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There are a few things NFL stars and twin brothers Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin can't live without when they hit the road. From cologne and man lotion to nail filers and hand sanitizer, these are the Griffin twins travel essentials.

Check out the the Griffin brothers' NOlocal channel here: nolocal.infoabout

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Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme L'Intense cologne: amzn.to/3jsoDlP
Dior Sauvage cologne: amzn.to/34wPAQM
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Bleu de Chanel cologne: amzn.to/3mqfhZu
Bath and Body Works Atlantic Man Lotion: amzn.to/31IQ6tt
Extra Peppermint gum: amzn.to/3ovzD5q
Ice Breakers Coolmint mints: amzn.to/34sG2qe
Beats Studio3 headphones: amzn.to/2HEImBR
Purell hand sanitizer: amzn.to/31LMWoB
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10 Things Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Curlyhead Pat
    Curlyhead Pat11 timer siden

    The facts he can do it one hand and I can’t do it with two is sad

  • Drippy_Zerry
    Drippy_Zerry7 dager siden

    They seeem so cool 😎

  • Joan Young
    Joan Young7 dager siden

    wish i could meet them there on my favorite team you guys are the best

  • E3K 2k
    E3K 2k8 dager siden

    The sloppy toppy would b a good name

  • Youngboy Fan08
    Youngboy Fan089 dager siden

    Speedy boy and 1 arm

  • M LC
    M LC10 dager siden


  • Dorian Vick
    Dorian Vick12 dager siden

    These are great Men!

  • Lacygu Wisewun
    Lacygu Wisewun15 dager siden

    Imagine having one hand and accomplishing what most people with two hands can’t.

  • anson huang
    anson huang15 dager siden

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  • mama mia
    mama mia16 dager siden

    i saw the long hair and thought they were chicks,haha..

  • Ryan’s Everyday Life
    Ryan’s Everyday Life19 dager siden

    Do 10 things Patrick Mahomes cant live out please.

  • christopher solis ibarra
    christopher solis ibarra19 dager siden

    Can you do Jamal Adam

  • Jack O'Connor
    Jack O'Connor23 dager siden

    Shaquille can’t live without giving his opponent a 15 yard cushion

  • Me williams
    Me williams23 dager siden

    I love the twins!! So glad they are on my team 🙂.

  • Marlonシ
    Marlonシ23 dager siden

    Thee best video gq has ever released

  • Mekhi 23 Rhone
    Mekhi 23 Rhone24 dager siden

    love these dudes

  • Mark Beasley
    Mark Beasley25 dager siden

    Why the producer try my boy like that...talking about, “how you maintain your nails?” 🤨😂

  • Steven Barnes
    Steven Barnes25 dager siden

    B&BW Cypress Colonge and Lotion. Don't sleep.

  • Drake Wafle
    Drake Wafle26 dager siden

    How does he fit the beats on his head?

  • One L Wil
    One L Wil26 dager siden

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    Seahawks78226 dager siden

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    Y&T Wav.26 dager siden

    5:05 was crazy🤣

  • Wizop ANF
    Wizop ANF27 dager siden


  • Blaize Reinhart08
    Blaize Reinhart0827 dager siden

    How is Shaquille supposed to wear headphones with all that hair

  • Jarod Reynolds
    Jarod Reynolds27 dager siden

    Basically me and my brother be😂😂

  • Dante' 317
    Dante' 31727 dager siden

    He is you and you is him....

  • savage me
    savage me27 dager siden

    you can just tell how genuine these two are

  • cloudykit
    cloudykit27 dager siden

    They look like alvin kamara

  • precept domesticate
    precept domesticate27 dager siden

    it looks like one is in alaska and one is in florida

  • Owen
    Owen27 dager siden

    Best brothers in the league GO HAWKS💚💙💚💙

  • justice3x
    justice3x27 dager siden

    Shaquill Griffen look like Lil uzi 😂😂

  • Jesse Ramirez
    Jesse Ramirez27 dager siden

    Best duo out there

  • Simp
    Simp27 dager siden

    Imagine being on the practice team and still being better then everyone on the Seahawks keep doing what your doing..........Sorry Russel

  • brianna
    brianna28 dager siden

    Love them shaquill and shaquem 💙💙

  • Pamela Bluitt
    Pamela Bluitt28 dager siden

    Too cute!!! Love you twins!!!! Go Hawks!!!!

  • KingUfa206
    KingUfa20628 dager siden

    1 hand and in the NFL. That boy a legend

  • Gabriel Alvarez
    Gabriel Alvarez28 dager siden

    Bro I did this bag like 10 months ago I told you to do it and you finally did I thank you so much but Next could you do DK Metcalf where my people at though

  • Melakar Cain
    Melakar Cain28 dager siden

    The play with. destroying in college

  • Jack Griffith
    Jack Griffith28 dager siden

    I’m a Seahawks fan and I can’t even tell them apart just looking at there faces

  • Ray Mitchell

    Ray Mitchell

    7 dager siden

    One is bigger n has a fatter face?

  • Marcelo Hendrix
    Marcelo Hendrix29 dager siden

    get the morris twins pls

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    Fayez Bilal29 dager siden

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    fearless platinum29 dager siden

    them boys got them chemistry! and no doubt I bet they share their colognes LOL

  • Ajb 21
    Ajb 2129 dager siden

    I am wearing a Shaquem griffin jersey while I’m watching this

  • Amo kaka
    Amo kaka29 dager siden

    Best twins in NFL

  • DaKlubHK
    DaKlubHK29 dager siden

    Why he ask shaquem how he keep his nails filed🤦🏽‍♂️

  • King Adams

    King Adams

    17 dager siden

    I know right like wtf 😑

  • Richy Charley
    Richy Charley29 dager siden

    The griffin brothers are so inspiring, they stick with each other till the end

  • Dylan Tucker
    Dylan Tucker29 dager siden

    bro. They literally asked him how does he file his nails.... No hate or nothing but he literally has one hand. How is he supposed to. So dumb lol. But love the vids:)

  • Latrelle Kennedy

    Latrelle Kennedy

    4 dager siden

    Yea that was a lil disrespectful but he prolly aint think bout it till the moment he knew he fuccd up😂

  • Bob Thebb-Illder

    Bob Thebb-Illder

    25 dager siden

    Nah that was a good question, dude didn’t really answer it tho so that’s on him. Interviewer not at fault.

  • Jamie Mills

    Jamie Mills

    27 dager siden

    "I got some teeth" Love these guys

  • JacobPotato 9
    JacobPotato 929 dager siden

    Shaquem my favorite seahawk he has just a great story

  • Gabe Sport Channel
    Gabe Sport ChannelMåned siden

    let’s go HAWKS!!!

  • Max Gadebusch
    Max GadebuschMåned siden

    Shaquill shoulda said he couldn’t live without his left hand

  • Stevie J
    Stevie JMåned siden

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    nfl_mixez *_*Måned siden

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    Aaron GamerosMåned siden

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  • marlon mendoza
    marlon mendozaMåned siden

    The domcast is back, special thanks to Tyrese Haliburton for being my first interview ever! nolocal.info/have/video/paeCa9mM2rKOzog

  • Salman Hashmi
    Salman HashmiMåned siden

    The Griffin twins are my favorite NFL players not on the Baltimore Ravens

  • RICHY Dioxide

    RICHY Dioxide

    25 dager siden

    What you been a Baltimore when they had ray Lewis and ed Reed and you like the ravens starting 2 years ago.... BANDWAGON

  • Maitrik P
    Maitrik PMåned siden

    them boys got them chemistry! and no doubt I bet they share their colognes LOL

  • Faith in all things W
    Faith in all things WMåned siden

    They are so funny together and they have natural chemistry. They need their own tv or online show.

  • Aldo Louis Gonzalez
    Aldo Louis GonzalezMåned siden

    5:05 they look IDENTICAL

  • Deonte Thomas

    Deonte Thomas

    28 dager siden

    They are twins the shaqueem juss was a year behind do to his condition with his hand basically one started school before the other

  • Kane O
    Kane OMåned siden

    I have the same beats as Shaquill

  • Chase Miller
    Chase MillerMåned siden

    They’re not even good

  • Gibson Seward
    Gibson SewardMåned siden

    Shaquill: I'm the better brother Shaquem: hold my national championship

  • ryeth nguyen

    ryeth nguyen

    9 dager siden

    @Gibson Seward you know Clemson also went undefeated

  • Angel Ortiz

    Angel Ortiz

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    @Gibson Seward that wasn't a national championship

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    Chris ParcelMåned siden

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  • L i i j a h
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    LEGENDARY ZAYMåned siden

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    Jamal JacobsMåned siden

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  • Jett Collins
    Jett CollinsMåned siden

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    Charles RamseyMåned siden

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