måneder siden

    GQ's this guys a Q...

  • Liam Coulter
    Liam Coulter3 måneder siden

    Miracle is one of my favorite movies of all time. Always gets me excited to go play hockey

  • Anthony Thunder

    Anthony Thunder

    3 måneder siden

    Yeah for sure

  • Cody Wood
    Cody Wood3 måneder siden

    Auston Matthews is more of a golf player tbh

  • Thomas Sheridan
    Thomas Sheridan3 måneder siden

    Who’s here after Toronto lost to CBJ 2020

    MAF MAF3 måneder siden

    As a Canadian fan of the greatest sport on earth, I hate Slapshot and Goon. Horable portrayal of hockey.

  • Tuff Woodland
    Tuff Woodland3 måneder siden

    I’ve seen a bench brawl

  • CYK theNinja
    CYK theNinja3 måneder siden

    Oilers did the Flying V once lol

  • Yuul Selv
    Yuul Selv3 måneder siden

    now that's a great break down. speaking of great, nice stache

  • Chaise Samargis
    Chaise Samargis3 måneder siden

    The legs feed the wolf gentleman

  • Gaba Ganoosh
    Gaba Ganoosh3 måneder siden

    Where's Slapshot?

  • Jeremy’s King
    Jeremy’s King3 måneder siden

    Wait did Matthews just call a “fishbowl” a “bubble”

  • mxamiss5
    mxamiss53 måneder siden

    Fat Jack White. Hey GQ where’s slap shot!?

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson3 måneder siden

    Petition to allow NHLers to take their helmets off during shootouts⬇️⬇️

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson3 måneder siden

    Petition to allow NHLers to take their helmets off during shootouts⬇️⬇️

  • Philly ReD 215 FTF
    Philly ReD 215 FTF3 måneder siden

    Flyers put a whooping on the Soviet team 4 years before that...BUT, they were pros so... I guess it's different?

  • Joe Young
    Joe Young3 måneder siden


  • Joey ahmed
    Joey ahmed3 måneder siden

    He is permanently speaking in post game interview

  • Drew Rycerz
    Drew Rycerz3 måneder siden

    As a goalie i grew up doing the tennis ball thing, and even use a white puck.

  • Brandon
    Brandon3 måneder siden

    When he said no one uses wood sticks anymore made me feel old. Thats all we had when I started playing and when the fiberglass over wood sticks came out we thought those were the greatest thing ever.

  • bloodfeast123
    bloodfeast1233 måneder siden

    It was rad seeing Paul Kariya in mighty ducks 3!

  • Rick Robitaille
    Rick Robitaille3 måneder siden

    The new neo Dave Keon Like leaf...reincarnated... Too much...

  • Michael Gierusz
    Michael Gierusz3 måneder siden

    Maybe stop doing these stupid things, and focus on making a deep playoff run haha

  • Huntsy
    Huntsy3 måneder siden

    no slapshot or mystery Alaska .....

  • Anthony Tyler Kesterson
    Anthony Tyler Kesterson3 måneder siden

    Just listening to him talk explains why his team his garbage. 😂😂 "thats jail time" nope! Thats in the job description. Taking heads off of princesses like him!

  • IT CU
    IT CU3 måneder siden

    WTF no SlapShot?????????????????

  • Berto_PGH
    Berto_PGH3 måneder siden

    He’s so boring

  • Kenny Kessler
    Kenny Kessler3 måneder siden

    Thank god he loved the mighty ducks.

  • Towelie Sr
    Towelie Sr3 måneder siden

    He says about wooden sticks yet composite break so easily the leafs lost 2 guys cause of breaking sticks yet Wooden ones wouldn’t have done that

  • Moshe Salzman
    Moshe Salzman3 måneder siden

    Hey Matt Martin plays for the Islanders not NY. When you say NY it means the Rangers THEY ARE NEW YORK

  • Gary Bugden
    Gary Bugden3 måneder siden

    Like like totally like .....

  • Leen Nette
    Leen Nette3 måneder siden

    5:30 Worst voice crack I've heard in a while.

  • Elias Hagman
    Elias Hagman3 måneder siden


  • Sophia Ung
    Sophia Ung3 måneder siden

    Mighty Ducks is the best hockey trilogy, try and change my mind

  • Nathanbhh -
    Nathanbhh -3 måneder siden

    “Your playing gAMES”🤣

  • Grace Locke
    Grace Locke3 måneder siden

    guess they'll just let anyone on here, i mean who cares about the past. smh

  • Mike Pinnell
    Mike Pinnell3 måneder siden

    The skating in Miracle is VERY realistic

  • Mitchel Bierer
    Mitchel Bierer4 måneder siden

    It’s funny how he acts like he’s never seen miracle before

  • Alex LeBlanc
    Alex LeBlanc4 måneder siden

    No Slap Shot?

  • W Jalal
    W Jalal4 måneder siden

    that brawl he said was unrealistic happened several times between the Nordiques and Montreal in the 80's. you can see it right here on youtube

  • Dylan Trimarchi
    Dylan Trimarchi4 måneder siden

    You are my first favorite person on the Maple leaves The maple leaves are my favorite hockey team

  • Jimmy Tweedale
    Jimmy Tweedale4 måneder siden

    The way he says "when you go play shinny hockey with the boys" like every person in the world knows what shinny is, is amazingly Canadian lol

  • Jimmy Tweedale

    Jimmy Tweedale

    3 måneder siden

    @Obito yeah its just Canadian slang for a pick-up game, usually 3 on 3

  • Obito


    3 måneder siden

    I always thought it was called shinny bc your shins are going to take a beating.

  • Bryan Zonio
    Bryan Zonio4 måneder siden

    I was hoping they'd show the hockeny scenes in the tooth fairy

  • Mark Kinz
    Mark Kinz4 måneder siden

    "That's assault, but it's kind of hilarious" Hope you didn't say that to the judge, buddy!

  • Isabelle Voor
    Isabelle Voor4 måneder siden

    Wait can he react to Bear Town/Us Against You (the book) I wanna know if their training is accurate. I didn't play sports but I did do Marching Band and I know that vomiting that often is bad news. Like unhealthy/leads to injury type bad news. So like...was showing the players vomiting during training like....a thing Hockey Coaches do? Or was it a literary device?

  • Michael Maksirisombat
    Michael Maksirisombat4 måneder siden

    This was the worst breakdown. So boring

  • Riparea Videography
    Riparea Videography4 måneder siden

    "That's illegal. That's assault... I mean you wouldn't like get thrown out or anything like that, but it's a five minute major." hahaha

  • Mystninja
    Mystninja4 måneder siden

    Slap shot was a great movie.

  • Ajayan Thirulingam Arunasalam
    Ajayan Thirulingam Arunasalam4 måneder siden

    😂😂😂 this was so funny

  • kevin moffatt
    kevin moffatt4 måneder siden

    How do they make this and not feature slapshot

  • Oilerfan5
    Oilerfan54 måneder siden

    This sorta thing screams PK

  • TheRealEmperor
    TheRealEmperor4 måneder siden

    Slap Shot? The Rocket: Maurice Richard? both MUCH better than Goon or Youngblood..

  • I Love My Beard
    I Love My Beard4 måneder siden

    too bad this guy will never win a stanley cup with the leafs

  • Judy O'Griobhan
    Judy O'Griobhan4 måneder siden

    Mattew c'mon.. you know that up to 1980 Canada beat USSR plenty of times........and after... Another thing. Iceland? hockey? c'mon

  • Jacob Arsenault
    Jacob Arsenault4 måneder siden

    Who calls them a bubble I only heard fish bowl must be a USA term

  • Opal Miner
    Opal Miner4 måneder siden

    Drink every time he says "like" like couldn't

  • Isaac Maxwell
    Isaac Maxwell4 måneder siden

    3:15 3man weave

  • Elle Riley
    Elle Riley4 måneder siden

    opening up with a "That's assault... but it's kind of hilarious" right out of the gate OOF 😬

  • Cassandra Frost
    Cassandra Frost4 måneder siden

    Not a hockey fan, so I'm not sure, but he says they use wooden hockey sticks. What do they use now? Plastic??

  • Wyatt Muller
    Wyatt Muller4 måneder siden

    13:34 that’s literally Marty Mcsorly

  • Nieru
    Nieru5 måneder siden

    Every one of these videos: Yeah, that's not very realistic, but I still love this movie.