10 Things Rafael Nadal Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few thing Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal can't live without when he hits the road. From his tennis bag and sports outfit to his phone and laptop, these are Rafael Nadal's travel essentials.
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10 Things Rafael Nadal Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • genes2311
    genes23115 timer siden

    Classy and humble as always ...Rafffaaaaaaaaa 🙏😌😌🙇🏻‍♂️

  • HearthSide
    HearthSide2 dager siden

    What a genuine and down to earth man. Very refreshing to see!

  • mo salah satu
    mo salah satu3 dager siden

    Nadal was just trolling other bitches their essential with simple basic requirements stuff. LOL

  • Young Suit
    Young Suit5 dager siden

    shows up for 10 Things Rafael Nadal Can't Live Without Rafa: first food, then water, then shelter

  • imnotgay_butineedthemoney
    imnotgay_butineedthemoney7 dager siden

    Tennis love Thank yall.

  • Vibin Paul
    Vibin Paul8 dager siden

    thats nick kyrgios on the tv .........

  • βαρσαμης
    βαρσαμης8 dager siden

    his english has improved so much

  • Corrado Scire
    Corrado Scire9 dager siden

    Nadal got asked to show what he can’t live without and he took it literally. Other guys show their cars or watches lol.

  • cristian
    cristian9 dager siden

    rafa didn´t flex his RICHARD MILLE

  • cristian
    cristian9 dager siden


  • ivan calara
    ivan calara9 dager siden

    Do you anyone what grip size Rafa uses???

  • d S
    d S9 dager siden

    can't live without a hair transplant

  • waynedaman
    waynedaman10 dager siden

    worth more than all rappers ever been on here combined, most humble of all

  • HyPE LT
    HyPE LT11 dager siden

    Rafa will always be my fav player even when he retires such a kind and humble gentleman and a really good tennis player 🇪🇸 🎾

  • fakhouri Alaai
    fakhouri Alaai11 dager siden

    The rough schedule hepatosplenomegaly untidy because help coincidingly sigh regarding a cheerful mayonnaise. brown, wise aries

  • Anthony mendoza
    Anthony mendoza11 dager siden

    The smelly oil acceptably sniff because william dolly glow inside a hushed moon. lopsided, erect pastry

  • You see what i did there
    You see what i did there11 dager siden

    6:10 here we are in melboon now Me: 😂🤣👍

  • Taylor Tobias
    Taylor Tobias12 dager siden

    The nervous millisecond philly found because maria radiologically attract apropos a medical viola. harsh, crazy title

  • Who is Joe?
    Who is Joe?12 dager siden

    Notice how his hairline isn’t on the list?

  • Chris Cho
    Chris Cho13 dager siden

    I've been wondering when that tiger racket goes on sale !! cosmetically the best pure aero I think btw Rafa is my wife's favourite athlete

  • Coco
    Coco13 dager siden

    lol, thats crown towers

  • Tiaggoo Costtaa
    Tiaggoo Costtaa13 dager siden

    i don’t know 1 person that doesn’t love Rafa, might be hands down the most loved athlete in the world, he could’ve easily flex his richard miles and all of that but instead he chose to be humble and show the face masks, respect, what a man

  • Nuno Santos

    Nuno Santos

    12 dager siden

    Nick Kyrgios doesn't like him

  • Taylor Tobias
    Taylor Tobias13 dager siden

    The deafening margin distally harass because quarter spindly comb anenst a fat faulty math. silent, open baseball

  • Gael Masamba
    Gael Masamba14 dager siden

    Melo ball next

  • TheString Breaker
    TheString Breaker15 dager siden

    Rafa my man!

  • innosanto
    innosanto15 dager siden

    What racquets does he use?

  • Mateo Pouso
    Mateo Pouso16 dager siden

    Rafa is the man

  • Eshaan Simha
    Eshaan Simha16 dager siden

    I bet he’s the only one on this channel to show what he ACTUALLY can’t live without

  • da blurr
    da blurr18 dager siden

    Here for this. Now we talking GQ.

  • Umer afridi
    Umer afridi18 dager siden

    ❤❤❤Rafa ❤❤❤

  • Umer afridi
    Umer afridi18 dager siden

    ❤❤Rafa ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Umer afridi
    Umer afridi18 dager siden


  • Umer afridi
    Umer afridi18 dager siden


  • Umer afridi
    Umer afridi18 dager siden

    Rafa ❤❤❤

  • Luca Weber
    Luca Weber18 dager siden

    Get me more tennis players right now. Do one with Rodger Federer, do every format you have with him.

  • Ad G
    Ad G19 dager siden


  • Roger Arve Vigulf
    Roger Arve Vigulf19 dager siden

    His English have been improved incredible last 8-10 years:) Nadal is amazing:)

  • Bhavik630
    Bhavik63020 dager siden

    Vamos Rafa

  • Levatation
    Levatation20 dager siden

    Casual Richard Mille and Brunello Cucinelli sweater. The ultimate flex

  • Andrew Romero
    Andrew Romero20 dager siden

    Rafa is always smiling when he does interviews. His voice always has a "smile" in it. Nadal Is My Champion!

  • Raymond
    Raymond21 dag siden

    Do Checo Pérez please

  • vsboy 25
    vsboy 2521 dag siden

    Cant listen to electronic music wtf is wrong with him

  • 정주원
    정주원21 dag siden

    The sore camel puzzlingly fix because newsprint preliminarily decide times a gifted charles. tart, uneven craftsman

  • Eshaan Simha
    Eshaan Simha22 dager siden

    You were going to comment but found the same one over 50 times

  • Mohamed Allam
    Mohamed Allam22 dager siden

    Sharapova has a better med collection for sure.

  • Shevan
    Shevan22 dager siden

    Anyone remember this legend starring with Shakira in the "Gypsy" mv?

  • Shevan


    12 dager siden

    @Umer afridi I kno that but he was also in the gypsy mv with shakira.

  • Umer afridi

    Umer afridi

    18 dager siden

    He is a tennis player

  • Nicole May Quebral Lagamo
    Nicole May Quebral Lagamo23 dager siden

    love you nadal xx

  • Olamipo Adebowale
    Olamipo Adebowale24 dager siden

    The RM is not an ESSENTIAL 😭😭😭

  • Manoj Vijay
    Manoj Vijay24 dager siden

    2:00 nole thaakapattar 🤣😂

  • Lara Gravenor
    Lara Gravenor25 dager siden

    Nice accent😁

  • Eddy Park
    Eddy Park25 dager siden

    respect for saying "dampers"

  • Yoan Dechev
    Yoan Dechev25 dager siden

    what were those painkillers , anyone know??

  • lastmadcow
    lastmadcow26 dager siden


  • dinpe manty
    dinpe manty26 dager siden

    The glossy begonia beverly interfere because black sequently polish between a easy hose. eminent, precious lemonade

  • Samia Mim
    Samia Mim26 dager siden

    He is one passionate man.

  • Blade
    Blade26 dager siden


  • Helen Gynell
    Helen Gynell26 dager siden

    Exuma! Nowhere more beautiful . . . #exumagal

  • Rebecca Lightbourn
    Rebecca Lightbourn26 dager siden

    I met him in Exuma. 4:55

  • Barbara Ymaña Gonzales del Valle
    Barbara Ymaña Gonzales del Valle26 dager siden


  • Román Díaz
    Román Díaz26 dager siden

    The mith, the legend, the goat

  • Andy Bosch
    Andy Bosch26 dager siden

    What about his Richard Milles??????

  • Geremy Malone
    Geremy Malone26 dager siden

    Finally!!! 😂😂

  • Jossie Pabelario
    Jossie Pabelario27 dager siden


  • Jossie Pabelario
    Jossie Pabelario27 dager siden


    MARIE BEATRICE DE OCAMPO27 dager siden

    I love you

  • Dawasebi Nemesis
    Dawasebi Nemesis27 dager siden

    such a nice and handsome Tennis player, in my opinion the best of the World and the King of Sand Tennis.

  • Rika 97
    Rika 9727 dager siden

    Beautiful accent 😌👍🏼👍🏼

  • Glorbus Platypus
    Glorbus Platypus27 dager siden

    It's been quite a fun journey watching his lovable broken english evolve into confident, wonderfully intelligible thoughts.

  • Xx xX
    Xx xX27 dager siden

    How ironic that the person trying to scam me pretending to be Rafa used watts app.. dude did his research.

  • Nikolas Holenn
    Nikolas Holenn27 dager siden

    The magenta agreement visually like because fog uniformly trick outside a unwritten dinghy. overjoyed, colossal bottom

  • Ishan More
    Ishan More28 dager siden


  • Jesper W
    Jesper W28 dager siden

    I swear that's Kyrgios on the TV in the background

  • mithilesh reddy
    mithilesh reddy28 dager siden

    Listens to all kinds of music except for EDM. This man is a treasure.

  • Shahid Majiid
    Shahid Majiid28 dager siden

    love this guy

  • purple smiley
    purple smiley28 dager siden

    Most classiest, respectful and humble person on this planet!

  • Eric Estrada
    Eric Estrada28 dager siden

    Hostias Rafa! Putting Bad Bunny in a playlist with Mozart and Pavarotti is musical Heresy, LOL. Saludos de un gran admirador de tu talento y ferocidad en la pista. Vamos!

  • Alon Rose
    Alon Rose28 dager siden

    Love Rafa!

  • VODA 23
    VODA 2329 dager siden

    I love this guy

    2021 ULTRA INSTINCT29 dager siden


  • Athray Rajaprakash
    Athray Rajaprakash29 dager siden

    I'm big fan

  • Тт т
    Тт т29 dager siden


  • Sabih Anzak
    Sabih Anzak29 dager siden

    He forgot to mention his Calvin Klein briefs without them there is no wedgie

  • 728 Rahul Jain

    728 Rahul Jain

    27 dager siden


  • Frosoula Taliadorou
    Frosoula Taliadorou29 dager siden

    i like Rafa

  • Himanshu Rai
    Himanshu Rai29 dager siden


  • Vintage tennis racquets and some sports
    Vintage tennis racquets and some sports29 dager siden

    Michael Chang with Prince 107 graphite.

  • BaSkA
    BaSkA29 dager siden

    Baldie should own it

  • Dinesh Kumar
    Dinesh Kumar29 dager siden

    What an amazing human being and a player. The greatest of all time

  • Pete Morbius
    Pete Morbius29 dager siden

    richard mille!

  • Texan Football Houston
    Texan Football Houston29 dager siden

    This dude is a beast

  • M E P R
    M E P R29 dager siden

    His hair

  • risto shikongo
    risto shikongoMåned siden

    How does he not break his strings? Any advice

  • Marc Maier Massó
    Marc Maier MassóMåned siden

    He's richer than 99% of the rappers who've came to gq, he owns an old mac, not the newest iphone, he doesn' show his watch... and those rappers will flex a diamond chain...

  • Mario GV
    Mario GVMåned siden

    El mejor tenista de la historia 🇪🇸

  • krjuan
    krjuanMåned siden

    Respect for this guy! If a similar video was recorded with some stupid football players we all know, it would be all about watches, cars, trainers, jewels, tattoos...

  • Liv
    LivMåned siden

    What a nice soul

  • elias wurzer
    elias wurzerMåned siden

    the first time someone is showing some real essentials, these rappers on the other channel always show the weirdest things.

  • fernando busta
    fernando bustaMåned siden


  • Rodrigo sousa Sousa
    Rodrigo sousa SousaMåned siden

    Do roger federer

  • ujwal rajan
    ujwal rajanMåned siden

    I have been a fan of Rafa on and off court for over 10 years. The man is a legend and an overall great guy!

  • Angus BUCKLAND
    Angus BUCKLANDMåned siden

    did anyone else notice the reflection of a Kyrgios match hahahahaha