Alex Smith Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter | GQ Sports


On this episode of Actually Me, Washington Football Team quarterback Alex Smith goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Reddit, NOlocal, Twitter and Wikipedia. How much credit does he deserve for mentoring Patrick Mahomes? Who does he think is the GOAT quarterback?

Washington Football Team Quarterback Alex Smith was voted the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year. His new apparel line, in partnership with Attitude is Free, is available on now. The Alex Smith Collection has new items coming this March.
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Alex Smith Goes Undercover on Reddit, NOlocal and Twitter | GQ Sports


  • Lou the Seal
    Lou the Seal2 dager siden

    No one: alex smith typing like a hacker

  • arixvega
    arixvega5 dager siden

    he’s incredible. i feel sorry for him not being in a super bowl. a great player, miss him on WFT, best of luck in your new team :)

  • mstmitu343roy mstshathe454
    mstmitu343roy mstshathe45420 dager siden

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  • Niner Drive
    Niner Drive21 dag siden

    "I wish I could play in a Super Bowl" That hurt.

  • Eli W
    Eli W25 dager siden

    “Can you tell Arron Donald this” 😂

  • Bryanbats2 yt
    Bryanbats2 yt28 dager siden


  • russo thuga
    russo thuga28 dager siden

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  • Tristan Jersey
    Tristan JerseyMåned siden

    Smith has to be one of the toughest QB's to endure such pain.

  • Justin Bassett-Green
    Justin Bassett-GreenMåned siden

    Those edits on Wikipedia aren't cited. Ironically now they can be, with this video as the source...

  • Jason McCleary
    Jason McClearyMåned siden

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  • Nathaniel J. Frey
    Nathaniel J. FreyMåned siden

    Hail to the Football Team baby, thank you for everything Alex!

  • M Bords6
    M Bords6Måned siden

    Bruh really thinks that the old name was racist

  • Chris George
    Chris GeorgeMåned siden

    The chemical magician relevantly man because search specifically murder circa a annoyed son. juicy, common partner

  • Alexander Sakadelis
    Alexander SakadelisMåned siden

    As a life long Washington I thank Alex for everything. check down Alex smith the goat. Goodluck for the future of you great nfl career.What he did was truly amazing and inspiring

  • FCG Notorious
    FCG NotoriousMåned siden

    "Better to sound drunk than racist" Best line ever lol. WFT > WR

  • Tomi O

    Tomi O

    Måned siden


  • The Nimble Ninja
    The Nimble NinjaMåned siden

    Class act.

  • Mason Esters
    Mason EstersMåned siden

    His wife Elizabeth is my cousin😃👍

  • Oliver McCall

    Oliver McCall

    Måned siden

    @Mason Esters Not true

  • Mason Esters

    Mason Esters

    Måned siden

    @Oliver McCall bruh you don’t even know me 😂

  • Oliver McCall

    Oliver McCall

    Måned siden

    @Mason Esters Not true

  • Mason Esters

    Mason Esters

    Måned siden

    @Oliver McCall bro Elizabeth’s brother Will is my uncle 🤡🤡🤡

  • Oliver McCall

    Oliver McCall

    Måned siden

    Not true

  • austin wilson
    austin wilsonMåned siden

    What a stand up guy!

  • jags4life 307
    jags4life 307Måned siden

    “Everyone says jjs such a nice guy” *condescending gaze*🤣🤣 I love it

  • jags4life 307
    jags4life 307Måned siden

    Come teach tlaw to be great!🤘🤘

  • Natone.
    Natone.Måned siden

    His Eyes are weirdly beautiful

  • Steven Beck
    Steven BeckMåned siden

    Do Pat McAfee next!!!

  • tupac1971ever
    tupac1971everMåned siden

    He said he was out/under for most of his operations, that mean there was some he was awake for?

  • Big Facts
    Big FactsMåned siden

    Bro come to minnesota. You are a perfect fit. We are contenders. I know Kirk the starter. But if he blows or gets hurt you have cook, Jefferson, theilen, irv smith and mattison. And you have the right supportive positive attitude. Great leadership and all the experience. Hate on our d cause of last year? Blow me. We had like 5 rookie starters and 2nd 3rd year players playing a million snaps with no hunter or Barr. We will be back.

  • Sonny Masse
    Sonny MasseMåned siden

    I feel so bad for him he has had a hard 3 years and he just got cut man makes me so mad hope you find another team man

  • Tremor
    TremorMåned siden

    I just realized they actually post these LOL

  • Christian McCaffrey
    Christian McCaffreyMåned siden

    Who is here after he got cut

  • Paul Cimijotti
    Paul CimijottiMåned siden

    Jesus loves you and He died for you:)

  • dairy products
    dairy productsMåned siden

    I think Alex smith needs to retire and become a coach he could really be great

  • T747
    T747Måned siden

    You can only like him Great guy

  • Brian Bresee
    Brian BreseeMåned siden

    Come back SF

  • jay disqus
    jay disqusMåned siden

    He's an easy guy to root for.

  • chad larson
    chad larsonMåned siden

    The feeling that Alex Smith had when he broke his leg is exactly what mine was like when i broke my leg as well. I'm actually glad to know that it wasn't just me who experienced this feeling of fuzziness and heat rather than pain (I also had my leg broken in a similar way but not to the extent of being compound)

  • V.cent.22
    V.cent.22Måned siden

    fuckin legend

  • Tech Sam
    Tech SamMåned siden

    Barely any mention of his time with the 49ers. He must've really hated his time with us.

  • Chaz Hagenes
    Chaz HagenesMåned siden

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  • Aidan Clemenson
    Aidan ClemensonMåned siden

    Wait kareem jackson was involved with Alex Smith's injury? I already hated the dude for headhunting during the November 1st Chargers game, now I hate him more. Dude clearly goes out with the goal of injuring players

  • Jackobee
    JackobeeMåned siden

    The injuries keep going! I had to stop. Glad he's okay. Hope he signs with Jacksonville reunites with his old coach and retires in Florida.

  • Maxwell Patterson
    Maxwell PattersonMåned siden

    Not me watching this with a sprained ankle

  • Clark42EoC
    Clark42EoCMåned siden

    Still rooting for you Alex. You're amazing. I hope a team picks you up as starting QB and I'll get to see you in more games. For my birthday my family bought me 3 Alex Smith cards in a display case 3 of you passing for each team, and a second set of 3 with you running for each team. I literally started crying when I opened the gift. You're my hero man, keep it up.

  • Flanigan’s
    Flanigan’sMåned siden

    I hope he comes back to the 49ers

  • Chandler Olsen
    Chandler OlsenMåned siden

    So was this just a “Alex smith is the best guy ever” video or?

  • Just Blazed
    Just BlazedMåned siden

    I wish he can get a ring. It was amazing just to see him come back honestly 😢

  • Zack
    ZackMåned siden

    Best comeback player ever in the NFL

  • Mitchel R********
    Mitchel R********Måned siden

    The ONLY person that matters if he thinks Brady is GOAT is Joe Montana. He agrees. End of story. Why the eff isn't Barry Bonds in the Hall of Shame. That's a better story than endless virtue signaling political correctness. Who buys that Marxist claptrap?

  • Mitchel R********

    Mitchel R********

    Måned siden

    Oh, GQ sports is the center of the Soy filled Universe.

  • Mitchel R********

    Mitchel R********

    Måned siden

    and reddit is for the triggered soyboys.

  • Hi Kaisen
    Hi KaisenMåned siden

    He got released Nooooouuuuuu 😭

  • Eli Van Drisse
    Eli Van DrisseMåned siden

    Kareem Jackson and JJ Watt after sacking him and hearing later that he has flesh eating bacteria 😬

  • Raven
    RavenMåned siden

    Thank you for all you did in Washington Alex, godspeed to the rest of your career!

  • Chief 65 toss power trap
    Chief 65 toss power trapMåned siden

    Smith is still my favorite player of all time. I got started watching the chiefs when he was starter, he’s a legend and hero!

  • tony s
    tony sMåned siden

    Wtf Alex Smith is my favorite player now.

  • Muhd Syakiib
    Muhd SyakiibMåned siden

    I went to see the wiki article on Alex Smith and there was a flip-flop of positions and in the end, no mention of this video was made

  • Wiz Skinz
    Wiz SkinzMåned siden

    Sad he’s no longer on the redskins but thanks for taking us to the playoffs

  • First Name Last name
    First Name Last nameMåned siden

    Hi person who didn't vote alex for comeback man, wtf???

  • First Name Last name
    First Name Last nameMåned siden

    "It is better to sound like a drunk then a racist" -Alex Smith, 2021

  • B Boles
    B BolesMåned siden

    Ah yes nfl player

  • Trace Furniss
    Trace FurnissMåned siden

    Now this sentence was grammatically correct.

  • Donovan Murphy
    Donovan MurphyMåned siden

    this makes me love alex smith, good luck to him wherever he goes this offseason

  • KINGS Jason Geyer
    KINGS Jason GeyerMåned siden

    I love what Alex Smith said Alex Smith: Better to be a drunk then a racist I laughed

  • jack.20f
    jack.20fMåned siden

    1:20 Well, apparently Alex Smith is a dumbass.

  • Blake Kirkham
    Blake KirkhamMåned siden

    Stand up guy fr fr...

  • Mariam Newcomb
    Mariam NewcombMåned siden

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  • Wokkie Productions
    Wokkie ProductionsMåned siden

    Raiders fan for life, but I have nothing but respect for Smith. He endured so much, only to come back and play his heart out. He deserved comeback player of year. The one person to not vote for him , must not understand what he endured. Cant wait to see what more he can bring to a no name team 😂🤣.

  • Tim Wing
    Tim WingMåned siden

    I can see him ending up with the Patriots If they plan to draft a in the 1st or 2nd. If not, Jags as a backup for Lawrence. Urban Myer coached him in college.

  • VanquishedAgain
    VanquishedAgainMåned siden

    Patriots should pick him up

  • SISTO _
    SISTO _Måned siden

    So he just got released and NOlocal suggest this to me

  • Steven Grant
    Steven GrantMåned siden

    I hope Alex goes somewhere to start and for a winning team.

  • BuggoutMusic
    BuggoutMusicMåned siden

    Hope you find a better team 👌🏾 so humble

  • Jon Harrell
    Jon HarrellMåned siden

    Hope you come back to dc as a quarterback coach

  • Gabriel Szafran
    Gabriel SzafranMåned siden

    Who else is here when Alex smith is not on a team

  • Pressy B
    Pressy BMåned siden

    Alex smith is goated

  • SpiceKingCam Plug
    SpiceKingCam PlugMåned siden

    Fav player

  • Gustav
    GustavMåned siden

    "My wife deserves a lot of input"

  • JohnRedcorn 12
    JohnRedcorn 12Måned siden

    He’s so humble

  • JohnRedcorn 12
    JohnRedcorn 12Måned siden

    Love this man hope he gets a ring maybe he goes back to kc to back up mahomes

  • JohnRedcorn 12
    JohnRedcorn 12Måned siden

    To think he started out as a bust and now he is one of the winningest qb of the 21 century

  • BList
    BListMåned siden

    bruh writing essays out there

  • Anthony Briseno
    Anthony BrisenoMåned siden

    so but did no one see that alex smith typed "redskin" in the wikipedia site after he just bashed it for being racsit

  • SnakeEyezThe1st
    SnakeEyezThe1stMåned siden

    Alex Smith will always have a special place in my heart for sports, such a great guy and the fact he almost died and came back to the game and have a winning record is amazing. Well Deserved Comeback Player Of The Year. Plus:I'm a big 49ers fan!

  • Sublime Wins
    Sublime WinsMåned siden

    Who’s here after he was released?

  • Seth Livingstone
    Seth LivingstoneMåned siden

    Alex Smith, Thank you. - Redskins/WFT Nation

  • Nooblicious
    NoobliciousMåned siden

    Here when Alex Smith got released. Best of luck Alex.

  • Jackson Campbell
    Jackson CampbellMåned siden

    Coach smith?

  • Patriots news
    Patriots newsMåned siden

    Imagine watching this and seen that it was you that he reply to

  • onb0ardruid
    onb0ardruidMåned siden

    1:20 he thought of the line off the cuff and was trying to hold in his own laughter while delivering it and its adorable

  • Harvey Meek
    Harvey MeekMåned siden

    Who is watching this after smith got released by the Washington football team

  • Mark Douglas
    Mark DouglasMåned siden

    "Better to sound like a drunk than a racist" he didn't have a problem being racist when he signed a contract with them. Like Alex but that rubbed me the wrong way

  • Mark Douglas

    Mark Douglas

    Måned siden

    @Patriots news ill admit I forgot he was traded, but he still re signed long term so

  • Mark Douglas

    Mark Douglas

    Måned siden

    @Patriots news yes and he promptly signed a 4 year deal afterwards. I guess youtube doesn't let you share links

  • Patriots news

    Patriots news

    Måned siden

    He got traded there what are you talkin about?

  • JP
    JPMåned siden

    Best one yet

  • Wishing B
    Wishing BMåned siden

    My cousin died of flesh-eating bacteria/sepsis. First, he had his limb amputated. Really sucked.

  • Baraa Elhariry
    Baraa ElhariryMåned siden

    This guy's such a good guy

  • Wishing B
    Wishing BMåned siden

    He has a "nice guy" vibe all over him.

  • Philipp B
    Philipp BMåned siden

    Future Head Coach

  • Marco Ferrigno
    Marco FerrignoMåned siden

    And the 2022 Alex Smith comeback player of the year goes to...............

  • it'swisethegamer
    it'swisethegamerMåned siden

    He just got cut

  • Landon Law
    Landon LawMåned siden

    I would love to see josh Allen on one of these

  • John-Henry Smith
    John-Henry SmithMåned siden

    I think his favorite word is "flattering"

  • Brady H
    Brady HMåned siden

    Rename the comeback player of the year after Alex Smith

  • Patrick Glennon
    Patrick GlennonMåned siden

    Redskins isn’t racist

  • stone skeleton bruh
    stone skeleton bruhMåned siden

    As a Washington fan I am sad to see him go, especially after he led us to the playoffs. He will always be one of my favorite players. I hope wherever he goes he does extremely well and hopefully he will get a ring

  • Philip Rivers
    Philip RiversMåned siden

    I kinda want him at the colts. Backup maybe

  • Vadoom 335
    Vadoom 335Måned siden

    Dude can he write my essays he would hit the word count easy. He wrote like 3 tweets for the first one