Erin Andrews Goes Undercover on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram | GQ Sports


On this episode of Actually Me, Erin Andrews goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from NOlocal, Twitter, Quora, Wikipedia and Instagram. What is her advice for a teenager who dreams of becoming a sideline reporter? Which NFL fanbase is the most passionate?

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Tune in to see Erin on FOX for Thursday Night Football and America’s Game of the Week.

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Erin Andrews Goes Undercover on NOlocal, Twitter and Instagram | GQ Sports


  • Im2GuD 89
    Im2GuD 8920 dager siden

    Yo why they write her stutter LMAOOO😂

  • Aaron Seville
    Aaron SevilleMåned siden

    What was it like getting shouted at by Richard Sherman

  • Celebrity Fountain
    Celebrity FountainMåned siden

    Celebrity Christopher and Penelope Fountain are the most famous celebrities on the planet and internet

  • Troy Hekerie
    Troy HekerieMåned siden

    I love Erin

  • Gerald V
    Gerald VMåned siden

    Interesting they chose Erin Andrews. Awesome vid!

  • Brandt Menke
    Brandt MenkeMåned siden

    Dawg Pound? Not passionate

  • welovejon
    welovejonMåned siden

    Who is Erin andrews

  • Jahmai


    17 dager siden

    Erin Andrews

  • Sebastian Penaherrera
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  • Jayden413 !
    Jayden413 !Måned siden

    Goat !

    JRS GAMINGMåned siden

    The queen of NCAA football 12-14 rip

  • anthony hockey1014
    anthony hockey1014Måned siden

    These are pretty dope keep making them

  • Fingering Things ✔️
    Fingering Things ✔️Måned siden

    The description says "Eric Andrews", might want to change that