Can Shawn Johnson Teach an Average Guy to Do a Yoga Handstand? | Above Average Joe | GQ Sports


Above Average Joe Clay Skipper has been doing yoga for a few years, but he's never been able to do a handstand. Is it something he can figure out or will it always be beyond him? So we challenged Clay to master doing a handstand after two weeks of training with the help of yoga teacher Laura Kasperzak and gymnast Shawn Johnson. Was he up to the challenge?

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Can Shawn Johnson Teach an Average Guy to Do a Yoga Handstand? | Above Average Joe | GQ Sports


  • Ashley Gan
    Ashley Gan4 måneder siden

    An asian woman puts together all the workouts and seems to have frequent check-ins throughout the process, gets zero credit in the video title or description. A white woman spends a few minutes critiquing in what is portrayed as just two sessions, gets exclusive credit in video title and description. I get that Shawn might be more of a celebrity, but to not even mention Laura in the description or title? That doesn't seem to be very fair.

  • Rich Mahogany

    Rich Mahogany

    3 måneder siden

    you do this a lot don't you

  • sdot fn
    sdot fn4 måneder siden

    Half a million subs and only 9 comments

  • drewsg22
    drewsg224 måneder siden

    Next on the list learn to do a cartwheel lol

  • Shr3kT
    Shr3kT4 måneder siden

    I will be dead honest.... I’m proudly the 2nd person to dislike this video.

  • Gerry McCarthy

    Gerry McCarthy

    4 måneder siden

    5th... I thought after 2 weeks he wasn't gonna lean on a wall??

  • AA


    4 måneder siden


  • Alpine Cinema

    Alpine Cinema

    4 måneder siden


  • Ashish Sahu
    Ashish Sahu4 måneder siden

    The instructor was encouraging

  • Mrglass39
    Mrglass394 måneder siden

    I can’t tell if it’s going to take the whole 14 days or shorter