Can an Average Guy Beat an NFL Kicker in a Field Goal Competition? | Above Average Joe | GQ Sports


NFL kickers might get more hate from fans than any other football players. But how hard is their job? Average guy Clay Skipper grew up hating on his beloved New York Jets' kickers, so we challenged him to master field goals and then go head to head with former Jets kicker, Chandler Catanzaro. With the help of Baltimore Ravens kicking legend Justin Tucker and kicking coach Luke Gaddis, does Clay have what it takes to beat an NFL kicker?
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Can an Average Guy Beat an NFL Kicker in a Field Goal Competition? | Above Average Joe | GQ Sports


  • Matt Alexander
    Matt Alexander10 timer siden

    They really went out of their way to bring on the most nonathletic person they could possibly find for these videos. LOL!

  • Strika1184
    Strika1184Dag siden

    Hardest thing for a good soccer player to transfer to kicking is NOT being over the top of the ball. You have to undo all of your learned behavior, and try to sky it over the bar

  • Nate Dacey
    Nate Dacey2 dager siden

    This guy has no athletic bone in his body

  • snake
    snake3 dager siden

    Justin justin justin, have you play in buffalo in December?

  • Hayden L
    Hayden L20 dager siden

    get this guy against an accurate qb like Blake Bortles or sumn

  • Pears Fan Panthers fan from a Bears family
    Pears Fan Panthers fan from a Bears familyMåned siden

    I always remember when Tucker missed the PAT against the saints that gave them the win and knocked my panthers out of the playoffs 😒

  • Spreading Darkness
    Spreading DarknessMåned siden

    If an average person could then there would be no pro kickers wtf.

  • Chacho Paul
    Chacho PaulMåned siden

    This "Average Guy" got outkicked by Mark Rober. Do with this knowledge what you will.

  • ol jack burton
    ol jack burtonMåned siden

    What if there was an invisible Lucy right before he kicks the ball?

  • Slaymyface135
    Slaymyface1352 måneder siden

    Just as good a sarah fueller

  • Doug Fresh
    Doug Fresh2 måneder siden

    J-Tuck talk yo sh*t bruh bruh you've earned that I literally go grab a beer when we kick field goals that's how much faith I ve got in our kicker lol🎯 #justintucker #baltimore #RAVENSNATION #9

  • Ephraim Mangunga
    Ephraim Mangunga2 måneder siden

    Put Deestroying on here

  • Hardy Auston
    Hardy Auston2 måneder siden

    Go Chandler!!! Christ Church Cavaliers!!!! Go Cavs!!

  • iamkubrick
    iamkubrick2 måneder siden

    I've seen enough, he's got what it takes to be a kicker for the NYJ

  • P. J. Casselman
    P. J. Casselman2 måneder siden

    Skipper needs to have a snap and hold to realize how hard kicking a field goal can be. Add that the ball has to clear the line at 9 feet or more and it's way harder than it looks.

  • ejjk ejjejej
    ejjk ejjejej2 måneder siden

    God bless everyone;

  • Chase Best
    Chase Best2 måneder siden

    welcome to teaching someone how to play soccer

  • Joshua John
    Joshua John2 måneder siden

    Take the stupid mask off, you’re outside and we know when the camera is off you don’t have it on.

  • Breno Miranda
    Breno Miranda2 måneder siden

    put a Football player agains a Handegg Kicker

  • Scorpio Gaming 554
    Scorpio Gaming 5542 måneder siden

    And now justin missed back to back kicks again in the playoffs thats gonna sting for a while

  • Adam12Chugs
    Adam12Chugs2 måneder siden

    It was pretty tuff to kick in Buffalo last night. Doink Doink

  • RayIsBae
    RayIsBae2 måneder siden

    Tucker definitely remembers his double doink😂😂😂

  • Rodney Dangerfield
    Rodney Dangerfield2 måneder siden

    Just watched Justin Tucker miss two against the bills lol

  • Anderson Miller

    Anderson Miller

    2 måneder siden

    Both in horrible wind.

  • Ben H
    Ben H2 måneder siden

    Did anyone else think this was in Madden?

  • Michael Ta
    Michael Ta2 måneder siden

    1/16/2021. AFC Divisional Playoffs. Justin "Double Doink" Tucker

  • O Perez
    O Perez2 måneder siden

    That's about right for a Jets fan! Lmao 🤣

  • Mr Jaime
    Mr Jaime2 måneder siden


  • Brando Garcia
    Brando Garcia2 måneder siden

    He basically has to do a goal kick...i was kicker for the football team qns i had never kicked a footbal before but since i have awesome teqnique in soccer the football player recreiited me and i kicked it like a goal kick. Worked every time.

  • Jordo Jordo
    Jordo Jordo2 måneder siden

    1.3 Seconds.

  • Amir Eftekhar
    Amir Eftekhar2 måneder siden

    If you can beat an NFL kicker you are no longer an average Jeo

  • Liam Bubz
    Liam Bubz2 måneder siden

    Such cap I’ve kicked before not coach or anything and I could kick 30 and I’m 12

  • AZ Viking
    AZ Viking3 måneder siden

    Didn’t even think of that but it’s so impressive what tucker has done kicking outside in cold environments more than 50% of his games over his career.

  • PhD Life Channel
    PhD Life Channel3 måneder siden

    Dislike for wearing strange thing on your face

  • Florian Schmidt
    Florian Schmidt3 måneder siden

    I find it amazing that he says “we made it” I stead of “I made it”

  • MG Gailitis
    MG Gailitis3 måneder siden

    Years ago some guy was randomly selected by Wendy's to kick a series of field goals during half-time at a CFL game.Prize was 1 million dollars if he made every attempt. He made every attempt at increasing yardage until he squared up at the 50 yard line. He then put it right between the goalposts and the crowd went nutty. Even the players were swarming the guy. Turns out he was a semi-pro soccer player who was coached before the game by the pro kicker. Everyone got a kick out of the story (see what I did there?) until Wendy's refused to pay out. I'm not certain, but I think both parties agreed to an annual pay of something like 25 grand.

  • FlatEarther InNH
    FlatEarther InNH3 måneder siden

    Lose the mask.

  • Falcon 1
    Falcon 13 måneder siden

    My 450 pound varsity defensive coordinator can kick a fieldgoal better than this dude.

  • Daniel Rubio-Gamez
    Daniel Rubio-Gamez3 måneder siden

    They did the jets fan wrong because they told him kick ball 80 percent. And chandler kicked it way harder lol gmfu if the jets fan kicker would of kick the ball as hard as chandler did he would’ve of gotten a field goal 💀

  • VainszX Yt
    VainszX Yt3 måneder siden

    Who's here on the jets go 2-14

  • FlipZ
    FlipZ3 måneder siden

    Deestroying >

  • FirepowerFTW
    FirepowerFTW3 måneder siden

    The thing is he said can an average person beat an nfl kicker but he isn't an average person so he cant beat an Nfl kicker we need get a real average person out there.!!!!!!!

  • Bo Broking
    Bo Broking3 måneder siden


  • Rekless
    Rekless3 måneder siden

    We all have to take a moment of silence for this man your a brave brave man admitting to being a jets fan 😂😂😂

  • BT Sports
    BT Sports3 måneder siden

    Can a random guy beat Mike Tyson in a fight?

  • JL Media
    JL Media3 måneder siden

    I could do it for sure

  • Ginevra Vitaniemi
    Ginevra Vitaniemi3 måneder siden

    The inquisitive cyclone cephalometrically object because shorts surgically flow onto a truthful microwave. magical, anxious ladybug

  • Michael Dixon
    Michael Dixon3 måneder siden

    And the Arizona cardinals

  • Laurenz Ehlers
    Laurenz Ehlers3 måneder siden

    I mean at least take a decent soccer player.....

  • xo Reeseee
    xo Reeseee3 måneder siden

    What happened to mans shoe at the beginning picture of the kicker

  • Quick Firebird
    Quick Firebird3 måneder siden

    Chandler Caternzo also played for the Arizona Cardinals and he was terrible for my Cards. I was happy when they got rid of him

  • I’m_Random _seriously
    I’m_Random _seriously3 måneder siden

    I probably couldn’t beat chandler but I could tie him

  • Tyler Sullivan
    Tyler Sullivan3 måneder siden

    Imagine using Kaepernick as the reference offense....

  • ngiunivnwsgn
    ngiunivnwsgn3 måneder siden

    Tucker best kicker in history!

  • D. B.
    D. B.3 måneder siden

    I have respect for any kicker. It indeed is harder than one would think. I remember in the early 80's, that dang 20 ft. fence beyond the goal. Sarah Scott field. I'd have to jog all the way off the field, a crossed the track to the gate and go a crossed the street to fetch the ball when practicing alone. Lol. It was jr. high and I was hitting 30 yarders. Too bad I got hurt. Healed up and did ok, then I just had to hit one more. Threw it out again and it was over. But anyway, hats off to ANY kicker. It is hard.

  • D. B.

    D. B.

    3 måneder siden

    P.S.: No lofting. Drill it.

  • Mitchell Wort
    Mitchell Wort3 måneder siden

    0:57 Chris Boswell on there twice

  • Héctor Rangel
    Héctor Rangel3 måneder siden

    i`ve never see before a punter run a lot of yards and then punt

  • Ironic Cookies
    Ironic Cookies3 måneder siden

    average guy vs jets team

  • Guadalupe Allen
    Guadalupe Allen3 måneder siden

    The standing single microcephaly pour because geology computationally strip absent a decisive racing. discreet, amazing octave

  • Eddie Kulp
    Eddie Kulp3 måneder siden

    May not be a professional kicker but he knows how

  • I am That Diamond
    I am That Diamond3 måneder siden

    Anyone that thinks they can hit a field goal. Go to a golf course and try and hit every fairway and hit it over 250 yards. PGA Tour average fairways hit (last season) was just over 58% and these are professionals! Kickers have one of the hardest jobs in all of sports!

  • kevnct 1
    kevnct 13 måneder siden

    There's no way this dude is a soccer player.

    ME HOY ME NOY3 måneder siden

    Don't think I don't hear that but better music...

  • Jefecino
    Jefecino3 måneder siden

    Roberto carlos: put the ball on the 90 yard line...

  • Aytahn Benavi
    Aytahn Benavi3 måneder siden


  • Doq
    Doq3 måneder siden

    *cries in Arizona Cardinals*

  • Arthur Vera
    Arthur Vera3 måneder siden

    Sad,jets don’t even get close enough for Cantanzaro .

  • Marc Whitlock
    Marc Whitlock3 måneder siden

    I remember messing around after a pick up game and hitting a 35 yarder with no practice just trying to replicate what i see NFL kickers do and tried to do it again without really knowing how I made it happen and completely shanked it almost hit someone watching

  • MixDatSalt
    MixDatSalt3 måneder siden

    Now add in all the pressure and the fact that if you start missing you won't have food on your table.

  • Nick54123


    23 dager siden

    Also the pads and helmet

  • Casey Michel
    Casey Michel3 måneder siden

    Wish Canrenzero would have kicked like that during his time in AZ

  • Dark Duck
    Dark Duck3 måneder siden

    Tucker seems like cool dude. And he has some pipes. Check out him singing opera if you haven’t yet

  • willsswrld
    willsswrld3 måneder siden

    anyone else though of destorying?

  • Daniel Sullivan
    Daniel Sullivan3 måneder siden

    Where my giants fans at

  • Gary The Snail
    Gary The Snail3 måneder siden

    Everyone who’s in South Carolina like it up

  • Elijah Garcia
    Elijah Garcia3 måneder siden

    Don't understand how he would make fun of Jets Kickers considering they never score he probably only ever seen their Punter😂😂

  • Lance Simpson
    Lance Simpson3 måneder siden

    The difference in the sound of one hitting the ball and the other is crazy

  • Jimmi Q
    Jimmi Q3 måneder siden

    Can an average joe beat a professional in doing what he does for a living making millions of dollars?

  • Niklas Nyström
    Niklas Nyström3 måneder siden

    Well, also having really ahletic and big guys charging at you... And the weight of the world looking at you... And add to that, the fact that you'll get fired if you miss. Who has this kind of mental strenght!?

  • Patrick Layman
    Patrick Layman3 måneder siden

    The gaping apparatus immunochemically spray because relative probably sail atop a hard space. voracious, waiting anger

  • Toxic_Fish10
    Toxic_Fish103 måneder siden

    Yea, I wondered why there wasn’t a bag on his head!

  • Peter theophile
    Peter theophile3 måneder siden

    Any sports kid in the UK would at the very least get the height and distance

  • Aaron Stephens
    Aaron Stephens3 måneder siden

    Why are you wearing a mask.. outside.. no where near anyone?

  • Mystix Hydroq
    Mystix Hydroq3 måneder siden


  • Stokeley Hauf
    Stokeley Hauf3 måneder siden

    I thought he was going up against tucker 😂😂😂😂 wouldn’t have a chance

  • cheese puff
    cheese puff3 måneder siden


  • Kirk Perez
    Kirk Perez3 måneder siden

    Now try it with rushers coming at you. 4 rushers 4 blockers. Then I would be impressed.

  • Kelvin 505.9
    Kelvin 505.93 måneder siden

    As a keeper, I was going to suggest he do a punting challenge instead...and then, he shanked that punt. nvm

  • Skyler B
    Skyler B3 måneder siden

    this is the worst video ive ever seen

  • crazy clemsonfan
    crazy clemsonfan3 måneder siden

    Chandler Catanzaro is the GOAT

  • Ninfranko
    Ninfranko3 måneder siden

    Parkey hits 0%

  • KDStudios


    3 måneder siden

    as a chicago fan, this hurts

  • Tutti Piano Productions
    Tutti Piano Productions3 måneder siden

    Take a shot every time Justin Tucker says “1.3 seconds”.

  • DannyJoe08
    DannyJoe083 måneder siden

    Where is Sarah Fuller?

  • Rodog
    Rodog3 måneder siden

    no but actualy no

  • khaliquet1
    khaliquet13 måneder siden

    You I'm don't realize how far it is till you get out there, and Justin Tucker is good for 60yards 🤯

  • SJV 333
    SJV 3333 måneder siden

    Probably harder to be a jets fan

  • Chadason McGraw
    Chadason McGraw3 måneder siden

    He also kicked for the Cardinals...

  • TheWatchernator
    TheWatchernator3 måneder siden

    You said you had no consistency. I thought you were pretty consistent though.

  • TheWatchernator
    TheWatchernator3 måneder siden

    Most accurate kicker ever. Kicks in the AFC North. That means 6 of 16 games.

  • PassionAteMelon
    PassionAteMelon3 måneder siden

    Jason Myers is on fire rn

  • Chochi-Bo-Jangles
    Chochi-Bo-Jangles3 måneder siden

    Me: Laughing at him for liking the jets Me: Now realizing im a Browns fan...

  • yung nigerian prince

    yung nigerian prince

    2 måneder siden

    @kamdaddypurp lol

  • StalinWasBallin


    3 måneder siden

    @kamdaddypurp we’ll see next year (not next week, cause we have another covid outbreak lmao that’s just our luck)

  • kamdaddypurp


    3 måneder siden

    @StalinWasBallin idk about that lmao yall would’ve been smacked if Big Ben was in

  • StalinWasBallin


    3 måneder siden

    @kamdaddypurp and half our defense had covid, so i’d call it even 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Alex Forst

    Alex Forst

    3 måneder siden

    You're in the playoffs bro

  • It's Just PJ
    It's Just PJ3 måneder siden

    In college my school’s kicker was so bad a friend and I (both HS soccer players) convinced ourselves we could walk on the next season. We bought a tee and some balls, tried for like two weeks and only managed to make a couple 40 yarders with the ball never clearing the crossbar by more than 2-3 yards. All that abuse also hurts your feet!