10 Things Ryan Garcia Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things boxer Ryan Garcia can't live without when he hits the road. From his boxing gloves to his headphones, these are Ryan Garcia's travel essentials.
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10 Things Ryan Garcia Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Gerad Brough
    Gerad Brough2 timer siden

    “Everything I do is for her.” Guess he cheated on his pregnant girlfriend for her too.

  • Shehab Harmoudi
    Shehab Harmoudi7 timer siden

    Ryan Garcia is the biggest clown in boxing... I used to have respect for him but nvm

  • Ryan Kane
    Ryan Kane20 timer siden

    We can add a number 11 : malu

  • GG is real
    GG is real2 dager siden

    Imagine WBC and the type of music talor Swift 😂 im just kidding bruh .

  • komentator *
    komentator *2 dager siden

    1. Cheeting

  • Lance Emerson
    Lance Emerson2 dager siden

    "god keeps me humble". he was bragging about growing up in Victorville like 5 seconds before he said that.

    DRIPPY boy WALTER BA BA BOII . Noah2 dager siden

    Wait we’re is malu

  • HotLine Kicks
    HotLine Kicks2 dager siden

    this man said they keep me humble but he’s like one of the cockiest younger boxers out there

  • vic
    vic3 dager siden

    This guy believes in the god And cheats

  • Lobby of Cringe Essential
    Lobby of Cringe Essential3 dager siden

    What did he say in the beginning? Please comment

  • BenchGaming OFFICIAL
    BenchGaming OFFICIAL3 dager siden

    Wow,do you like naruto,wow

  • Elyas A
    Elyas A4 dager siden

    When i saw naruto i knew He is a good guy

  • jerry cna
    jerry cna5 dager siden

    1V1 ME

  • Dennis Almodovar
    Dennis Almodovar5 dager siden

    Is 1:31 a sound effect right lmao?

  • benjy espinosa
    benjy espinosa5 dager siden

    you gise are geles

  • benjy espinosa
    benjy espinosa5 dager siden

    yal some haters

  • Angel Aguilar
    Angel Aguilar5 dager siden

    Me chilling thru the comments The comments:“he cheated “he cheated” “Malú” “Malú”

  • Jiwar Haji

    Jiwar Haji

    5 dager siden


  • Uncle Ron69
    Uncle Ron695 dager siden

    Be also cant live whithout kissing other girls 😐

  • Manuel Lopez
    Manuel Lopez6 dager siden

    he said keep screen calm keeps me humble on what cheating on your wife

  • Manuel Lopez
    Manuel Lopez6 dager siden

    cheated on his fiance who also is having a kid

  • You ain’t knowin My name
    You ain’t knowin My name6 dager siden


  • D.L.C.
    D.L.C.6 dager siden

    Everyone like he cheated on his fiancé when if u look at his post he says “ me and my fiancé are no longer engaged. Me and Malu are just friends and got caught up in a moment” THEY WERENT ENGAGED SO HE DIDNT CHEAT ON HER 🤦‍♂️

  • todd
    todd6 dager siden

    no one in the comments challenging ryan in smash bros?

  • Emery Giles
    Emery Giles6 dager siden

    How does he have a Rolex but no airpods

  • u_noobsky
    u_noobsky7 dager siden

    me and him are brothers expect for the music part lol

  • Joe Belloc
    Joe Belloc7 dager siden

    You you already are the best you're the first one that I saw boxing does Carmelo train you

  • SaidStumway
    SaidStumway7 dager siden


  • Jenric Apawan07
    Jenric Apawan077 dager siden

    Well he doesnt have faith on her wife💀😬

  • Carol Naylor
    Carol Naylor7 dager siden

    Canny lad. I hope he succeeds.

  • Noah
    Noah7 dager siden

    Wait! Why do his AirPods have strings on them?

  • LGBlaring H
    LGBlaring H8 dager siden

    What his Gloves

  • berkant Shala
    berkant Shala8 dager siden

    super cool shoes man!! Like them!

  • Los
    Los8 dager siden

    The best cheater

  • Alex
    Alex8 dager siden

    so u cheated for ur Daughter?

  • Daniel atid
    Daniel atid9 dager siden

    He’s a bad guy but a talented man

  • Adg
    Adg9 dager siden

    Doesn’t keep you humble when you cheat on you’re wife

  • Genesis Martinez
    Genesis Martinez9 dager siden

    Notice how he didn’t mention his fiancé when he was talking about his family

  • Slimshadygabbz
    Slimshadygabbz9 dager siden

    Think he forhot to put malu there

  • SR 24
    SR 2410 dager siden

    you got this all wrong, he likes kissing 18 year olds outside a resturant while his fiance is pregnant with his wife.

  • Ako Mikail
    Ako Mikail11 dager siden

    Because he is naruto fans too

  • Waxks_AMV'S
    Waxks_AMV'S11 dager siden

    He forgot 15 year old girls

  • itsnotmebryxan
    itsnotmebryxan11 dager siden

    You forgot malu bro he can't live without her😂

  • nico ball
    nico ball12 dager siden

    hahaha at 4:40

  • Jose Arvizu Jr
    Jose Arvizu Jr12 dager siden

    Im goated at super smash i play thru wii u now in nintendo switch

  • Rendxll
    Rendxll13 dager siden


  • SeanBLucas 2442
    SeanBLucas 244213 dager siden

    He forgot the 11th Malu trevejo

  • Scrrxx-
    Scrrxx-13 dager siden

    "These are my essentials," *proceeds to take out junk food.*

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha13 dager siden

    The power of youth

    BLINGBLINGBIKES14 dager siden

    Victoreville hahahahahhaha

    BLINGBLINGBIKES14 dager siden

    Who is Ryan Garcia?

  • Dani Smith
    Dani Smith14 dager siden

    He says “you know” every few seconds. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Trevor Richardson
    Trevor Richardson14 dager siden

    I highly doubt he carry's around a framed picture of his family with him

  • tecnogadget2
    tecnogadget214 dager siden

    Who tf is Malu?

  • xXĐORMANŤXx 35
    xXĐORMANŤXx 3514 dager siden

    Man has a bible to “stay humble” but he wears off whites and a Rolex, my guy

  • Diarmaid O'Regan
    Diarmaid O'Regan15 dager siden

    Is this James rodriguez

  • Purx
    Purx15 dager siden

    How many times he said ''you know '' lol

  • Jebril alzoukari
    Jebril alzoukari15 dager siden


  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee16 dager siden

    Worship Music thats christan is awsome

  • Jordan Lee

    Jordan Lee

    16 dager siden

    Oh wait and Jewish too

  • Angel mendoza
    Angel mendoza16 dager siden

    This man didn't pick his ring bc he knew that he would cheat on his fiance

  • Zayn Malik
    Zayn Malik16 dager siden

    He should listen to Zayn Malik

  • Psycho FN
    Psycho FN16 dager siden

    Soooo We not talking about The airforce 1s is creased

  • Spooky _Dreadful
    Spooky _Dreadful17 dager siden

    Cant live without malu travejo either

  • bcgilbert5
    bcgilbert517 dager siden

    He looks like he has a mouth piece in all the time lmao

  • Its Breezy
    Its Breezy17 dager siden

    By the best he mean Jake Paul cuz he got knocked out by Jake Paul



    16 dager siden

    He never got knocked out by jake

  • Jazmin Martinez
    Jazmin Martinez17 dager siden


  • Eliam Rivas
    Eliam Rivas17 dager siden

    I would figure that his favorite smash character is lil mac

  • Sxd Cuban
    Sxd Cuban17 dager siden

    *cough cough (and Malu Trevejo that wasn’t included)

  • d t
    d t18 dager siden

    He forgot Malu Trevejo

    PAINT THE WAVE18 dager siden


  • Small Chile
    Small Chile18 dager siden

    Guess he couldn’t live without Malu 😴

  • Acacia Ndlovu
    Acacia Ndlovu18 dager siden

    Everybody gangster till he mentions i:i listen to Taylor swift

  • Buggie Cole
    Buggie Cole18 dager siden

    I guess Chris Brown's music is motivational to hit people just he did

  • Your daddy Hanna
    Your daddy Hanna18 dager siden

    Who’s here after he cheated

  • leo lara
    leo lara18 dager siden

    A mistake like that means nothing these days. He’s an amazing boxer and nothing can change that

  • Jim Retro
    Jim Retro18 dager siden

    Ryan : * has a Rolex , off white Air Force 1s * Also Ryan : * still has wired headphones *

  • Jim Retro
    Jim Retro18 dager siden

    Cheated on his fiance. Mans is worrying about the wrong ring smh.

  • GlenDaSavage
    GlenDaSavage18 dager siden

    Alright he’s Christian, but cheats on his fiancé. Hm

  • gungamer pro

    gungamer pro

    18 dager siden


  • Laces_ Bases
    Laces_ Bases18 dager siden

    my teammates dad is actually his barber

  • gungamer pro

    gungamer pro

    18 dager siden

    There are pica of him in there

  • gungamer pro

    gungamer pro

    18 dager siden

    Same my barber is the same as his

  • Rune
    Rune19 dager siden

    “motivation for my daughter” lmaooo lollll

  • OuiOuiOuiOu1
    OuiOuiOuiOu119 dager siden

    he cant also live without malu

  • Ace Luffy Sabo
    Ace Luffy Sabo19 dager siden

    He forgot the most important thing that he can't live without "cheating"

  • Cooper Miller
    Cooper Miller19 dager siden

    11 including malu, if your here in November 2020 you’ll know.

  • Tate lowry
    Tate lowry19 dager siden

    11. A different girl

  • Bradly Rangel
    Bradly Rangel19 dager siden

    He can’t live without pulling out

  • Shadow
    Shadow20 dager siden

    He cant live without Demi Levito

  • iTz Mightyslayer
    iTz Mightyslayer20 dager siden

    My respect grew for him when he said Naruto is his inspiration

  • Post FaDe
    Post FaDe20 dager siden

    Hope he can live without his wifr

  • Dannie Nguyen
    Dannie Nguyen20 dager siden

    starts with honoring God, this young man has his priorities straight!

  • Joe Sanchez
    Joe Sanchez20 dager siden

    Who’s here after he cheated on his fiancé

  • Zero TwoSixty
    Zero TwoSixty20 dager siden

    Things Ryan Garda can live without: his pregnant wife, which he cheated on with Malu.

  • Zero TwoSixty

    Zero TwoSixty

    19 dager siden

    Milk Dud Offset is a bum and so is Cardi B their music is so bad 😂 yet everyone likes it sndnndnsndnddmdsmmfn that’s how they sound 😂💀

  • Rudy Magallon
    Rudy Magallon20 dager siden

    Don’t pull a Ryan Garcia and cheat

  • Jennifer B
    Jennifer B20 dager siden

    “Everything I do is for her.” Guess he cheated on his pregnant girlfriend for her too.

  • Milo Martinez

    Milo Martinez

    11 dager siden

    He was talking abt rylie 💀

  • basics
    basics21 dag siden

    He forgot the side ting

  • William2678
    William267821 dag siden

    He forgot to say he can’t live without 18 year olds

  • • Alexdaboxer •

    • Alexdaboxer •

    19 dager siden

    @William2678 yea I would if I ME I were in that situation I ME I would also be mad if ppl got in my personal business and she turned 18 so at least she was legal so put that to the side

  • William2678


    19 dager siden

    @• Alexdaboxer • plus he made out with a girl that just turned 18 and he’s 22 and he has a wife that’s pregnant pretty sure you would be mad if you were in that situation

  • William2678


    19 dager siden

    @• Alexdaboxer • not white buddy Hispanic

  • • Alexdaboxer •

    • Alexdaboxer •

    19 dager siden

    Bruh stfu your prolly white bc that’s normal in Hispanic places

  • Labib Muhammed Gazi
    Labib Muhammed Gazi21 dag siden

    Who is here after he got caught cheating

  • Emilio Villarreal
    Emilio Villarreal21 dag siden

    Honorable mention: Malu

  • Tik Tok Memes
    Tik Tok Memes21 dag siden

    Who else is here after he cheated with his wife

  • Ranzou Angeles
    Ranzou Angeles21 dag siden

    He cant live without Malu. 🤣🤣

  • Campbell Mahurin
    Campbell Mahurin21 dag siden

    This didn’t age well

  • Jaziel Gutierrez
    Jaziel Gutierrez21 dag siden

    Anyone here during the cheating?