Georges St-Pierre Breaks Down MMA Scenes From Movies | GQ Sports


MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre breaks down Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scenes from movies and TV, including 'Warrior,' 'John Wick: Chapter 2,' 'Flash Point' and 'Redbelt.'

“Falcon and the Winter Soldier” TV miniseries is live now on Disney+.
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Georges St-Pierre Breaks Down MMA Scenes From Movies | GQ Sports


  • garichar
    garichar17 minutter siden

    If you listen closely you can kinda hear GSP's French-Canadian accent coming through.

  • Data Storage
    Data Storage24 minutter siden

    GSP is so humble, a champion that is a student and a fan. A distinguished and intelligent gentlemen in all ways.

  • Putin
    PutinTime siden

    Editor needs a paycut for not putting in the ufc fight he was talking about at the start

  • Lil c
    Lil cTime siden

    The world's jolliest and friendliest MMA fighter. We love GSP and his franglaise😅♥️

  • hs4lhp
    hs4lhpTime siden

    how can you not love GSP? what a man

  • Santiago Schulz Schulz Kumar
    Santiago Schulz Schulz Kumar2 timer siden

    Wait... GSP wasn't bald this entire time??? retirement look good on the GOAT

  • lisandro flores
    lisandro flores2 timer siden

    That unwritten rule is true. Although some people don't know it until it's done to them. Happened to me, put someone I couldn't beat in an arm bar and went straight to the break, luckily he knew I was inexperienced and tapped right before but I hurt him pretty bad. Few years later the same was done to me although I wasn't so lucky and tore my rotator cuff and hurt my cap shell.

  • Omer Kuyas
    Omer Kuyas2 timer siden

    Why is GSP yelling!

  • Reese 23
    Reese 233 timer siden

    Him and jadakiss are the only people I know who just suddenly popped up with a hairline

  • Donnelly Zaraki
    Donnelly Zaraki3 timer siden

    Dear Georges, I seem to be missing the breakdown of the movie villain Batroc in Captain America, is that actor legit like Donnie Yen or what?

  • SK
    SK3 timer siden

    GSP looks like an interior decorator now

  • Vigilant Slacker
    Vigilant Slacker3 timer siden

    For non GSP fans out there, he is considered one of the bests MMA fighters of all time, who in the prime of his career consistently faced off against some of the greatest in his division (PRE-USADA era so everyone was juiced) and left the UFC after a 26 and 2 record. For clarification, his 2 losses were Matt Hughes and Matt Serra, he came back and beat them both twice.

  • Al T
    Al T4 timer siden

    Who is he? An hybrid between GSP and Neymar? LOL

  • Alessio tiscali
    Alessio tiscali4 timer siden

    He SHOUD have done the raid 2

  • John Doe
    John Doe4 timer siden

    GSP looks like he's on his way to get bottle service in the Old Port

  • ali ramadan
    ali ramadan5 timer siden

    He acted in captain america right

  • i rape two women per day
    i rape two women per day6 timer siden

    They got GSP with hair? Gq im impressed by your performance

  • lioneye4
    lioneye46 timer siden

    Calm down George, you dont need to scream the whole time.

  • Afrazm
    Afrazm6 timer siden

    why is he shouting?

  • antho
    antho7 timer siden

    george > george st-pierre

  • Anton DP
    Anton DP7 timer siden

    He should review Captain America vs Batroc in the Winter Soldier. The Batroc actor there was really good ;)

  • K Ak
    K Ak7 timer siden

    GSP is the greatest of all time for me. Great Champion and great Role Model.

  • Maori Chef
    Maori Chef7 timer siden

    GSP with hair doe?

  • Eru Iluvatar
    Eru Iluvatar8 timer siden

    Was kinda hoping hed talk about the Winter Soldier fight

  • aneessa aghniya
    aneessa aghniya8 timer siden

    What gsp should’ve said is, there’s striking components and there’s khabib components, cuz khabib is the highest level of grappler there ever was

  • Frederic Hoarau
    Frederic Hoarau8 timer siden

    BATROC ! ! !

  • Azriel Johnson
    Azriel Johnson8 timer siden

    I love how excited he got as the video continued on.

  • HP Films
    HP Films8 timer siden

    what i find very funny is that if you speak english with an accent and you sound horrible and butcher nearly every word it´s totally fine, but if you try to speak english and you have no accent whatsoever you sound like a moron and its totally anoying

  • Brandy Brando
    Brandy Brando9 timer siden

    Where did you get hair GSP very suspicious all of a sudden he's got Ellen's hair looks weird

  • Hector Ruiz
    Hector Ruiz9 timer siden

    Idk this guy but with his knowledge I feel like he could be a UFC champ

  • Luca Collins
    Luca Collins9 timer siden

    Next video: McGregor reviews pub fight scenes

  • ArmitronFusion7
    ArmitronFusion711 timer siden

    I love Asians-Fight Movies.

  • myown lilbubble
    myown lilbubble12 timer siden about particular...avar.....

  • CYB3R2K30
    CYB3R2K3012 timer siden

    Can of Rieve.

  • Fabrice Ahadi
    Fabrice Ahadi13 timer siden

    They should have reviewed the Undisputed series (Boyka’s fights)

  • Luis Francisco Contreras
    Luis Francisco Contreras13 timer siden

    The 🐐!

  • Ctyler93
    Ctyler9314 timer siden

    They should of showed him the alien movie Signs and asked how realistic it is.

  • Jason YT
    Jason YT14 timer siden

    Would love to see him react to Boykov

  • Natedagreat Roy
    Natedagreat Roy14 timer siden

    The fact that this man is in the marvel cinematic universe❤️

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz15 timer siden

    Not use to seeing gsp with hair...

  • Furness Prime
    Furness Prime15 timer siden

    That hair though, lol.

  • Kiesha Shante
    Kiesha Shante15 timer siden

    GSP breaking down one of my favorite Donnie Yen movies.🐐🙌

  • David I
    David I15 timer siden

    How many times did GSP say break their bones lol

  • Clash With Mysto
    Clash With Mysto16 timer siden

    This guy in the video, looks like he knows a few things or two about fighting, i could definitely see him having potential of being a 2 division champion and earning goat status.

  • dannyzee4
    dannyzee416 timer siden

    Saw the video title and thought Flashpoint has gotta be in this. Was not MMA-inspired movie out there. Remember watching it on TV, thinking it'd be another BS martial arts movie and was left mouth open when the first fight used actually used a real ippon seoi nage judo throw and then a legit flying armbar. You can even guess what fights/fighters inspired which scenes.

  • Sound Logic
    Sound Logic16 timer siden

    That hair gotta go.

  • Tristan Lee
    Tristan Lee16 timer siden

    Me: talking so loud in the bar with the rest of the crew. GSP: walks in Me: guys be quiet we can’t be so loud. GSP my idol! Wish I could train with you Great Sir.

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics16 timer siden

    This is so cool! It is awesome to see a pro fighter see how good fights are in movies!

  • Angela Innis
    Angela Innis16 timer siden

    Will the real St Pierre please stand up?

  • Vegan Douchebag
    Vegan Douchebag16 timer siden

    GSP with hair? What the..

  • Francis Dion Batchar
    Francis Dion Batchar17 timer siden

    Gsp is UFC

  • Brandon
    Brandon17 timer siden

    Normally videos like this say "UFC fighter" or "MMA fighter breaks down fight sequences. But literally GSP is so famous they can use his name instead.

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones17 timer siden

    that haircut is super gey

  • Joel Turner
    Joel Turner17 timer siden

    I love how he says favourite 😂🙌

  • Blazin Skull
    Blazin Skull18 timer siden

    his english has come so far

  • jerome fortin
    jerome fortin18 timer siden

    Well... with all is head injury.. he still can talk in english! Impressive !

  • Deep6_Productions
    Deep6_Productions18 timer siden

    Shoulda did his Winter Soldier fight scene. That woulda been the icing

  • Graeme Matamua
    Graeme Matamua19 timer siden

    My man looks so happy

  • Moussa KOBEE
    Moussa KOBEE19 timer siden

    🐐🙏🏾 Now we need khabib

  • Deep6_Productions
    Deep6_Productions19 timer siden

    Warrior was such an under appreciated movie. Great cast...realistic fight scenes. I think if it came out 2 years ago it would have been better received.

  • James Patterson
    James Patterson19 timer siden

    GSP is the MAN!!

  • Manuel Labor
    Manuel Labor19 timer siden

    Im glad GQ hired one of the classiest if not the classiest fighter ever to do this video. GSP is a true martial artist in body and mind. Peaceful outside but dominates the baddest fighters inside the cage. A rare breed of a fighter.

  • Joshua Cathey
    Joshua Cathey19 timer siden

    The 🐐 himself

  • Galo Guzman
    Galo Guzman19 timer siden

    GSP with hair and beard must be the funniest thing ever

  • Beau-Urns
    Beau-Urns19 timer siden

    GSP looked to be having so much fun. And I love it

  • Buzzard061
    Buzzard06119 timer siden

    GSP has hair!?

  • Uros Pilipovic
    Uros Pilipovic20 timer siden

    ...but why is he yelling...

  • David Huerta
    David Huerta20 timer siden

    Would Bruce Lee be able to hold his own in UFC? I just got into fighting and am interested in the answer

  • SchmokinJoe
    SchmokinJoe20 timer siden

    GSP is just SHOUTING the _entire_ time

  • matthew 2779
    matthew 277920 timer siden

    George is a class act and a legend

    NDN KEN20 timer siden

    Flash point and red belt, my favorite movies 😭

  • Tim Hefty
    Tim Hefty21 time siden

    I know he's French Canadian but I also hear a bit of Caribbean in his voice

  • Raymund Pulido
    Raymund Pulido21 time siden

    GSP is a natural..

  • Zak Hentaigod
    Zak Hentaigod21 time siden

    It was kinda funny. Bc all the things he said I’ve heard 1million times. Like jiu-jitsu means softness and u need to flow like water. And the ego and training safe. But he said the same thing my instructor always thought me. Kinda funny

  • Apple Landry
    Apple Landry21 time siden

    Does he know there are microphones?

  • Khaled Ahmad
    Khaled Ahmad21 time siden

    I don’t think GSP realised that was Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson in the warrior scene 😂 2:20

  • Dustin Redding

    Dustin Redding

    18 timer siden

    if i knew and you knew, he knew

  • Rhythm elf88
    Rhythm elf8821 time siden

    8:44 yeah that's Michael "The Count" Bisping. One of the most savage , toughest, grittiest men to ever walk this Earth. Absolute warrior.

  • Jeff House
    Jeff House22 timer siden

    Cool to know that Warrior is one of his favorites and he's watched it many times, was always wondering what a real fighter would think of it.

  • Mike n’ Ike
    Mike n’ Ike22 timer siden

    These Breakdowns are so great. Steve Rinella, GSP, Cam Hanes I’m definitely a fan of all of them

  • Zakir Ahmed
    Zakir Ahmed22 timer siden

    Not being a hater, I love GSP but it's really funny how he understood Bruce Lee's famous quote "be like water" as go with the flow 😂🤦‍♂️

  • S.Sarjon Mahmud
    S.Sarjon Mahmud23 timer siden

    Greatest of All Time is speaking

  • Jose Nuñez
    Jose Nuñez23 timer siden

    WTF!??!? HOW!?? 2:21

  • Bruce Vial
    Bruce VialDag siden

    GSP, MMA Legend, part of the MCU, and loves the "Ham Bar to break the Buddy"

  • Jaffa Cake
    Jaffa CakeDag siden

    The GOAT himself

  • John
    JohnDag siden

    Strange to not hear Joe yelling "OHHH!"

  • Tander101
    Tander101Dag siden

    Georges, I've grown fond of your funny French-Canadien robot voice over the years, homie

  • Jack Harris
    Jack HarrisDag siden

    GSP with hair is weird....

  • Craig Hutchinson
    Craig HutchinsonDag siden

    Georges St-P'hair

  • Austin Kunselman
    Austin KunselmanDag siden

    GSP should be in John wick 4

  • Alicia B
    Alicia BDag siden

    ❤️ still love him after being a fan for like 10 years.

  • elmocheney
    elmocheneyDag siden

    GSP says everything like he's talking to an 80 year old who can't hear.

  • anirudh k
    anirudh kDag siden

    the greatest to ever do it.

  • imSaicat
    imSaicatDag siden

    He's not intoxicated!! 😅

  • ButterMilkJesus
    ButterMilkJesusDag siden

    This man already had everything and now he's showing off with his amazing hair? Omg..

  • m stan
    m stanDag siden

    Georges St-Pierre is the older brother I wish I had. Or, alternatively, a best friend. That I never could have. 😔

  • soinu foig
    soinu foigDag siden

    Ladies and gentlemen, one of the most charismatic and dangerous men in hand to hand combat on the planet.

  • Luca Lyons-Sosa
    Luca Lyons-SosaDag siden

    My take on this episode -- Hon Hon Hon

  • Half Doom
    Half DoomDag siden

    Простите что не на английском, мне трудно на нём писать. Жожр очень грамотный, и хороший человек, с большим благородством души.

  • Luke Bilyeu
    Luke BilyeuDag siden

    all the bjj and grapplers in the comments 😩😩😩

  • soinu foig

    soinu foig

    Dag siden

    his hair still throws me off

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi UchihaDag siden

    Im just watching because i wanna hear the "are u intoxicated?" one more time😂