Collin Sexton Shows Off His Favorite Sneakers, From Most Expensive to Rarest | GQ Sports


Cleveland Cavaliers star Collin Sexton has some rare gems in his sneaker collection and each pair has a story of its own. From the oldest sneakers he owns (Air Jordan 4 Retro 'Mars' 2000) to the most expensive sneakers he owns (Air Jordan 5 Retro 'Fab Five' PE), the NBA player tells the stories behind some of his favorites.

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Collin Sexton Shows Off His Favorite Sneakers, From Most Expensive to Rarest | GQ Sports


  • Tyler Biros
    Tyler Biros6 dager siden

    He seems so positive that made the video way better

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  • Papa Moose
    Papa Moose2 måneder siden

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  • Papa Moose
    Papa Moose2 måneder siden

    Subscribing to anyone who subs to me Plus I’m giving away $250 at 1000 subs

  • Papa Moose
    Papa Moose2 måneder siden

    Subscribing to anyone who subs to me Plus I’m giving away $250 at 1000 subs

  • Papa Moose
    Papa Moose2 måneder siden

    Subscribing to anyone who subs to me Plus I’m giving away $250 at 1000 subs

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  • Verifyed-G
    Verifyed-G4 måneder siden

    Rip Kobe and Gigi 🙏🏽❤️💯🔏

  • Daymond Coffee
    Daymond Coffee4 måneder siden

    Such a sweet soul, man. Keep being genuine.

  • Nick M.

    Nick M.

    2 måneder siden

    I'm a Cavs fan Cleveland's is lucky to have him

  • wnerk o
    wnerk o4 måneder siden

    Funny.the back strap is ripped but...ill take em!!haha dudes practical about goes for the best price

  • GD Legend
    GD Legend5 måneder siden

    Hey random person reading through the comments. Have a nice day! :). Plus Collin sexton is my favorite player!

  • Freddy Kruger
    Freddy Kruger5 måneder siden

    Sneaker culture has to be 1 of the lamest 🤣

  • Rolodex Propaganda
    Rolodex Propaganda5 måneder siden

    1s not comfortable lol come on

  • Zai M.
    Zai M.5 måneder siden

    I wanted him to pull out his Kobe Mambacurial 10s that he wore in high school.

  • Tiimal 972
    Tiimal 9726 måneder siden

    jpordan 13

  • Jboogie Sayegh
    Jboogie Sayegh6 måneder siden

    Sub to me please and watch my basketball highlights

  • Steven Rupp
    Steven Rupp6 måneder siden

    I love every shoe in your collection and my favorite color is red too and my favorite shoe of all time are the bred 11

  • Shun Freeman
    Shun Freeman6 måneder siden

    Why u bleach your skin

  • Nigel Cotton
    Nigel Cotton6 måneder siden

    watched you grow bro bro, one of the most humble dog's in the league. No matter what the media says or portrays keep pushing and keep god first. The real goin always show love! #youngbull

  • Jay Paul Mojica
    Jay Paul Mojica6 måneder siden

    Kobe 8s go harder than the 7s

  • Short stuff
    Short stuff6 måneder siden

    My boy so underatted I got his number btw

  • Slow Money
    Slow Money6 måneder siden

    I remember watching the practices for the Rising stars game... You could really see the talent over the other guards running the drills. 1.Trae Young 2. Colin Sexton 3. Ja Morant 4. Devonte Graham

  • Ayeitzcj
    Ayeitzcj6 måneder siden

    R.I.P KOBE

  • Bkny_guwop
    Bkny_guwop6 måneder siden

    Asoon as he said “ I can hold em but I can’t put em on “ who else went he definitely put them on ? 😂 I know I would’ve once in the mirror

  • Paul Fernandez
    Paul Fernandez6 måneder siden

    I still believe in the Land. GO CAVS! 💪

  • TwalKr 4
    TwalKr 46 måneder siden

    Underrated. Was amazing when he played for Bama, and still is. Roll Tide.

  • Dylan Hirsch
    Dylan Hirsch6 måneder siden

    he's such a kid and it's awesome

  • Blaze 23
    Blaze 236 måneder siden

    Collin your one of my favorite nba players of all time respect to you for the bonus kobe category

  • Joshua Garcia
    Joshua Garcia6 måneder siden

    Do you have 11s black and white 2011

  • Official Bibarchi
    Official Bibarchi6 måneder siden

    Just going to school with this man and now seeing him on tv he did it

  • Brian Wallace
    Brian Wallace6 måneder siden

    He got a lot Nike shoes big collection

  • magic on fire
    magic on fire6 måneder siden

    he traded those sneakers with me

  • Daniel Oceans
    Daniel Oceans6 måneder siden

    I love his collection not going after the hype. You can tell he’s actually into shoes

  • Brian Cole
    Brian Cole6 måneder siden

    Another Clevelander here. Loved Collin's enthusiasm and collection. It was so fun to watch him grow throughout the season this year, and I can't wait to see him back on the court! Cheers.

  • GFB13 Productions.
    GFB13 Productions.6 måneder siden

    Do Odell Next for Life in my sneakers 👟

  • Sir_HenAB 50
    Sir_HenAB 506 måneder siden

    Waste of money

  • DankTaco77
    DankTaco776 måneder siden

    Nice shoes but as people should nobody cares what we have on feet anymore its just a materialistic thing now

  • 47 iii
    47 iii6 måneder siden

    One of my favorite players Always see dude go hard

  • Matthew Thomas-erwin
    Matthew Thomas-erwin6 måneder siden

    This guy a bust ! Gunna be outta Cleveland in 2 years

  • Icy_Chris


    5 måneder siden

    Matthew Thomas-erwin why you gotta hate? You would probably switch places with him in a heartbeat given the opportunity 🤦🏽‍♂️ lame asf

  • Rebby


    6 måneder siden

    Matthew Thomas-erwin youre such an L

  • eto owl

    eto owl

    6 måneder siden

    Matthew Thomas-erwin clown

  • UrGlocc
    UrGlocc6 måneder siden

    He went to Alabama but has the Michigan 5s wow

  • Ducky Fresh
    Ducky Fresh6 måneder siden

    Nice shoe collection

  • Cole Avila
    Cole Avila6 måneder siden

    This guy rlly just said he pays $30-$40 for off whites and a lot of his shoes. 💀💀

  • gabriel mwenda

    gabriel mwenda

    6 måneder siden

    @Sancho Honcho do u really think is getting scammed look how many shoes the guy got there is no way is getting scmammed I think he knows well enough about the sneaker game

  • Sancho Honcho

    Sancho Honcho

    6 måneder siden

    Still. Dude is either buying fakes or getting scammed

  • gabriel mwenda

    gabriel mwenda

    6 måneder siden

    he did not say that he was talking about old basketball shoes

  • Diabeetus
    Diabeetus6 måneder siden

    Young bulls gonna be a star he balls out every game and is only getting better sheesh

  • Ljay
    Ljay6 måneder siden

    Him and JR were carrying the cavs before corona

  • Rhira001
    Rhira0016 måneder siden

    I love both this kid's personality and mentality. He seems like enjoys playing the game.

  • space louie
    space louie6 måneder siden

    found a video of a black man showing his sneakers ....

  • doloslimey
    doloslimey6 måneder siden


  • Declan MacDonald
    Declan MacDonald6 måneder siden

    Young bull got the heat

  • Sneezy-E
    Sneezy-E6 måneder siden

    I'm glad your face back to normal bucko

  • Fletcher L
    Fletcher L6 måneder siden

    This was a pretty dope segment. I like Collins game a lot. He got me in to watching Alabama basketball. I had stopped watching college basketball when I moved to Alabama but I started watching him whenever they were on TV and now you could basically say I'm a fan because I still watch them even though he left.

  • Uncle Drew
    Uncle Drew6 måneder siden

    Young Bull! Highly underrated 🔥

  • Ak Vibez
    Ak Vibez6 måneder siden

    I remember playing him i high school he dogged us

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams6 måneder siden

    Hes very underrated

  • Franco Cerella
    Franco Cerella6 måneder siden

    Cool episode. Bay fam🌉

  • Uptempo
    Uptempo6 måneder siden

    I’m rooting for this kid, hope he strives cuz i love his mentality and love for the game

  • GingerKid 8
    GingerKid 86 måneder siden

    It might just be because I’m a cavs fan and have been watching him since Alabama but i think he’s a very underrated player

  • Kate Jacobs

    Kate Jacobs

    5 måneder siden

    GingerKid 8 I am a lakers fan but I think he is sooo underrated

  • GingerKid 8
    GingerKid 86 måneder siden

    This my man

  • Enzyme _Select
    Enzyme _Select6 måneder siden

    I’m not a cavs fan I’m a bulls fan but I respect Collin a good guy



  • eto owl

    eto owl

    6 måneder siden


  • Chris Gowers

    Chris Gowers

    6 måneder siden

    Is he?

  • L0we
    L0we6 måneder siden

    I Wonder If Collin Like Skittles More Than Sneakers 🧐 😂😂

  • christopher matthews
    christopher matthews6 måneder siden

    It's crazy he started talkin bout kobe and I looked at the time it was 10:24 and my phone was 24% charged 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ #ripkobe

  • stop simping vro

    stop simping vro

    6 måneder siden

    christopher matthews that kinda cringe but rip kobe💪🏼

  • Chasin Buckeyes
    Chasin Buckeyes6 måneder siden

    It’s a bummer the season ended he was starting to go off

  • za00lark
    za00lark6 måneder siden

    I’ve known Collin since he was in 7th grade... dude had almost this many shoes as a middle schooler.. I sold a lot to him too but he had on a different pair everyday lol. Would literally text me at 6am after his workout asking to trade shoes after my practice that evening. Built different for sure!

  • za00lark


    3 måneder siden

    @Matthew Hickey yes I went to Hillgrove and Lovinggood middle school with him lol

  • Matthew Hickey

    Matthew Hickey

    3 måneder siden

    For real?

  • Joshua Heiny
    Joshua Heiny6 måneder siden

    Collin ur my favorite player plz stay with the cavs

  • PapaMurphy8
    PapaMurphy86 måneder siden


  • PapaMurphy8
    PapaMurphy86 måneder siden

    Who traded u

  • Chris Topher
    Chris Topher6 måneder siden

    AKAISPORTS on ebay sent me defective B grades. the jordans had a rip in the leather. When I got my refund and left a negative feedback, he had the negative removed instantly. Just a heads up.

  • Isaiah Williams
    Isaiah Williams6 måneder siden

    This is y I love Collin

  • BF Ryan
    BF Ryan6 måneder siden


    MARMAK6 måneder siden

    Young Bull 🐐

  • Majorprodigy_ 4
    Majorprodigy_ 46 måneder siden

    Been watching him play since highschool He’s a Walking Bucket 🤟🏽💯

  • guanhui Lin
    guanhui Lin6 måneder siden

    My guy

  • zebrasprite
    zebrasprite6 måneder siden

    the young bull - im glad to be a cavs fan :D



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  • GWU TV
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  • Jay
    Jay6 måneder siden

    Do a series of this on Demar and p.j tucker.

  • jeromehbk
    jeromehbk6 måneder siden

    Young bull yessiirrrr🔥

  • Jeremiahcanshoot
    Jeremiahcanshoot6 måneder siden

    Colin has some nice heat, and i like that he tossed a Kobe category in there.

  • kalani marseu
    kalani marseu6 måneder siden

    Young goat

  • SIR_Pierre
    SIR_Pierre6 måneder siden

    Simple but yet great video. More of these please.

  • Pierce
    Pierce6 måneder siden

    He seems so charismatic and excited to talk. Keeping me engaged

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    Shara - I love S*X : *** TAP ON MY PHOTO6 måneder siden

    subscribe dude

  • Jonah White
    Jonah White6 måneder siden

    Definitely demonstrates a lot of passion for these. Little bit of hype, personal favorites, classics, etc. Super well executed Collin!

    TDOT RTZ6 måneder siden

    His enthusiasm for his collection made the video great!

  • Daanish Bhatti
    Daanish Bhatti6 måneder siden

    straight dog on the court

  • eto owl

    eto owl

    6 måneder siden

    Luke Olson no one asked

  • Luke Olson

    Luke Olson

    6 måneder siden

    Daanish Bhatti more like ball hog on the court

  • Jihad Abouhatab
    Jihad Abouhatab6 måneder siden

    DMP lmao

  • Seun On
    Seun On6 måneder siden

    He's so genuine. Good dude.

  • cmontalvo194
    cmontalvo1946 måneder siden

    Colin got heat 👟🔥

  • AllDAYRJ2K
    AllDAYRJ2K6 måneder siden


  • Tony Kidess
    Tony Kidess6 måneder siden

    I have a pair of Storm Blues I can definitely confirm they are amazing

  • Walker Endres
    Walker Endres6 måneder siden

    He is so genuinely happy it seems

  • Zahid Qadri
    Zahid Qadri6 måneder siden

    I don't want to see stinky shoes . Are you running out of content ?

  • Khalib Jacksonwright
    Khalib Jacksonwright6 måneder siden

    This was the best so far he kept it entertain after every-shoes

  • Enzyme _Select

    Enzyme _Select

    6 måneder siden

    Khalib Jacksonwright exactly

  • WallaLicious
    WallaLicious6 måneder siden

    Young Bull!!!!!

  • wha machingas
    wha machingas6 måneder siden


  • Maksim Petrovic
    Maksim Petrovic6 måneder siden

    I live in Cleveland and I have your jersey bruh keep up the grind. Also your my favorite player.

  • Maksim Petrovic

    Maksim Petrovic

    6 måneder siden


  • Peter Mazzocco
    Peter Mazzocco6 måneder siden

    He seemed so happy to have this moment and I love that. Here's someone who reaches a pinnacle for a lot of people but he's like a kid in a candy store. I hope he continues to do well!

  • Mack Lane

    Mack Lane

    6 måneder siden

    Great is he that is in you then he that is of the world

  • Andrew Kim

    Andrew Kim

    6 måneder siden

    @Helen G. Pitts stfu

  • Helen G. Pitts

    Helen G. Pitts

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  • Michael Palacios
    Michael Palacios6 måneder siden

    Shout to Collin for that bonus Kobe part💯

  • Arjun Trivedi
    Arjun Trivedi6 måneder siden

    Respect to my mans Collin Sexton for this video, underrated for sure.

  • Duckly
    Duckly6 måneder siden

    I'm kinda early, its my birthday!

  • Duckly


    6 måneder siden

    @Xgen2k thanks

  • Xgen2k


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    Happy birthday