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Denver Nuggets player Aaron Gordon got his first tattoo when he was 20 years old and already playing in the NBA. But what he may lack in quantity he makes up for in quality. From his yin and yang tattoo on his back to the chimpanzee on his side, join Aaron Gordon as he tells us the stories behind his ink.
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Aaron Gordon Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ Sports


  • Travis Vannuil
    Travis VannuilTime siden

    Can you guys get Lebron on here it would be insane

  • Andy R
    Andy RDag siden

    He probably has the best designed tattoos in the league 🔥

  • tog 987
    tog 987Dag siden

    Really like his, he actually has meaning behind them instead of just putting like random emojis and stuff

  • Leonardo Hernandez
    Leonardo Hernandez5 dager siden

    My mans turned gangsta

  • Jon Baines
    Jon Baines5 dager siden

    Yo most of his tattoos were dope

  • Lego Jash
    Lego Jash5 dager siden

    Did this man say electrons and protrons

  • swaggyp
    swaggyp6 dager siden

    he be watching vontoocut i bet

  • Badet Umpong Lavisores
    Badet Umpong Lavisores6 dager siden

    He looks like white scottie pippen😂

  • Created2skate
    Created2skate7 dager siden

    who da fook is dat guy

  • Allan john bragado Naluz jr
    Allan john bragado Naluz jr8 dager siden

    any of them for not winning the slam dunk contest?

  • Anthony Bauml
    Anthony Bauml8 dager siden

    Nyjah huston needs to be on this

  • βαρσαμης
    βαρσαμης8 dager siden

    he is tryina act smart lol

  • Dylan Longwell
    Dylan Longwell9 dager siden

    "I put them on my body to always remember" but nearly all of his tattoos are in places​ he can't​ see

  • Parliment Jenkins
    Parliment Jenkins9 dager siden

    Dope tattoos no BS flames and stars blasted every where for no reason

  • Daniel Fonseca
    Daniel Fonseca9 dager siden

    I give his tattoos a 9 out of 10

  • Joey Shelley
    Joey Shelley9 dager siden

    mans really believes evolution

  • The HomieBandit
    The HomieBandit9 dager siden

    Dope tats

  • Peterson Oliveira
    Peterson Oliveira9 dager siden

    Boa noite FIRST vai amém BOM 👌💪

  • Lighg Blue
    Lighg Blue9 dager siden

    They're awful

  • David Erickson
    David Erickson10 dager siden


  • Liam Jones
    Liam Jones10 dager siden

    I thought he was just another basketball player but he’s so down to earth

  • Nate Smith
    Nate Smith11 dager siden

    Yea, didn’t expect him to be on here lol

  • reviwer
    reviwer11 dager siden

    Did he read the Meditation of Edward Taylor???!!!!

  • Michael Montalto
    Michael Montalto12 dager siden

    The delightful cymbal desirably bubble because swing sporadically boil but a fast pentagon. proud, alcoholic basketball

  • Abby Gingerich
    Abby Gingerich12 dager siden

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  • akaHoLLyWooD
    akaHoLLyWooD12 dager siden

    Just lovely, another NBA player pledging they're loyalty to the illuminati with the all seeing eye and pyramid. Sell out for Satan, yeahhhhh!! All the cool kids are doing it. #nwo #thegreatreset #illuminati #sellout

  • Never take an L
    Never take an L12 dager siden

    Who gives his tattoo a 9?

  • Michelle Hamby
    Michelle Hamby12 dager siden

    The staking sprout synthetically increase because wilderness phylogenitically present save a invincible kayak. long, rambunctious step-mother

  • Lucaszeller 1
    Lucaszeller 112 dager siden

    Yo do this with Derrick rose

  • David Matthews
    David Matthews13 dager siden

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  • Pica
    Pica13 dager siden

    Do Jordan Clarkson next

  • Savaun Brown
    Savaun Brown13 dager siden

    Aaron Gordon

  • Savaun Brown
    Savaun Brown13 dager siden

    This guy is woke

  • SiMk 5’s World
    SiMk 5’s World13 dager siden


  • SYX Rxloads
    SYX Rxloads14 dager siden

    Am I the only one who didn’t know he had tats

  • jameajns jsn
    jameajns jsn14 dager siden

    The lackadaisical stranger postprandially please because line roughly explode across a nervous peak. torpid, numerous payment

  • Isaiah Gudino
    Isaiah Gudino14 dager siden

    What book is it that he said he read and then went and got the rose tattoo on his leg?

  • Stain GanG
    Stain GanG14 dager siden

    Dude got a tat of hitler on his right leg 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jonathan Delgado-Lopez
    Jonathan Delgado-Lopez14 dager siden

    AG is a deep thinker, thats pretty awesome

  • David Bunge
    David Bunge14 dager siden

    Aaron "Essence of Life" Gordon Actually though I like the originality and the thought that went into his tattoos. A lot of dudes you see have the same tats that 90% of other tattooed people have. I also like the fact that he didn't go full sleeves right away. Looks real good

  • sueannzeiger
    sueannzeiger14 dager siden

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  • Raynaldo_1604 IG
    Raynaldo_1604 IG14 dager siden

    Who él se didint know he had tats like that

  • Jokobee _
    Jokobee _14 dager siden

    Not Casper

  • Lee Zapata
    Lee Zapata14 dager siden

    Am I the only one who thinks that Aaron Gordon looks like he was the “where’s my hug at?” dude? 👀

  • Raphael Chidebe
    Raphael Chidebe15 dager siden

    Inspired by your tattoos

  • Septian Kiki Al Faujan
    Septian Kiki Al Faujan15 dager siden

    I thought that he doesn't have any tatoo

  • christian Uy
    christian Uy15 dager siden

    Illuminati confirmed

  • Zane Anderson
    Zane Anderson15 dager siden

    He thinks he a black guy named Tyrone

  • _Untitled _
    _Untitled _15 dager siden

    I'd rate these tatts a 9 out of 10

  • Aaron Gould
    Aaron Gould15 dager siden

    I like when he talks about the Native American tat ❤️

  • Tattoo Style YT
    Tattoo Style YT15 dager siden

    I wish na jordan clarkson is next

  • Monique X
    Monique X15 dager siden

    I’ll give this 9/10, IYKYK.

  • MTF


    9 dager siden


  • Lil Gd
    Lil Gd16 dager siden

    Dude is mad ugly close up

  • ALB
    ALB16 dager siden

    Love this guy's game, glad he's on a great team like the nuggets now.

  • Victor Lopez
    Victor Lopez16 dager siden

    All freemason symbolism

  • Tiffany Lockett
    Tiffany Lockett16 dager siden

    He Is EXACTLY… …who I knew he was! (By the way, I ABHOR a body full of tattoos [it's simple, I just love to see a man's body. . .all the cuts & creases, or even their pure skin under light or water, sweat, oil, etc. …to me THAT'S the best art] but he is singlehandedly the ONLY person in the world that makes me love tattoos! His. I already knew every single one had an explanation of depth. But even just the execution of how they're done! LOVE IT! They're Beautiful! Still wouldn't mind if he stopped right there though. 😛 lol

  • June the Goon
    June the Goon16 dager siden

    Another idiot that sold his soul 🤦‍♂️ these dudes are lost.

  • Ryan Zhang
    Ryan Zhang16 dager siden

    Who realized that his right arm look bigger than his left arm

  • KingstonXCertified 11

    KingstonXCertified 11

    12 dager siden

    He’s right handed he shoots with his right so he uses it more

  • DUKE
    DUKE16 dager siden

    Is it just me or he’s looks depressed

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee17 dager siden

    No flames, clouds, or dice? Is he really black?lol

  • Nicholas Ali
    Nicholas Ali17 dager siden

    But I see that all seeing eye tho👀👀👀

  • Nicholas Ali
    Nicholas Ali17 dager siden

    Young man who understands life and existence 🙏🏿💯

  • IamSuave
    IamSuave17 dager siden


  • Ethan Fenton
    Ethan Fenton17 dager siden

    My mans been smokin crack since birth 😂

  • xiploc
    xiploc17 dager siden

    here we have a victim of highway robbery

  • BeastFaxx
    BeastFaxx17 dager siden

    Sheesh such a wise man

  • Ken Poko
    Ken Poko17 dager siden

    Great deep meanings but how often are you gone look at your back

  • Mercury The Sun warrior

    Mercury The Sun warrior

    17 dager siden

    In the mirror

  • bigsackinabox
    bigsackinabox17 dager siden

    Inkednba dropping pics soon!!

  • Abimelec Luciano
    Abimelec Luciano17 dager siden

    The heart beat with the shoes was such a hard tat yet so small

  • King Drafted
    King Drafted17 dager siden

    Already on that Denver Gas

  • Chris Barclay
    Chris Barclay17 dager siden


    DREW BAGGERLEY17 dager siden

    wow he is so oppressed!

  • Bryce Gauw
    Bryce Gauw17 dager siden

    Dwayne Wade would've rated that a 9/10.

  • sahkanoodo
    sahkanoodo17 dager siden

    The Composition on his back piece is excellent

  • river.w1
    river.w118 dager siden

    Poor guy got robbed of a Dunk contest twice 😂

  • Nikola1998
    Nikola199818 dager siden

    I clicked on this video thinking he probably has most basic tattoos ever and he left me in deep shame. Personally i was never interested in AG and his basketball and even less in his personality out of NBA but im gonna listen to that podcast and stuff because he really got me thinking deeply. Props to AG God bless you👏🏻

  • Naufal Abdurrachman
    Naufal Abdurrachman18 dager siden

    hey @Serge this is da real art bro lmao

  • Naufal Abdurrachman
    Naufal Abdurrachman18 dager siden

    hey @Serge this is da real art bro lmao

  • Michael J
    Michael J18 dager siden

    Damm....he got sugar in his tank 🤯

  • Nick Burrell
    Nick Burrell18 dager siden


  • 4LEK54ND4R
    4LEK54ND4R18 dager siden

    welcome to the nuggs family! 🏆

  • y'all ugly
    y'all ugly18 dager siden

    He has pectoral seperation. Why is that?

  • Warsame Egal
    Warsame Egal18 dager siden

    Welcome to my nuggets. So excited

  • Ernesto Gomez
    Ernesto Gomez18 dager siden

    need a shirt and what side are you on ? Mexican

  • nic ray
    nic ray18 dager siden

    hanging around michael beasley and kyrie too much man

  • barry Zeng
    barry Zeng18 dager siden

    Now thats a 9.

  • Daisy G
    Daisy G18 dager siden

    “There’s nothing more beautiful than the essence of a woman” 🥺❤️🔥🙏🏻

  • Daija Stepney
    Daija Stepney18 dager siden

    I remember I got my first tattoo when I was 21.

  • rod axel
    rod axel18 dager siden

    The newest Denver Nugget..

  • Aaron Chapman
    Aaron Chapman18 dager siden

    Watch his documentary, “Mr. 50” out now.

  • Amy Frisby
    Amy Frisby18 dager siden

    I was just about to order his magic Jersey too 😭😭

  • Kilian Walter
    Kilian Walter18 dager siden

    He said “We as humans” too often, I’m a little suspicious

  • Şefik Kılıç
    Şefik Kılıç18 dager siden

    D. Wade: Cool tattoos but it’s a 9 for me



    2 dager siden


  • 4k coochie sweat god

    4k coochie sweat god

    9 dager siden


  • K O
    K O18 dager siden

    "I juss get em on my back so I can't see my regret when I'm 67 years old... it's like a 'kick me' sign I can't see, so I am down, playa"

  • R T

    R T

    14 dager siden


  • K O

    K O

    16 dager siden

    @Mercury The Sun warrior Even better to live long with no regrets

  • Mercury The Sun warrior

    Mercury The Sun warrior

    17 dager siden

    Do you only think about regrets it would be a blessing or a curse to live that long

  • poetry shadow91
    poetry shadow9118 dager siden

    I never knew this man had tattoos like for real.

  • David S
    David S18 dager siden

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  • Addam Robert

    Addam Robert

    18 dager siden

    @Leroy Brent Thanks for the recommends

  • Leroy Brent

    Leroy Brent

    18 dager siden

    +1 6=0=2=7=3=2=7=4=5=4

  • Leroy Brent

    Leroy Brent

    18 dager siden

    his availability is on What'sapp⏬

  • Addam Robert

    Addam Robert

    18 dager siden

    I wanna Invest too, how can I get to Johnson Fc

  • Patrick Lorrins

    Patrick Lorrins

    18 dager siden

    Seeing alot of successstories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him

  • Black Oak
    Black Oak18 dager siden

    He acts like the type of dude that can’t wait to get to the locker room when the game is over?

  • Paradise Water
    Paradise Water18 dager siden

    Brandon Ingram gotta pull up

  • Jake Holden
    Jake Holden18 dager siden

    Might need to get him on the joe rogan podcast it would be an interesting podcast

  • Bocun
    Bocun18 dager siden

    My dude woke -- welcome to Nuggets!