10 Things Tony Gonzalez Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things NFL Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez can't live without when he hits the road. From his journal to his grounding mat, these are the former Kansas City Chiefs star's travel essentials.
Pro Football Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez is a sports analyst on FOX NFL Sunday and Thursday Night Football. Coverage of FOX Sports’ ninth Super Bowl presentation begins live from Miami, Sunday, Feb. 2 at 1:00 PM ET on FOX.
Tony is also hosting a new podcast series WIDE OPEN, where he dives deep into conversation with the brightest minds in the worlds of business and entertainment to discuss health, wellness and mindset. Listen here: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wide-open-with-tony-gonzalez/id1475384604
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10 Things Tony Gonzalez Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


    MASTER OF PUPPETS3 måneder siden

    Best TE EVERRRR!!!

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    Heated Highlights6 måneder siden

    Stick to broadcasting

  • DO 4 SELF
    DO 4 SELF7 måneder siden

    🙉......I Never wanna get stuck on an elevator with this guy.

  • szrps
    szrps8 måneder siden

    I'm a chefies fan and I'm sad when he left us

  • BryanisSmart
    BryanisSmart8 måneder siden

    Wow I have the exact same headphones as him

  • erik puka
    erik puka9 måneder siden

    Seems much smarter and inteligent than the prototypical athlete

  • Hide
    Hide9 måneder siden

    Nobody: Tony’s eyebrows: ~aight ima head out~

  • crosscounty24
    crosscounty249 måneder siden

    This show should only be about athletes, very practical

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  • Shaun Allgood
    Shaun Allgood9 måneder siden

    journal gang

  • Tim Michael
    Tim Michael9 måneder siden

    I'm rocking with everything except the grounding mat. He pretty much provided a be at your best kit and the items are actually possible to have as a middle class individual.

  • BDAWG0021
    BDAWG00219 måneder siden

    Do Deion Sanders!

  • Tomas Aguirre
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    Best one yet.... Everything made you better

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    THE Fanatic49 måneder siden

    Santa dose exist lol 😂

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    airsofter22479 måneder siden

    I always feel super poor watching these....until he cracked out those red Sony's, I gota better pair sat next to me now

  • Dottie Tracy
    Dottie Tracy9 måneder siden

    Tony all good essentials 🤩

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    ty moo9 måneder siden

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  • ty moo
    ty moo9 måneder siden

    That’s crazy was just talkin bout you and maholmes duo

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    magthegoat10 måneder siden

    This guy is extremely smart and humble.

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    Pasta Martin Ssempa10 måneder siden

    Press F for that poor fool who plugs the grounding mat into the phase plug.

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    ThornCrown10 måneder siden

    Thumbnail item looked like a bra.. I was confused for a second

  • Mikexm8
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    the title should have been 10 Things The Tony Gonzalez Can't Live Without | GQ Sports

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    Grown man edition.

  • satvik bahuguna
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  • dream317
    dream31710 måneder siden

    The sleep thing is being recorded and sent into Apple to analyze your patterns.

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    Te Lamb10 måneder siden

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    Jaxon Bellamy10 måneder siden

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    Stormie Weather

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    Danny Zuehlsdorf10 måneder siden

    You can take the man out of Berkeley, but you can't take Berkeley out of the man.

  • cole alm
    cole alm10 måneder siden

    Why his head look so big? Or Are his shoulders just super narrow? Wtf is it

  • Eric Glenn
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    10 måneder siden

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    Greg Jennings

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    @Mutombo I did. I was joking too. But he does love natural remedies. I hope he vaccinates since he seems pretty smart.

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    This is actually the BEST essentials episode I’ve seen. Thank you Tony!

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    ali ali10 måneder siden

    i'm always fascinated by adults who didn't study or read much in grade school or even college who now want to read this and that. its still better to start when you're a kid, but good for them.

  • dlupari
    dlupari10 måneder siden

    He should have done his funny intro

  • alonso.
    alonso.10 måneder siden

    I am very pleased to see Tony G here. Watched him when he was a Falcon (yeah, i'm a falcons fan 😔) and will always be seen as an all-time great in my eyes.

  • Fizz Bond
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    I love this video

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    Jesus Diaz

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    Max Nelson10 måneder siden

    Tony Gonzalez is one of the best Tight Ends ever and he just showed you some stuff you actually need to be better every day.

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    mohamad Osman

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