Bodybuilder Julian Smith Breaks Down Weightlifting Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


BodybuilderJulian Smith breaks down more weightlifting scenes from movies, including 'Baywatch,' 'Pain and Gain,' 'Batman v Superman,' 'Stay Hungry' and 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.'

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Bodybuilder Julian Smith Breaks Down Weightlifting Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


  • Claris Sagun
    Claris Sagun3 timer siden

    I'm getting motivated to workout just by listening to him speak.

  • aws Dws
    aws Dws9 timer siden

    Most these actors are twice the size of this so called expert. No guys probably don't put needles in them at the gym but they are used more then ever. This guy is useless

  • Kannon AW
    Kannon AW21 time siden

    I think he forgot that, that is Bruce fuckin Wayne 🤣🤣🤣

  • Donny Dykes
    Donny Dykes23 timer siden

    What Zac Efron did was so hard, his stunt double couldn't do it, so he had to. Imagine that level of fitness man

  • Elvis Alexandru
    Elvis Alexandru4 dager siden

    But that’s because he’s Batman!

  • misty pooky
    misty pooky4 dager siden

    This dude commenting on if batman can do all those heavy lifts, its a comic book hero ofcourse he can do he is Batman!!

  • Anthony Carranza
    Anthony Carranza6 dager siden

    Maybe the guy in pain and gain just like to go there to lift some but mostly vent? Like some do at the barbarer?

  • robert garza
    robert garza8 dager siden

    I lost count how many times how much he adored and mentioned "Arnold". 😅

  • Axel Undin
    Axel Undin11 dager siden

    Dude, Batman can bench 1000 lbs and leg press 2500. He isn’t exhausted because he’s Batman

  • Barock Johnson
    Barock Johnson21 dag siden

    Should’ve asked Eric Kanevsky to be on the show

  • Bernard Gena
    Bernard Gena21 dag siden

    Break out the tissues for James Blake’s powerful cover of Frank Ocean’s “Godspeed” 🎹🎵

  • Oralia Lafond
    Oralia Lafond22 dager siden

    My guidance counsellor never mentioned "Fitness personality" as a career option.

  • Tadhg O’Brien
    Tadhg O’Brien23 dager siden


  • Caleb Fib
    Caleb Fib25 dager siden

    Trainer: How can he do that with ease? Bruce wayne: Because I’m Batman

  • Devon Harry
    Devon Harry25 dager siden

    8:23 21 Savage - "M's in ma bank account oh god"

  • FaZe Sharpshooter
    FaZe Sharpshooter26 dager siden

    Bruce Wayne is going to fight Superman what did u expect

  • LostLandsLife
    LostLandsLifeMåned siden

    Did this guy just say 8 times 45 was over 700 pounds....?

  • XjoshLive99
    XjoshLive99Måned siden

    He definitely forgot he was watching the Batman 😂 he’s supposed to be strong af lmao

  • Simón Bolívar
    Simón BolívarMåned siden

    I think just by looking at the thumbnail like the guy does not look as muscular as the rock but is going to talk about him and how he is doing in a movie 😅

  • Paddy le Blanc
    Paddy le BlancMåned siden

    "Fitness personality" Dafuq?

  • Bravo Team
    Bravo TeamMåned siden


  • O'Neil
    O'NeilMåned siden

    What he dont realize is, Batman is peak human performance, thats why everything looks easy, hes not like every other gym guy

  • Astrodinary ?
    Astrodinary ?Måned siden

    Oh hey it's the guy who got mad because somebody wanted him to prove he wasn't lying

  • Matt Frost
    Matt FrostMåned siden

    This is the asshat that got butthurt when Eric Kanevsky weighed him at that EXPO

  • Red King
    Red KingMåned siden

    Mate, next time exclude any superheroes movies. Bruce Wayne is peak human lol. The acting is spot on I'd say (fake as they may be).

  • Greed Is bad
    Greed Is badMåned siden

    The answer for all the batman scene is "he is batman"

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a MustacheMåned siden

    The Rock is lucky he doesn't have to act in most films and he just has to be himself.

  • DiLLy DiLLy

    DiLLy DiLLy

    Dag siden

    Plays the same character in every movie

  • Charles Burkhow

    Charles Burkhow

    20 dager siden

    he also just produces his own movies so he could do whatever role he wanted

  • Justin Nwachukwu

    Justin Nwachukwu

    Måned siden

    I see you all the time wassup bro 😆

  • Nicolas Velasquez

    Nicolas Velasquez

    Måned siden

    You again

  • Ethan Cooper

    Ethan Cooper

    Måned siden

    They want him to play a strong guy because he looks strong and he actually is so he knows what he’s doing

  • Chris Brown
    Chris BrownMåned siden

    My gym once did a rep challenge, max bench press reps with an empty bar bell. I doubled the previous record and stopped.

  • m o t i o n
    m o t i o nMåned siden

    turn captions on at 0:35 thank me later

  • Chef
    Chef2 måneder siden

    Can i weigh and measure you???

  • Babala Habala
    Babala Habala2 måneder siden

    Hey bro! I've just watched you in this video: I didn't know that you are a douchebag like this. You were so disappointing...

  • Akalion
    Akalion2 måneder siden

    "Why a lot of guys jump on steroids" Oh but not you of course. No, no you're just a good ol natty boy.

  • OfficialRyanGaming
    OfficialRyanGaming2 måneder siden

    Zac Efron looks like he went on a Winstrol only cycle

  • T.O.M. M.Y.
    T.O.M. M.Y.2 måneder siden

    He ain’t a bodybuilder.

  • Fariborz Irani
    Fariborz Irani2 måneder siden

    Does this guy not know he's BATMAN??? His comparison and analysis is blowing my mind😑

  • Malnutrition Boy
    Malnutrition Boy2 måneder siden

    8:28 Million in my bank account

  • Matthew Wheeler
    Matthew Wheeler2 måneder siden

    Why get a bodybuilder when you can get a strongman such as Eddie hall or any other strong men cause they actually do stuff for their careers where as a bodybuilder doesn't really care about that

  • Justin
    Justin2 måneder siden

    I like how he was honest about not being able to get as big as he is without steroids, instead of using the “chicken and broccoli” excuse lol

  • Spencer Smith

    Spencer Smith

    18 dager siden

    @Akalion hahaha

  • Akalion


    Måned siden

    @Feetus Deletus Can you like not read the words I'm typing or something?

  • Luke Jeffrey

    Luke Jeffrey

    Måned siden

    Justin buddy you totally didnt get what he said😂

  • Cameron Radaszewski

    Cameron Radaszewski

    Måned siden

    He said if he had to.

  • Akalion


    Måned siden

    @Justin he's not 270 though..

  • vawa-ID
    vawa-ID2 måneder siden

    Who is he? He's not my doctor

  • Ash9 Mohit
    Ash9 Mohit2 måneder siden

    They are just potraying the strength of Batman, he is a comic book character🤦🏻‍♂️ In the comic book, Batman can bench press nearly 1000 pounds.🤷🏻‍♂️



    2 måneder siden

    Exactly. He is just ruining the movie. 😂

  • brandon christino
    brandon christino2 måneder siden

    Batman wouldn’t leave he’d just buy his own he like a multi trillionaire.

  • Jacob
    Jacob2 måneder siden

    I haven’t worked out since COVID and I was used to curling 50s and now I’m scared to go back and see how weak I’ve gotten /:

  • Jacob
    Jacob2 måneder siden

    I love those videos of people swinging into their lakes for the first time

  • Rain Drips
    Rain Drips2 måneder siden

    This guy is julian Smith is joke.

  • VF
    VF2 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who knows this Douchebag after his interaction with Eric Kanevsky

  • Michael Wireman
    Michael Wireman2 måneder siden

    I’ve achieved the Ron Burgundy body type. Basically perfected fitness. “Don’t act like you’re not impressed”. For anyone wanting to know how to achieve that. It’s simple. Enjoy your scotch. Drink milk only when the weather permits it. Never eat a whole burrito. Do cannonballs in the pool. Occasional gang fights with your friends. Most important thing. When a classy lady walks in the room. Lie about the amount of reps you just did. Rely on that super confidence because there’s no way she’s not impressed.

  • Danny Livas
    Danny Livas2 måneder siden

    Why is Julian Smith even speaking? The dude is on roids...

  • Teddy Nguyen
    Teddy Nguyen2 måneder siden

    Zac efron looks like spiderman ps4 in real life

  • cole graf
    cole graf2 måneder siden

    In batman for the tire pull the floor is wet as heck which would make it easier wouldn't it?

  • Albert Flores
    Albert Flores2 måneder siden

    This is the guy who does not like to be asked about his weight lol

  • Mark Cull
    Mark Cull2 måneder siden

    It is bewildering to see "fitness personalities" speak fitness and watch themselves expose their lack of knowledge in basic physiology and kinesiology.

  • Jacob Valdez
    Jacob Valdez2 måneder siden

    This was more informative than most of the fitness videos I've seen on YT in a good while

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader3 måneder siden

    The Batman for the new movie sucks d*ck they shoulda kept Ben

  • Tip Of The Iceberg
    Tip Of The Iceberg3 måneder siden

    Also to anyone watching this. Mark Wahlberg, The Rock, Zac, Anthony Mackie, maybe Affleck as well. Did/do take TRT/Trenbalone (steroids but lighter basically)

  • Gerardo Piedras
    Gerardo Piedras3 måneder siden

    This is my fourth day working out. Where my abs at? O_o

  • A69 Nghaka
    A69 Nghaka3 måneder siden

    Soy boy

  • Aidan Pia
    Aidan Pia3 måneder siden

    The thing is, Batman is at the physical and mental peak of a human. He is a superhuman without any drugs or anything, the fact that he did those workouts without exerting that much shows how strong he really is.

  • Andre Aryanta
    Andre Aryanta3 måneder siden

    Please react to ijen crater miner :

  • alex toll
    alex toll3 måneder siden

    Thanks for the breakdown that literally no one asked for

  • Ryan Hsu
    Ryan Hsu3 måneder siden

    Most pointless video. Everyone knows the gym cultural. No need for him.

  • Akalion


    2 måneder siden


  • king sloth
    king sloth3 måneder siden

    I've never heard of this guy in my life

  • Colm Whateveryoulike
    Colm Whateveryoulike3 måneder siden

    You can look like Ron Burgandy without taking stuff serious.

  • Stephen Green
    Stephen Green3 måneder siden

    On the Ben Affleck part He is Batman It's going to be easy

  • Kriegerdammerung
    Kriegerdammerung3 måneder siden

    The Rock is 1.96 and Zack Efron is 1.68

  • Mojo


    2 måneder siden

    I love the fact you used the metric system for those, like me, who do not understand murican. Thank you.

  • muja MR
    muja MR3 måneder siden

    Fair to say he doesn't really know much about Batman

  • Thierry D'Aoust
    Thierry D'Aoust3 måneder siden

    Until hearing the guy's voice, I was 50/50 sure I was going to witness Ross trying to explain bodybuilding

  • Jacob Tracc
    Jacob Tracc3 måneder siden

    1:15 is that Big Herc ?????? Was he in Pain & Gain ????

  • Gains R Us
    Gains R Us3 måneder siden

    Yes let’s hire the fake natural to explain anything but body building news flash you can’t spot a deadlift there is no safe way to do so

  • John Welsh Thompson Jwts
    John Welsh Thompson Jwts3 måneder siden

    Worst break down ever this guy doesn't have a clue , this squat is heavy ..... It's a yoke walk .... And all the other stuff he said is bs

  • Johyn
    Johyn3 måneder siden

    dear stupid he is doing a shoulder press not a chest press. unbelievable moron. if you want views pay attention to what your saying. being a pretty boy does not get you far, stupid boy.

  • adam doward
    adam doward3 måneder siden

    Can I just point out that in the comics batman can lift a ton? Whilst I realise this isn’t possible in the real world it is a comic book movie

  • a v
    a v3 måneder siden

    i saw a video of him being rude to a youtuber bodybuilder what a tool he is that shows who he really is

  • Claire emma
    Claire emma3 måneder siden

    I've just had a real good workout during this.... just trying to keep up with the speed of your talking... 😲. Come up for air !

  • Caleb Mayo
    Caleb Mayo3 måneder siden

    Everyone is on steroids that look like these people

  • Samuel Mackey
    Samuel Mackey3 måneder siden

    I spy with my little eye a pre Freddy Krueger Robert Englund.

  • Samuel Mackey
    Samuel Mackey3 måneder siden

    Zac actually ended up developing an eating disorder and sometimes got dehydrated trying to maintain that look.

  • mrboo williams
    mrboo williams3 måneder siden

    When he talked about dropping weights he clearly been in a weightlifting gym aka “Olympic weightlifting gym”

  • Mojo


    2 måneder siden

    I think you meant to say that he has NEVER been at a weightlifting gym. There's nothing wrong with dropping the bar after you finish the movement. When I'm done with squats and move on to deadlifts, it's just the fastest way to get the bar where I will need it in a few minutes.

  • John Durann
    John Durann3 måneder siden

    Ya did he not realize the context of the movie and realizing that he was a superhero

  • Joshnf7
    Joshnf73 måneder siden

    Why is GQ getting an opinion on these movies by a guy who uses steroids

  • Akalion


    2 måneder siden

    @Oliver Bøgekvist Look at him you dumbass

  • Oliver Bøgekvist

    Oliver Bøgekvist

    3 måneder siden

    Aaaaand how do u know

  • ToughNuts Gaming
    ToughNuts Gaming3 måneder siden

    Stupid steriod head

  • tomble womble
    tomble womble3 måneder siden

    "That's just not how it is anymore" - My last 3 gyms were all mainstream gyms and they all had needlebins in the changing rooms and signs asking people not to put their sharps in the normal bins. More people use steroids now than ever before, thanks reality tv.

  • GoFuYoSe25
    GoFuYoSe253 måneder siden

    Who's this man? Never heard about him wtf, please call a real body builder the next time

  • Sonny
    Sonny3 måneder siden

    8:23 ,M’s in my bank account

  • Sonny
    Sonny3 måneder siden

    8:24 ,M’s in my bank account

  • Elias Bischoff
    Elias Bischoff3 måneder siden

    Julian: talking about bodybuilding Me: (a 1,95m, 78kg guy with a bicep about the size of his thumb, eating chips and not even sitting upright) interesting

  • Ceptic Bangz
    Ceptic Bangz3 måneder siden

    If he can fight superman i think he can move i tire

  • Ceptic Bangz
    Ceptic Bangz3 måneder siden

    He is batman lol hahahahha

  • Jarod 1999
    Jarod 19993 måneder siden

    1:36 he is awesome

  • Luka Ivanišević
    Luka Ivanišević3 måneder siden

    Yall if u r inbested in fitness youtube industry, someone will know this guy is a fake natty. I don t say he is wrong, but having him as a picture of naturaly achivable goal is wrong

  • Krzysztof Byra
    Krzysztof Byra3 måneder siden

    I do not get why these channels always have bodybuilders talk about powerlifting, stuntmen talk about fighting and portray them as experts

  • Burgermeister 34
    Burgermeister 343 måneder siden

    whats the point

  • Just Valkyrie
    Just Valkyrie3 måneder siden

    This made me want to go workout so thanks

  • 許金成
    許金成3 måneder siden

    When he started counting I thought he was gon start singing bankaccount

  • frankie jay ponds
    frankie jay ponds3 måneder siden

    I'm getting motivated to workout just by listening to him speak.

  • Jaz 206

    Jaz 206

    2 måneder siden

    Julian Smith has an AMAZING training program called "The Daily Pump"

  • Remote Controled Flying Vibrator
    Remote Controled Flying Vibrator3 måneder siden

    Im really disappointed they didnt show Terry Crew's Euro Training 😕

  • Martin Carlberg
    Martin Carlberg3 måneder siden

    This video was just dumb, common sense.

  • Tom Cruz
    Tom Cruz3 måneder siden

    He *BATMAN* 🤣

  • Being QuiNcy
    Being QuiNcy3 måneder siden

    Its way tougher when you do as yoy said what zac did i maintained that for a year i completely dialed back and held that cut but i lapsed and ended up getting bigger trying to do what they call a "cheap bulk" i can really appreciate zac's spirit and discipline

  • Salutoverse 420
    Salutoverse 4203 måneder siden

    Your funny videos were so successful

  • Debarun Roy
    Debarun Roy3 måneder siden

    But, but, but ........ he’s Batman