10 Things Tyrann Mathieu Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things that Kansas City Chiefs safety can't live without when he hits the road. From his Old Spice deodorant to his Creed cologne, these are the NFL star's travel essentials.
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10 Things Tyrann Mathieu Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • deshon mack
    deshon mack15 dager siden

    "3:26" Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team I never regret working with they are very great *p y p t o l m o n . x y z* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  • Dannie Nguyen
    Dannie Nguyen17 dager siden

    Everyone hating on him wanting to smell good meanwhile most of y’all probably don’t even shower once a day😂😂

  • Ȇ̈v̑̈ȃ̈n̑̈シ
    Ȇ̈v̑̈ȃ̈n̑̈シ18 dager siden

    Love him

  • Jeremy Cook
    Jeremy Cook20 dager siden

    Love me some landlord

  • Landon Roper
    Landon Roper26 dager siden

    Just take a second to think we all just watched a 7 minute ad

  • Dumma K
    Dumma K28 dager siden

    Everything this dude can't live without is His colonge and Face Wash lmao

  • Redamancy 1
    Redamancy 1Måned siden

    Are you friggin’ kidding me!?!?!! The dude is wearing a $150,000 Richard Mille watch and he spends the entire time talking about deodorants? WTF! Such a waste.

  • Alex Ander
    Alex AnderMåned siden


  • Nasir Thompson
    Nasir ThompsonMåned siden

    What type of jacket is that 😳

  • Jaquevis Murray
    Jaquevis MurrayMåned siden

    Are honey badgers made out of noses?

  • Jordon Watkins
    Jordon WatkinsMåned siden

    My man got two of everything 😂

  • Error Report
    Error ReportMåned siden

    I need to smell him 1 good time❤️😟. nevah seen anyone put this much thought into their deodorant 😭😭

  • Ace Tiger
    Ace TigerMåned siden

    He just cares about his smell and appearance

  • Yoder
    YoderMåned siden

    top ten body care for tyrann mathiu

  • Lea Marie
    Lea MarieMåned siden

    So basically he cant like without deodorant and cologne? Got it.

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob MartinMåned siden

    Tyrann Mathieu is about to start a whole beauty youtube channel.

  • Bart Salazar
    Bart SalazarMåned siden

    He forgot steroids

  • 13 SLASHER
    13 SLASHERMåned siden

    Mostly deodorant, cologne, and moisturizer 🤐☠☠☠☠☠😭

  • Millz _10723
    Millz _10723Måned siden

    Dude is very humble and all but I think Saks and Neimans just found their next star spokesperson with this 8 minute commercial

  • Mac Christian
    Mac ChristianMåned siden

    Same deodorant

  • Gabriel Hedman
    Gabriel HedmanMåned siden

    Is it weird that I can kinda “smell” him threw the screen

  • Vision
    VisionMåned siden

    Gayest looking person I have ever seen

  • Anthony Cross
    Anthony CrossMåned siden


  • Jeury Mejia
    Jeury MejiaMåned siden

    This man is all about his smell goods !!

  • Brian Opferman
    Brian OpfermanMåned siden

    10 hygiene products Tyrann Mathieu can’t live without

  • Lukas Egert
    Lukas EgertMåned siden

    'my appearance is important to me' nah for real?

  • John Doe
    John DoeMåned siden

    His teammates dont even gotta go shopping, they rich and rob his locker still 😅

    JPTHAGREATMåned siden

    This was the worst essentials episode.

  • Gumbo Jambalaya
    Gumbo Jambalaya2 måneder siden

    Do you really need all of this foolishness.

  • Gronko Robinson
    Gronko Robinson2 måneder siden

    Are you sure this ain’t a sponsorship ship

  • Manrup Virk
    Manrup Virk2 måneder siden

    Change the series to "my skin routine"

  • marc perez
    marc perez2 måneder siden

    Man, I really like that jacket! Anybody know what he's wearing?

  • Oscar Clarke
    Oscar Clarke2 måneder siden

    How light skins do their GQ Essenstials video:

  • AbrahamRicoArt
    AbrahamRicoArt2 måneder siden

    i'm watching his mic'd up and looking back to this and needless to say, it was VERY unexpected but awesome lol

  • Channel Wanderer
    Channel Wanderer2 måneder siden

    Those tight ends smell him coming

  • Xi Jinping
    Xi Jinping2 måneder siden

    I watched a seven minute video and all I learned was that this guy likes to smell good.

  • Brad Redmer
    Brad Redmer2 måneder siden

    he like the scents

  • Gregory Vierra
    Gregory Vierra2 måneder siden

    Old Spice is garbage though. Plenty of other products that last longer.

  • Matt Conley
    Matt Conley2 måneder siden

    known pothead tyrann mathieu has like four colognes in his ten essentials, interesting

  • GFB13 Productions.
    GFB13 Productions.2 måneder siden

    He look like he smell good 😂😭

    D SMITH2 måneder siden

    Why this felt like he was paid to say he uses all those products?!

  • Seattle Soles
    Seattle Soles2 måneder siden

    10 Things Tyrann Mathieu Can't Live Without Bathroom Edition

  • Osaze Shabazz
    Osaze Shabazz2 måneder siden

    I think GQ need to give these guys more definition in regards to what the purpose of this segment is about. Deodorant and Chapstick is something that everybody should have; however, I don't think that they don't have the concept of the word "essential".

  • Definitely Deffie
    Definitely Deffie2 måneder siden

    Awesome 💙

  • Definitely Deffie
    Definitely Deffie2 måneder siden

    Awsome!! 💙

  • Stormie Weather
    Stormie Weather3 måneder siden

    Hmmmmm. I want to check some of these items out for my husband.

  • Arnold Bailey
    Arnold Bailey3 måneder siden

    I fks with Kyrann. More than just a lui bag or a chain. Best 1 ive watched.

  • The Notorious. K.I.D
    The Notorious. K.I.D3 måneder siden

    “10 bathroom essentials”

  • Aagney Gorthi
    Aagney Gorthi3 måneder siden

    Cologne and Deodrant

  • Acapela21
    Acapela213 måneder siden

    All of these hygienic things but he won't cut his fingernails

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode4 måneder siden

    Bruh. All of his colognes are like 400 dollars and his deodorant is 80.

  • Santiago Sanchez
    Santiago Sanchez4 måneder siden

    other people in gq: this my toiletry bag tyran Mathieu: this are my 10 essentials

  • Ahmad Taqiuddin
    Ahmad Taqiuddin5 måneder siden

    Dude loves his fragrances🤣🤣

  • branika nijah
    branika nijah5 måneder siden

    he the best player LSU 7

  • Jév Ç. Hüñçhø
    Jév Ç. Hüñçhø6 måneder siden

    At least he didn’t turn this into a jewelry collection video like the other guest

  • Lucas Lenz
    Lucas Lenz6 måneder siden

    Is it weird I want to smell this guy?

  • CiscoRock
    CiscoRock6 måneder siden

    GQ is part of the matrix, they probably get paid for product placement.. NOlocal used to be real.

  • Vade
    Vade6 måneder siden

    Sometimes this guy just reminds me of 6ix9ine but just with out the face tattoos

  • Heated Highlights
    Heated Highlights6 måneder siden

    Honey badger

  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones6 måneder siden

    SO is this your favorite cologne show 😂

  • The Cleveland show series Cleveland brown
    The Cleveland show series Cleveland brown7 måneder siden

    You play for the chiefs I live in Kansas you one the super bowl can you tell Patrick ma homes I said hi

  • J Z
    J Z7 måneder siden

    Does he live in his bathroom?

  • Kelsey Mitchell
    Kelsey Mitchell7 måneder siden

    that creed cologn is is over 200 dollars #NFLLIFESTYLE

  • ephraim estrin
    ephraim estrin7 måneder siden

    he prob just took everything in his hotel bathroom

  • Jesse Schick
    Jesse Schick7 måneder siden

    The dude brought his entire bathroom to show. "Tyrann Mathieu can't live without his restroom"! 🤣😂

  • Antjuan Wilson
    Antjuan Wilson8 måneder siden

    Do Patrick mahoums

  • tyler womelduff
    tyler womelduff8 måneder siden

    Honey badger dont care

  • Jack reader
    Jack reader8 måneder siden

    Do one of these with Patrick Mahomes

    LATHYN8 måneder siden

    Rich people have an “everyday” deodorant and a “going out” deodorant

  • Zuuro
    Zuuro8 måneder siden

    This dude has no gadget to play, just something to smell. Bruhhh

  • Michael Hue
    Michael Hue8 måneder siden

    Honey badger

  • Daryl Terwilleger
    Daryl Terwilleger8 måneder siden

    Nobody: Edit: top 10 body products Tyrann Matheu can't live without.

  • JP 18
    JP 188 måneder siden

    My guy just did a bed bath & beyond review😂😂😂

  • octaviakf
    octaviakf8 måneder siden

    He’s hella light skin every sense of the word 😂 he smells good and wants to look good

  • Brave Raven
    Brave Raven8 måneder siden

    Dude rocking that leather shirt

  • Deven Alexander
    Deven Alexander8 måneder siden

    All he was missing is sum Hand sanitizer 😂🤣

  • Lil Sean
    Lil Sean8 måneder siden

    the Landlord The honey badger Tyrann Mathieu ❤️💛❤️💛 #ChiefsKingdom

  • Nick McMillan
    Nick McMillan8 måneder siden

    Dude brought his toiletry bag smh 😂 xd

  • Jamaal Brackens
    Jamaal Brackens9 måneder siden

    Yeah he totally forgot about the interview

  • nick jefferson
    nick jefferson9 måneder siden

    Tyrann Mathieu greatest smelling sports player on earth😂😂😂

  • Cindaya Morton
    Cindaya Morton9 måneder siden

    Is he fine or nah ??

  • Marcos R
    Marcos R9 måneder siden

    Legit his bathroom, I guess he doesn’t eat food

  • Ikolaba Mustapha
    Ikolaba Mustapha9 måneder siden

    "10 body care products Tyrann Mathieu can't live without" sounds more appropriate.

  • brayan montoya
    brayan montoya9 måneder siden

    Wow he did not say his phone

  • Joey Welsh
    Joey Welsh9 måneder siden

    i want to smell him

  • Phinesse with Lex
    Phinesse with Lex9 måneder siden

    he’s so fine 🥴

  • Dannie Nguyen

    Dannie Nguyen

    17 dager siden

    This was a real “light skin essentials “ lol. I can dig it. I liked all the products.

  • pig noob

    pig noob

    2 måneder siden

    Overton Jones 🤣

  • Nfl Blimp

    Nfl Blimp

    2 måneder siden


  • Toya West
    Toya West9 måneder siden

    Yes, for creed and MFK. I love his fragrances choices.

  • ThatOneFifaGuy
    ThatOneFifaGuy9 måneder siden

    Me and Tyrann Mathieu wear the same deodorant, I feel special

  • Gregory C.
    Gregory C.9 måneder siden

    CREED and MFK cologne all day.

  • Steel Wool Sheep
    Steel Wool Sheep9 måneder siden

    Man brought the whole of CVS in

  • Top Savv
    Top Savv9 måneder siden

    I’m Glad he said powder not the Gel...if you know you know!

  • Jason Flores
    Jason Flores9 måneder siden

    He won't make it in a apocalypse 🤣

  • Jonah Pyman
    Jonah Pyman9 måneder siden

    Whoever told this guy he stink, you hurt him bro apologise

  • Ty Beast
    Ty Beast9 måneder siden

    He don't use "Jack black" products that's jus who paying him

  • Kutlwano Kgope
    Kutlwano Kgope9 måneder siden

    I don't know why everyone tripping, he might as well model on the side for more money, but honestly nothing wrong with loving your appearance and essence

  • king gibbons
    king gibbons9 måneder siden

    lightskin lml

  • Will Zavala
    Will Zavala9 måneder siden

    Tyrann's fragrance game in on point 🤙👌

  • Luke I Guess
    Luke I Guess9 måneder siden

    He reads the information off of the products.

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana9 måneder siden

    A man that take cares of himself 😍

  • SimpleGamer
    SimpleGamer9 måneder siden

    When dudes get tackled by him they probably try to guess what he is wearing.