Alex Honnold Goes Undercover on the Internet | GQ Sports


On this episode of Actually Me, Alex Honnold goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Wikipedia and more. What was it like climbing El Capitan? How does he get down after free-soloing a wall?
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Alex Honnold Goes Undercover on the Internet | GQ Sports


  • lefthook southpaw
    lefthook southpaw19 timer siden

    serial killer eyes weirdo

  • lefthook southpaw
    lefthook southpaw19 timer siden

    cgi editing for sure

  • Ashton Sanborn

    Ashton Sanborn

    3 timer siden

    This is a lame joke

  • Eleanor Aristide
    Eleanor Aristide7 dager siden

    I really want to get into climbing and I’ve just been in a Alex Honnold rabbit hole searching obsessively for stuff about him and with him. He’s seems like a chill dude.

  • Grimistic Streams
    Grimistic Streams10 dager siden

    I wonder if he's scared of heights?

  • STD092812
    STD09281214 dager siden

    It bothers me a little bit that Alex Honnold did not spell "rappel" right. Maybe he should do a bit less free soloing for a while, so he doesn't forget how to write basic rope climbing terms.

  • watchin
    watchin14 dager siden

    "Are there any other climbers that have the technical skill and physical strength to accomplish ...Honnold's free solo climb..." Well, he answered that, but I would add that we are really not talking about technical or physical strength here, even though those obviously play a part. The biggest part is the mental game and that should be the question. Are there any other climbers with the mental skills to accomplish what Honnold did? Same thing for the question comparing his free solo with Tommy Caldwell. Those two are two different climbs, apples and oranges. Both have things in common, but yet both are very different. What really sets Honnold apart is his mental game and his belief in himself and what can be done. Think about it: Caldwell's incredible achievement was done with protection; If Honnold made a mistake, it was fatal. Those are two very different mental games.

  • Dynamic One
    Dynamic One16 dager siden

    Greatest dude in the world

  • David Mathes
    David Mathes18 dager siden

    Now he should pop in the NOlocal comments to mess with people.

  • ccchenification
    ccchenification18 dager siden

    5:18 "Will Alex Honnold be in the 2020 Summer Olympics?" looking back to this question in Nov 2020, yikes

  • Spiroll


    11 dager siden

    Yeah big yikes

  • Axel Undin
    Axel Undin19 dager siden

    He must be so tired of answering the same questions for a year straight.

  • Joshua Tootell
    Joshua Tootell20 dager siden

    His description of approaching the sport is about the same as mine. Except he is great at his sport, while I'm mediocre. Oh well.

  • Petesials389
    Petesials38926 dager siden

    Alex Honnold "I think I will be at the Olympics as a commentator." 2020 "Well..."

  • Bill Dickson
    Bill DicksonMåned siden

    When is he going to ascend K2?

  • Arlen Margolin
    Arlen MargolinMåned siden

    Well I wonder how Alex is doing with his I guess that's his girlfriend in Australia I thought those two were a lovely pair they seem to really hit it off I mean as in his own words she is a cool chick

  • JB
    JBMåned siden

    It's not under cover if you use your actual name

  • Jeff Whitman
    Jeff WhitmanMåned siden

    How is it possible that your hands did not bleed when free soloing El Cap?

  • Purrfection W
    Purrfection WMåned siden

    He is so humble!!

  • David Suh
    David Suh2 måneder siden

    Hope he never dies climbing a ladder

  • C_R_O_M__________
    C_R_O_M__________2 måneder siden

    His fingers have themselves biceps and quads. His hands are smaller than mine but my fingers are definitely proportionally skinnier. I have nice hands, you got that ladies?

  • cuckoo martins
    cuckoo martins2 måneder siden

    I’m a simple man. I see Alex Honnold and a i click like.

  • Rodrigo Gonçalves
    Rodrigo Gonçalves2 måneder siden

    I really want to see how his hand compares to MJ's or Kawhi's hand tbh

  • Shovelhead
    Shovelhead2 måneder siden

    Love the way he likes to lead such a way of life you can’t beat being happy where your at.

  • WrittenByKeya
    WrittenByKeya2 måneder siden

    He has the cutest eyes! 🥺

  • Luca Serafini
    Luca Serafini2 måneder siden

    And then Alex will not be at the 2020 Olympics

  • Valentina Del Bo
    Valentina Del Bo2 måneder siden

    I found him today and have been binge watching his intewiws

  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan2 måneder siden

    I hope he just rides the glory of what he already accomplished. I really don’t want him to die.

  • Chimera
    Chimera3 måneder siden


  • bambino
    bambino3 måneder siden

    He doesn’t know what Quora is? Does he never ask the internet questions or is he all-knowing

  • 20p Sausage
    20p Sausage3 måneder siden

    Ehhh,,,he's not going undercover,,,it's actually him. He's just answering Q's.

    I WANT MY SLAW!!3 måneder siden

    Who types these responses? And do they type them that fast, or is the footage just sped up?

  • Tyler Bruce
    Tyler Bruce4 måneder siden

    3:07 “...and it’s dangerous “ that’s an understatement

  • AM
    AM4 måneder siden

    To me he gives off John Krasinski vibes or am I the only one that sees this? Lol

  • Matthew Yates
    Matthew Yates4 måneder siden

    It’s interesting that he’s at the top of his sport, but he probably never thought to check what the spelling of “rappel” was...he spelled it “repel”.

  • Brian Macintire
    Brian Macintire4 måneder siden

    The real question is how big are his balls?

  • Adyaan Choudhury
    Adyaan Choudhury4 måneder siden

    He looks like an older Greg Heffley or is that just me...

  • Prootzy Zoots
    Prootzy Zoots4 måneder siden

    Replies to a 9 year old tweet, love it

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores4 måneder siden

    lol 2020

  • Paint Nomics
    Paint Nomics4 måneder siden

    He's actually not going under cover lol

  • Joseph Sherby
    Joseph Sherby4 måneder siden

    I can’t get over whoever wrote the tweets typing “repel” instead of “rappel”

  • ClankBrisk
    ClankBrisk5 måneder siden

    I wish I end up loving something as much as Alex Honnold loves Climbing.

  • Joshua Tootell

    Joshua Tootell

    20 dager siden

    Probably something out there. Likelihood of being able to make a living doing it is a bit more difficult.

  • RAEN74
    RAEN745 måneder siden

    His feat in itself is what separates him. There are prob tons who "could" do it. As he mentioned ....but to even have that nerve to consider it. That and his personal conquest...not for fame (atleast comes off like that and I certainly believe it) is what makes it all so fascinating.

  • booty_ hunter420
    booty_ hunter4205 måneder siden

    Dude his fingers are literally the size of my torso

  • Tony Miller
    Tony Miller5 måneder siden

    His fingers are bigger than his hands. All that rock chaff

  • Kezzrk
    Kezzrk5 måneder siden

    His fingers are so thick!

  • Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ
    Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ5 måneder siden

    Alex is probably the guy who can climb a perfectly smooth cement wall

  • Mitchell Elequin
    Mitchell Elequin5 måneder siden

    Love this guy a whole lot, but I am curious why he misspelled rappel twice XD

  • archi buana
    archi buana5 måneder siden

    very humble person

  • Gigi La Moore
    Gigi La Moore5 måneder siden

    I just discovered this dude the other day. Something about him just draws you in. He seems so.....himself, if that makes sense.

  • R.B. Nguyen
    R.B. Nguyen5 måneder siden

    dude's finger is like a fully grown banana

  • R.B. Nguyen
    R.B. Nguyen5 måneder siden

    fake video. If he had actually typed with those hands the computer will just get hulk smashed.

  • coolguyhino92
    coolguyhino925 måneder siden

    LOVE that he still has chalk on his hands

  • lurking Smurf
    lurking Smurf5 måneder siden

    Well he’s not going to the olympics now bc of corona

  • מרחביה שחף
    מרחביה שחף5 måneder siden

    When he spoke about the Olympics I laughed, it was back when ppl thought there will be an Olympics in 2020😂😂

  • Jason Fisher

    Jason Fisher

    2 måneder siden

    Do Israeli's rock climb?

  • Chris Hartley
    Chris Hartley5 måneder siden

    3:19 it's not his hands , look how fat his fingers are !

  • tardigrade
    tardigrade5 måneder siden

    Alex Honnold is just so humble, so nice, so genuine, so eloquent.

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W6 måneder siden

    the edits he made on wikipedia are not there

  • Maamie Junelyn Codilla
    Maamie Junelyn Codilla6 måneder siden


  • Projo Widhiyanto
    Projo Widhiyanto6 måneder siden

    Hmm.. I don't see his answers on those questions in Quora..

  • 10000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge
    10000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge6 måneder siden

    he's so humble

    DCMFB6 måneder siden

    this guy is a douche

  • Justin Mejia

    Justin Mejia

    4 måneder siden


  • Atomic Smash
    Atomic Smash6 måneder siden

    You could only see such vast questions on "Quora"

  • itsXaver
    itsXaver6 måneder siden

    Dawn wall free solo?

  • juan diego espindola
    juan diego espindola6 måneder siden

    We all know Alex has some sort of lil helper to write down stuff everywhere. He try to touch one letter and actually push 4 jajajajaja

  • Will Dietzel
    Will Dietzel6 måneder siden

    The Olympics one is not true. My aunt won a silver medal in the Olympics in 2012 at 39 years old. When Alex made this video, he was 34.

  • Justin Mejia

    Justin Mejia

    4 måneder siden

    Yes it is

  • Steven Klingler
    Steven Klingler6 måneder siden

    Alex is the coolest climbing nerd ever! 😆

  • Gunner Schenck
    Gunner Schenck6 måneder siden

    How is it "going undercover" if he's answering questions as himself?

  • Sanya Khisty
    Sanya Khisty6 måneder siden

    Is nobody going to talk about his answer to how big his hands are??? “They are this big.... bwaaa” love this man

  • Hannah Winkler

    Hannah Winkler

    5 dager siden

    I legitimately burst out laughing 😂 it was so wholesome and sweet!!

  • Axel Undin

    Axel Undin

    19 dager siden

    i love how humble alex was about tommy cladwell.

  • Eliza Sayers
    Eliza Sayers6 måneder siden

    I like how for the anxiety thing, he genuinely forgets to mention that he has an abnormal amygdala response. Love him, haha

  • Eliza Sayers

    Eliza Sayers

    5 måneder siden

    Nonono Dawnpenn It basically means he biologically has ~no fear

  • Nonono Dawnpenn

    Nonono Dawnpenn

    5 måneder siden

    Eliza Sayers what does this mean?

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind6 måneder siden

    These hands are ridiculously huge, you can’t be born with them.... How did they deform to look like that now???!

  • Madness1845
    Madness18456 måneder siden

    5:20 little did he

  • miinus
    miinus6 måneder siden

    make up person done goofed

  • Dylan Dugan
    Dylan Dugan6 måneder siden

    Imagine literally being a professional rock climber and not knowing the difference between "repel" and "rappel". English is hard.

  • Kyle Campbell

    Kyle Campbell

    6 måneder siden

    I mean if you free solo El Capitan you have the right to say whatever you want at that point

  • Swapnasish Rakshit
    Swapnasish Rakshit7 måneder siden

    3:12 🤣🤣🤣 this guy is really cool and awesome without a doubt...

  • שימי י
    שימי י7 måneder siden

    Child: "father, what does it mean "understatement" "? father: "..."let me check the dictionary.. "But I think that at this moment there's nobody seriously considering a potential free solo of El Cap" " (4:50)

  • ccdxdhk
    ccdxdhk7 måneder siden

    his hands are almost big enough to cup his balls

  • UndeadFleshgod
    UndeadFleshgod7 måneder siden

    I wonder if he could strangle a F1 driver, or if the huge hands would be dead even with the huge necks.

  • Bernardo Trillo Arfinengo
    Bernardo Trillo Arfinengo7 måneder siden

    3:10 for the hand part

  • Luke H
    Luke H7 måneder siden

    Love how he says his free solo isn’t that technically difficult... even tho... it is. I guess he meant in comparison to the Dawn Wall.

  • Chum Krimson

    Chum Krimson

    7 måneder siden

    it isn't that difficult, in comparison to many climbs, not just the Dawn Wall.

  • Dieguismama
    Dieguismama7 måneder siden

    His pinky is stronger than my quads... And I never skip leg day.

  • Rizka Mariana
    Rizka Mariana7 måneder siden

    3:13 the way he makes gesture with his big hands should frightening me, but somehow I find it ludricous. Ps : Just in case if you read this, I'm curious of what's the most scariest thing you experience when climbing?

  • Vincent Perrault
    Vincent Perrault7 måneder siden


  • alex stevens
    alex stevens7 måneder siden

    He can type fast too

  • Raja Canedo
    Raja Canedo7 måneder siden

    How tf does he type on a keyboard

  • east wood
    east wood7 måneder siden

    His personality is garbage

  • jeremy fridley
    jeremy fridley7 måneder siden

    "I became a climber because I was bad at everything else"...literally the reason I give for Disc Golfing.

  • Valentino Magallanes
    Valentino Magallanes7 måneder siden

    This guy would be a Golden Retriever if he’d be a dog

  • K6IV
    K6IV7 måneder siden

    "Will Alex Honnold ever stop climbing?" "That... is a hard no"

  • Len Koblenz
    Len Koblenz7 måneder siden

    I do not like using a ladder. Perhaps that is part of the reason that I am so appreciative of what Alex does. I have watched Free Solo 8 or 9 times and I wish that it would come back in IMAX. When I first heard of the movie, it had already come through Houston. I would love to see it in IMAX.

  • BANKO007
    BANKO0078 måneder siden

    Small point in the wake of monumental achievements that leave me traumatized to watch, but I think it is rapell rather than repel.

  • Brian Joyce
    Brian Joyce8 måneder siden

    Cheers Alex. Truthful and full disclosure

  • Taerrific pjms
    Taerrific pjms8 måneder siden

    he has really gentle eyes if you know what I mean

  • Sam Almo-Milkin
    Sam Almo-Milkin8 måneder siden

    If he hadn’t died, brad gobright would have been the one

  • Kenneth Hernandez
    Kenneth Hernandez8 måneder siden

    What are Alex’s biometrics?

  • Michael
    Michael8 måneder siden

    He's incorrect about this hands. Those things are ridiculous.

  • Oskar Strand
    Oskar Strand8 måneder siden

    Im in march 2020. And sorry to break it for ya but, 2020 olympics aint happening

  • not tryna argue but
    not tryna argue but8 måneder siden

    Quora is full of people who prove wrong the saying There are no dumb questions

  • Erik Contreras
    Erik Contreras8 måneder siden

    This guy seems pretty smart the way he talks

  • Ben Morgan
    Ben Morgan8 måneder siden

    He’s such a humble dude!

  • Gabor F
    Gabor F8 måneder siden

    I really like, how he doesn't try to be too humble, he just tries to be realistic and thoughtful constantly. I hate when somebody degrades his achievements in front of the people while he has ego because he need it to be that good. Alex doesn't shame himself he says what he thinks and tells how he think about the topic, without self degrading or over praying others and feels genuine.

  • Alexis Gaziello
    Alexis Gaziello8 måneder siden

    Alex Honnolds hands: 3:08