10 Things Rudy Gay Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things San Antonio Spurs forward Rudy Gay can't live without. From a bandana and Clorox wipes to his grooming supplies and Apple TV, these are the NBA star's essentials.
Shop Rudy Gay's essentials below. (Note: if you buy something through these retail links, GQ may earn an affiliate commission.)
Pendleton bandana: bit.ly/2XMXmTE
Shogun Sports resistance bands: amzn.to/3akJumA
Apple AirPods: amzn.to/2XFK3EM
JBL Link 10 portable speaker: fave.co/2LK7Lsc
Puma RS-x sneakers: amzn.to/2K6EXcG
Clorox wipes: fave.co/3g4sSDD
Home Health castor oil: amzn.to/3a7MZfW
Christian Dior Bois D'argent cologne: amzn.to/3aeYxxY

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10 Things Rudy Gay Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


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    Dope Merch

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    Why We Love Film6 måneder siden

    Anyone else shocked to know he’s only 33 years old? I feel like I’ve been watching him play for a LONGGGG time. I thought he was the same age as like Vince Carter or something...

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    Ted Francis juma6 måneder siden

    True on the Teen Titans stuff. Some of the things they say aren't for kids😂😂

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    “ If you smell me...you too close” - a king once said 😂

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    Gods Soldier6 måneder siden

    His jumpshot is deadly on 2k20

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    His release is wet in 2k

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    This dude got his priorities straight

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    Lady: what’s in Caster Oil Rudy:uuuhhhh CASTER 😂😂😂

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    wmcroy33066 måneder siden

    Puma RSX3 is one of my favorite shoes right now

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    Can you make 10 essentials with more Baseball players? Like Cody Bellinger or maybe Bryce Harper. They seem like they would do it.

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    “what’s in caster oil” “uhh...caster, idk!” LMFAO!

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    he look like EDP445 just by a little bit

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    Samantha Herrera7 måneder siden

    Go spurs

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    Thank you for your jumpshot in 2k

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    My parents have a website called kiss of beauty. Com

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    dream3177 måneder siden

    The funny thing is I only want to Clorox wipes. Don’t care about chains, watches, or anything expensive. Only the Clorox wipes.

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    Mouse On Feet7 måneder siden

    Yogurt pretzels 🧐

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    This guys name is.......RUDY??? Lmaoooo

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    Redo it when coronvirus is over this is all corona related which is cool But please do regular one

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    This video definitely got demonized or is gonna get demonetized because his last name. NOlocal is so soft smh

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    When everything but the merch is linked below...

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    Rudy straight ✊

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    Rudy is missed on the court

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    GQ's really reaching now

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    Is the singing along thing true?

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    thought this said rudy gobert for a sec lmao

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    who the heck likes yogurt pretzels

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    Dylan _7 måneder siden

    imagine getting absolutely balled up by the grown dude that watches teen titans

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    S W7 måneder siden

    What's his merch called ?

    G0TSWAGGER7 måneder siden

    I love yogurt pretzels but they totally NOT healthy...haha. when are pretzels EVER healthy?! Jus' sayin

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    Oh wow 😭😭

  • Vivek
    Vivek7 måneder siden

    This is low key an ad for apple

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    Connor Hayes7 måneder siden

    If you don't have NOlocal premium and never want to watch a SeCoNd more of AddS FOR FREE just watch this video. @

  • Eric Kao
    Eric Kao7 måneder siden

    Just realized I've never seen much media coverage of Rudy and he seems like such a chill and dope guy. Would love to see him come to the Bay, he'd mesh so well.

  • Ant Boogie

    Ant Boogie

    7 måneder siden

    Eric Kao him in the Bay would be a great fit 👍

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    He seems to be a really nice guy.

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    GO SPURS GO! Rudy, my man!

  • J Duhaney
    J Duhaney7 måneder siden

    I heard a rumour that the Spurs forces you in self isolation when ur signed to the team. So this is nothing new, is that true Rudy

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    Rudy Homosexual

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    juan mateus exactly

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    Things Kawhi can’t live without; 1. Food 2. Shelter 3. Water 4. Oxygen ... 10. *LOAD MANAGEMENT*

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    Nico Hernandez

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    Bro base 98 and both releases Rudy is a green god jumper

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    Sees Clorox in the thumbnail, Gobert is setting new trends.

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    With all the talent around the league, it is unthinkable for spurs to still be playing him.

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    2 måneder siden

    @Peeta File well said

  • Peeta File

    Peeta File

    7 måneder siden

    makokha waomba why? he’s a productive player on a good contract

  • Artyom Volchenkov
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    10 things I can’t live without: 1. Apathy 2. I just don’t care anymore

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    I don't care that you don't care

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    1. Corona virus Wait this isn’t Rudy Gobert?

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    Mediocre player

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    @rhversion1 well said

  • rhversion1


    6 måneder siden

    U know nothing. He's 33 coming off a fuckin Achilles tear. The man was a walking bucket who would of been an all star in the east several times

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    I remember when Rudy was in Memphis and Toronto 🤕

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