Can this Average Guy Shoot 90% from the Free Throw Line? (Ft. Ray Allen) | Above Average Joe


To put it bluntly, Above Average Joe Clay Skipper got smoked when he took Joe Harris on in a 3-point contest. No surprises there, it wasn't an easy task. So this time we're toning the challenge down a bit. With the help of NBA legend Ray Allen and shooting coach Drew Hanlen, can Clay learn to shoot 90% from the free throw line on 50 shots in just one week?
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Can this Average Guy Shoot 90% from the Free Throw Line? (Ft. Ray Allen) | Above Average Joe


  • IceMan_674
    IceMan_6745 dager siden

    Brad Wanamaker led in free throw percentage this year, 93.4 percent. However, he only played about 20 minutes a game.

  • Based Kyle
    Based Kyle7 dager siden

    You still kept your elbow high...

  • Silly Goose
    Silly GooseMåned siden

    This is NOT an “average” guy or at least not an average basketball player

  • loonaya
    loonayaMåned siden

    People don't realize that if an NBA player shoots 80% in a game, he most likely shoots in the early 90s in practice. And guys like Ray Allen, who shot 90% in games, shot like 97 in practice.

  • Mahbub saite
    Mahbub saiteMåned siden

    Could anybodu cmiw here, on the higher elbow part that was being corrected, he said that taking it a bit lower will "give more room for error"; does that mean " Even if there's error on the way to the follow through, the ball still going to make enough arc for a bigger chance to sink it in"?? Or was it the otherwise???

  • dtan 5
    dtan 5Måned siden

    bro how do u shoot so well on free throws but sucked at 3's so bad vs joe? wtf

  • Christopher Evans
    Christopher EvansMåned siden

    Ahhh yes the average guy who has access to one of the top NBA shooting coaches and NBA Hall Of Famer Ray Allen....yes yes very average indeed. lol

  • Town Hall 9 [Clash of Clans]
    Town Hall 9 [Clash of Clans]Måned siden

    10:39 So.. everyone use this "Nope" in their vids?👀

  • machvayne
    machvayneMåned siden

    It's hard to embed new technique. It's definitely not something you can practice a few times and then rock up and replicate whenever. It takes a lot of shots and a lot of practice to rewire the "muscle memory". 1 week isn't enough time for you to do that. It would be interesting to see after 2 weeks of practice everyday how you went.

  • Extermnate
    Extermnate2 måneder siden

    I thought it was AJ Lapray

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee2 måneder siden

    Don’t matter how good your form is, a double-rimmed hoop is guaranteed to drop anyone’s percentages😂😂

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  • Harry li
    Harry li2 måneder siden

    Free throws by yourself with just you in a basket it’s easy. Any real hooper should get over 90 percent easily. Now if your in a real game that’s a different story. Even Andre Drummond can shoot 90% by himself but in game he’s trash

  • Jeanluc Bitonganya
    Jeanluc Bitonganya2 måneder siden

    Anyone gone act like the WNBA shoots better because there’s no fans🤣

  • Go Getter
    Go Getter2 måneder siden

    Steve Kerr use to release on his tippy toes, I picked that up and it was golden. Thank me later.

  • FCC L
    FCC L2 måneder siden

    I was able to make 50 straight, I didn't count after that, but that's in practice not in games.

  • Vinny Maye
    Vinny Maye2 måneder siden

    16:44 @RussellWestbrook

  • Cameron Whitten
    Cameron Whitten2 måneder siden

    ray allen must of missed a freethrow bc of that ladie

  • ProdigyAM
    ProdigyAM2 måneder siden

    I did 150 free throws for a month straight highest I got was 70% but I averaged around 46-52%

  • blurbslam
    blurbslam2 måneder siden

    Wnba ball is smaller than the men's.

  • Its2gud Productions
    Its2gud Productions2 måneder siden

    you look like AJ lapray

  • Lufti NoerDars
    Lufti NoerDars2 måneder siden

    I 've made 124 for 150 free throw shoot.

  • Imjussaiyanbro _
    Imjussaiyanbro _2 måneder siden

    There’s a similar video with Steve Nash and free throws don’t remember the title

  • Davide Saccenti
    Davide Saccenti2 måneder siden

    I want a coach drew for life

  • BullShark
    BullShark2 måneder siden

    Comments: 80% WNBA has a smaller ball 15% nobody goes to their games no crowd pressure 5% ray Allen needs respect

  • BullShark
    BullShark2 måneder siden

    When they say better than the men that’s because the ball is smaller and has the same size hoop giving more room for error. Also there is a smaller sample size due to a shorter season so it’s easier to go 18-20 than it is to go 90-100 since there are more times to screw up with a smaller margin for error.

  • TheAirJordan1994
    TheAirJordan19942 måneder siden

    Wtf is Fay-tigue?

  • Tony Aliyudin
    Tony Aliyudin2 måneder siden

    I used to practice shooting 150 free throw shots every day ,,, the result of the last 5 days was 110/150; 115/150; 107/150; 104/150; 109/150

  • JabbaVII
    JabbaVII2 måneder siden

    Yo Scottie pippen had this video playing on a tv while someone made a house tour video lol “inside Scottie pippens Chicago mansion with an inside court”

  • jzm
    jzm2 måneder siden

    ray allen's insights were very interesting. good stuff

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne2 måneder siden

    His leg movement during shots is terrible.

  • classic240
    classic2402 måneder siden

    Ray Allen is a cool dude

  • jorgeving
    jorgeving2 måneder siden

    Scotte pippen watched this video

  • LoverNotHate
    LoverNotHate2 måneder siden

    Lowering the set point is the easiest way to improve your shot

  • R A
    R A2 måneder siden

    Man didn't even follow through with the training. He stopped making them and went back to his old form.

  • Dusty Young
    Dusty Young2 måneder siden

    Someone should add to Ray Allens point that those people are being paid MILLIONS of dollars to play basketball. There’s not really an excuse for being a poor free throw shooter. Just like wide receivers in the NFL, i don’t care if you’re coming across the middle and there’s a linebacker waiting to take your head off, you’re paid millions of dollars a year to catch the ball, if it hits your hands theres no reason to not catch it.

  • Dusty Young

    Dusty Young

    2 måneder siden

    Not that his point wasn’t solid, that would just be my counterpoint.

  • Jehioaqium Cordova
    Jehioaqium Cordova2 måneder siden

    Im known as the free throw guru in my place

  • Arturs L
    Arturs L2 måneder siden

    Scottie watched this

  • Mark Flames
    Mark Flames2 måneder siden

    that ray allen said in the beginning is true, when I got fouled and got to shoot 3 free throws I looked at my coach and I looked a the crowd who are chanting "miss the throw" and my heart was pounding really fast and I didn't hit a single free throw, I felt anxious and pressured everytime I went for a free throw

  • Caleb Fong
    Caleb Fong2 måneder siden

    This dude isn't really even that average..... hes well above average

  • Marcio Moerbeck
    Marcio Moerbeck2 måneder siden

    Am I the only one thinking the hoop isn't at regulation height?

  • David Westenhaver
    David Westenhaver2 måneder siden

    I knew you weren't gonna hit 90% as soon as I saw the double-rim hoop for the final challenge.

  • Mr Jing
    Mr Jing2 måneder siden

    I mean 90% for nba players is 100s of free throws. It’s definitely more than doable to get 90% with only 20 free throws as long as you know how to shoot especially with no pressure.

  • Coma Craft
    Coma Craft2 måneder siden

    I made 17 for 20 and I am 10

  • Christian Lima
    Christian Lima2 måneder siden

    The crowd makes free throws hard that’s why the WNBA has more over 90 cause they have no fans 😂

  • Hans Soberano
    Hans Soberano2 måneder siden

    2:05 looks like coach needs 90% more sleep😅

  • Peter Dabrow
    Peter Dabrow2 måneder siden

    Przykre jestem od Ciebie o wiele lepszy

  • Luis Senora
    Luis Senora2 måneder siden

    The women are using a smaller ball right?

  • Ham Mac
    Ham Mac2 måneder siden

    Where can I find those shoes??

  • John-Sebastian Barrera
    John-Sebastian Barrera2 måneder siden

    Did he say fay-tigue? 😂 😂 (fatigue)

  • Rion Shikder
    Rion Shikder2 måneder siden

    WNBA gives 'small ball' a new meaning x'D

  • BullShark


    2 måneder siden

    That quarter inch diameter difference can go a long way also they use the same size since age 9 not age 13

  • Watermelon Man
    Watermelon Man2 måneder siden

    "Better than the men" They play

  • Scarry1206


    2 måneder siden

    Also they don’t have to worry about distractions because nobody goes to their games. Plus the ball they use is smaller

  • Marl Kalone
    Marl Kalone2 måneder siden

    I wouldn't trust Ray Allen after his bricks at the most recent all star weekend.

  • William Choi
    William Choi2 måneder siden

    Once I made 50 consecutive free throws while I was playing a free throw competition with a friend. Back in the days... lol

  • OnCourtHomicide
    OnCourtHomicide2 måneder siden

    I’m telling my kids this is aj lapray

  • Matt
    Matt2 måneder siden

    i just watched the 3pt contest one, and how is this guy so good at free throws and so bad at threes his jump shot is kinda ugly, missing all over the place, but honestly, here he looks really solid with nice touch

  • Drake Lyons
    Drake Lyons2 måneder siden

    Free throws arent scary at all game time or not, just got to have confidence

  • felipe hernandez
    felipe hernandez2 måneder siden

    Ray is super Zen jaja

    KODEIIBYH2 måneder siden

    If someone isn't rebounding for you. It doesn't count. I bet you would have done better if you had someone there.

  • siukong
    siukong2 måneder siden

    This man's giving me Jerry Stackhouse flashbacks with that deep knee bend.

    TRUNG LE2 måneder siden

    Gosh what are those black n white pair of shoes?

  • Nathan Grimley
    Nathan Grimley2 måneder siden

    There's a big difference between the hoop at the beginning and the double rimmed hoop at the end.

  • Elliot Baker
    Elliot Baker2 måneder siden

    Of course the WNBA will have a higher percentage. 1) shorter players tend to shoot with better arc and have better mechanics. 2) as Ray Allen said, the crowds make a huge difference. 3) they use a smaller ball, which is easier to get a grip on and there is more room for error. 4) they only play 36 games, so stats will be more inflated by random hot streaks

  • DJ_61
    DJ_612 måneder siden

    Two most fundamental criticisms were not addressed: arm pocket and knee bending.

  • Meh


    2 måneder siden

    but they were

  • Cody Robbins

    Cody Robbins

    2 måneder siden

    Yes they were

  • Dj Canda
    Dj Canda2 måneder siden

    This challenge is on hard mode: Double rim Looses momentum cuz of rebounds Talking to one of if not the best at ft

  • Leo B

    Leo B

    2 måneder siden

    Yeah this was a sloppy challenge, they should have considered all those factors

  • Thom Dean
    Thom Dean2 måneder siden

    No point in mentioning the WNBA stats. That place is a joke

  • Definitely not Lebron James
    Definitely not Lebron James2 måneder siden

    I played high school basketball all 4 years I play at the rec pretty consistently I can go shoot 9/10 10/10 at any point on any given day. I really don’t understand how some ppl are so bad at free throws. Not boosting myself or whatever but most ppl I know who hoop can do the same thing makes no sense how NBA players whose job is to make millions playing basketball can’t shoot them

  • Gareth Junwei
    Gareth Junwei2 måneder siden

    he got that carlos boozer release🤭

  • Chris
    Chris2 måneder siden

    to be fair those are double rims. Nothing goes in but swishes

  • Mindaugas Mazrimas
    Mindaugas Mazrimas2 måneder siden

    Next time you should run baseline to baseline until you feel like puking with headphones playing obnoxious baby crying and then try to hit 90% FT% because I feel like that would make it more realistic

  • Spicy Pickles
    Spicy Pickles2 måneder siden

    I’ve been averaging 84% in High School

  • dibaterman
    dibaterman2 måneder siden

    Two things can be true, WNBA does have a better FT% than the NBA athletes however the NBA athletes have more than double the FTA's than the NBA - I'd say almost triple. That isn't a one of either I looked at the last 3 years to be sure. In English - yeah you can have a 100% Free Throw percentage if you only shoot 1 free throw and make it.

  • UsernameSayWha
    UsernameSayWha2 måneder siden

    i can i was going to the nba but then i tore my acl never recovered cant jump wheelchair i can throw a ball over a mountain coach shouldve put me in !

  • FunkDot
    FunkDot2 måneder siden

    My free throw is prolly like a 30%

  • Mugiwara Luffy
    Mugiwara Luffy2 måneder siden

    Bro if Lebron hit 80 to 90% a season he would have had soooo much more points and even win more crucial games, I don’t get how someone so good doesn’t train on that his whole career

  • Kevsyeet Gaming
    Kevsyeet Gaming2 måneder siden


  • God of Disco
    God of Disco2 måneder siden

    Women in the WNBA use a smaller ball, affects free throws a lot.

  • El Salsador
    El Salsador2 måneder siden

    Everyone watching this video should look up Mike Mcdonald. Dude just won a 200k bet on this exact subject

  • Matthew Dave
    Matthew Dave2 måneder siden

    0:16 the ball being sat on and deformed that way is making me anxious

  • MrThyten
    MrThyten2 måneder siden

    If this man shot on a single rimmed hoop he would shoot 105%

  • Runitback music
    Runitback music2 måneder siden

    Thats not how you play golf

  • Thuan Tran
    Thuan Tran2 måneder siden

    Some rims are more forgiving. The one you're shooting is a double rim which is not forgiving at all. Do one indoor. I bet you could get at least 85%.

  • R W
    R W2 måneder siden

    His knee bend is still weird

  • HD
    HD2 måneder siden

    Do you put NBA and WNBA on the same level? 🤔

  • Sarah Poisel
    Sarah Poisel2 måneder siden

    To many scared 😱 to use the bank. 99.9% every time🤪 Yes I said it. I was a 90% guy and my dad killed me every time.

  • Don Ali
    Don Ali2 måneder siden

    Dude shooting 80% on double rims that ain't easy

  • YTisDangerous
    YTisDangerous2 måneder siden

    Some nice broscience 🙄🙄🙄

  • Oblisk
    Oblisk2 måneder siden

    Double U En Bee what? Never heard of it :/

  • Ryan
    Ryan2 måneder siden

    the reason wnba players shoot better than nba players at the free throw line is because wnba players use a size 6 ball while nba players use a size 7 ball. give an nba player a size 6 ball and they will make way more shots

  • TheGamingBoy40
    TheGamingBoy402 måneder siden

    I practice my free throws and my best shooting percentages were 85.3% on 300 shots.

  • Chris G
    Chris G2 måneder siden

    I've always been a good free throw shooter..avg 81%

  • Sidz productions
    Sidz productions2 måneder siden

    Aj lapray?

  • Lasse loft Elgaard
    Lasse loft Elgaard2 måneder siden

    Try taking coach's words with you all the way next time. Looks like the form changed back to your original at the 50 shot final test? Edit to myself: Try watching the video to the end next time.. Doh

  • Alejandro Rodriguez
    Alejandro Rodriguez2 måneder siden

    Swore Drew Hanlen was Kevin Love

  • Freedadrive
    Freedadrive2 måneder siden

    Ray Allen thinking he got a call about 1 free throw :DDD love it

  • Tweaksism
    Tweaksism2 måneder siden

    i've hit 89 out of 100 FT's in my senior year in high school , with my coach overseeing the whole attempt , after he'd bet me that i would be under 50%. One thing that helped tho the fact that we've used a total of 3 balls. Meaning that after each shot, now matter how far or Off..the ball would end , my flow and form would not be ruined, with coach immediately handing me another ball. The first 66 went in....all of them. This happened 21 years ago , and i still brag about it whenever torching kids in pick'up games 😂 It's definitely possible.

  • Axel !
    Axel !2 måneder siden

    0:45 the WNBA use a smaller ball...

  • Axel !

    Axel !

    2 måneder siden

    @CATaclysmic 😂😂😂

  • CATaclysmic


    2 måneder siden

    And they have no fans to worry about

  • Gerald John Amora
    Gerald John Amora2 måneder siden

    He probably needs to improve his shooting form first before anything else. bro ur form looks very stiff and you're doin that on free throws? what more in contested shots.

  • podster12II
    podster12II2 måneder siden

    12:19 gonna clip this one...

  • Bryce Rogers
    Bryce Rogers2 måneder siden

    The problem with this is Clay is already an above average joe in regards to free-throw shooting