Bradley Beal Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ Sports


Washington Wizards guard, Bradley Beal takes us through all of his tattoos. Drawing the majority of them, Beal has been fascinated with ink since he was 14 as a way to represent his family, career and faith.
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Bradley Beal Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ Sports


    FUCKOFFFATTY26 dager siden

    Wiz needs to be on here

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    Get WapMåned siden

    His tattoos ugly

  • Jesse Warshak
    Jesse Warshak3 måneder siden

    Obj, D'Angelo Russell, Steven Adams, Jayson Tatum, curry, Luka, mike Evans...

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    Joshua Manatad5 måneder siden

    Can we get lebron here???

  • kk
    kk5 måneder siden

    I love the way he speaks. he seems like such a nice guy. Really makes you wonder why those wizards teams were so dislikable

  • DA RZ NO
    DA RZ NO6 måneder siden

    Great player and great guy asw !

  • Indigo Child
    Indigo Child6 måneder siden

    Your ribs DEFINITELY hurt the worst

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    octaviakf8 måneder siden

    Tattoos are addictive because they never look right or compete as just one

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    They didnt say what stomach writing says does somebody know??

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    Christian ‘9 måneder siden

    Awesome personality & Tats !

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    Tattoos are so addictive!!!

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    Punk sold our soul for nothing for nothing you lose.. devil worshippers

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    all_day every_day9 måneder siden

    What bible quote is in his torso?🤔

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    Sergio Dominguez9 måneder siden

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    Marcin Mamrot9 måneder siden

    jak bym siedzial w wiezieniu np 25 lat dostal to bym tak prowokowal zadymy riots lubie te słowo ale od czasu do czasu bym mial fioletowe oczy ale zadymy tylko z policjantami:)ci co pilnuja wyobraz ta to sobie:)?

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    Not best quality.. cant get it why they dont choose proper artists..

  • Showtime123
    Showtime12310 måneder siden

    Dudes so well spoken and seems intelligent

  • TigerArmy 13
    TigerArmy 1310 måneder siden

    Typical black guy tattoos, cloud filler, stars, praying hands, scripture, basketball ,flames same as every NBA player Lame!

  • Lil G
    Lil G10 måneder siden

    Let’s point out the fact that he was 14 when he got his first tattoo kids at they age of 14 don’t even have the balls to take shoots at the doctor 🤣

  • Royal Me
    Royal Me10 måneder siden

    No one cares about your tattoos and the stories behind them.

  • Sleazy
    Sleazy10 måneder siden

    John wallll

  • Mark
    Mark10 måneder siden

    most underrated player of the decade

  • Nick Figueroa
    Nick Figueroa10 måneder siden

    I have a tat on the inside of my bicep and it didn’t hurt at all. Ig everyone is different.

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    xxxtentacion’s cell mate10 måneder siden

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    Why Not

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    Odell Beckham Jr. Break down his tattoos

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    Funny how people have bible text as a tattoo but in the Bible it says not to get tattoos😂

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