10 Things NHL Star Evander Kane Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things San Jose Sharks star Evander Kane can't live without when he hits the road. From his golf clubs and Johnnie Walker to his Beats headphones and hockey stick, these are the NHL winger's travel essentials.
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10 Things NHL Star Evander Kane Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • M S
    M SDag siden

    This nhl “star” got 26 goals last year and has never had more than 30 and got 9 goals last year so not really a star.

  • M S
    M SDag siden

    Out of every nhl player you choose Evander Kane... really

  • missjo5ie
    missjo5ieDag siden

    Had a vivid dream about him last night

  • Nick Paquette
    Nick Paquette4 dager siden

    How has GQ not done a Henrik Lundqvist one of these?

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A4 dager siden

    Green Label is the best

  • JByrd
    JByrd8 dager siden

    Pacifiers are crunches for lazy parents

  • Milo Pischedda
    Milo Pischedda8 dager siden

    My guy said little baby hahahhaha

  • kaida myrosh
    kaida myrosh9 dager siden

    One of the boring Essential to watch

  • William McCollom
    William McCollom10 dager siden

    #1 thing he cant live wotho6is being a douchebag

    CM STICKY13 dager siden

    Can you do Elias Patterson or quinn hughes

  • joy reev
    joy reev18 dager siden

    putting evander kane on my "to rob" list if the purge ever happens

  • Age Big

    Age Big

    9 dager siden

    ask matt cooke for tips then

  • Xavier Dubé
    Xavier Dubé20 dager siden

    EK: I love golf of course your teams never make the playoffs

  • Vince Barszcz
    Vince Barszcz22 dager siden

    Makes sense he loves golf, he plays for the Sharks. Plenty of time in the summer for golf

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott22 dager siden

    “Little baby”

  • Tyler Heinz
    Tyler Heinz25 dager siden

    more hockey

  • p yasch
    p yasch25 dager siden

    Super clean, just like his women.

  • Resett Shaky
    Resett Shaky26 dager siden

    He says golf a stress reliever Me: sweating gallons over a 2ft putt for par on 18

  • Oliver McCall

    Oliver McCall

    22 dager siden

    When it's not competitive it's pretty relaxing

  • Pat Ward
    Pat Ward26 dager siden

    Of course he listens to Drake.

  • Jace Coy
    Jace Coy26 dager siden

    Can I get clout

  • Aidan VanderWeele
    Aidan VanderWeele27 dager siden

    about time a hockey player, do more

  • Spiked Gaming
    Spiked Gaming27 dager siden

    Who remembers this dude in Winnipeg 😂

  • Bruh ?
    Bruh ?28 dager siden

    ok ok gotta love EK9, but my man said “little baby”. i’m dying

  • Brandon Sitch
    Brandon Sitch28 dager siden

    Where's your teammates track clothes

  • Thomas /
    Thomas /28 dager siden

    didn't come here to buy a phone but he sold me on that sales pitch there.

  • CTone16
    CTone1628 dager siden

    1 thing is probably bitching about the refs and the NHL. Dude could kill a guy on the ice and blame everyone else but himself.

  • Barrett Sendrowski
    Barrett Sendrowski29 dager siden

    What about the track suit?

  • Studsy_14
    Studsy_1429 dager siden

    NHL star is a bit of a stretch but hes dope

  • Grant Kohlsaat
    Grant Kohlsaat29 dager siden

    I hope the sharks never drop him

  • Jason Zhou
    Jason Zhou29 dager siden

    He "literally" can't live without a mask! LMAO!

  • Daymond Jackson
    Daymond Jackson29 dager siden

    Yeah we need one of the Edmonton Oilers on this that would be interesting or sid the kid

  • Rick Ma
    Rick Ma29 dager siden

    "I play a lot of golf" , yeah because you're never playing in the playoffs...

  • Silas Nesselrotte
    Silas Nesselrotte29 dager siden

    He must llllllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee golf

  • Isaiah Farley
    Isaiah Farley29 dager siden

    Get drake to do 10 things he can't leave without

  • Elite Investor
    Elite Investor29 dager siden

    Get Mitch Marner and Auston Mathews on the show!

  • Sharks17
    Sharks1729 dager siden

    Gotta love Kaner. A sniper who also knows how to fight is a rare breed in the modern NHL.

  • Ty Dance
    Ty Dance29 dager siden

    Where the real hockey fans at that knows he’s the worst teammate in the league hahah

  • Phyllis Roberts
    Phyllis RobertsMåned siden

    "Soother" I guess the Canadian word for Pacifier😅 I think all humans need a soother now a days!! It may prevent crying, swearing, yelling, lying, arguing, help us sleep etc! :)

  • Pam Taylor
    Pam TaylorMåned siden

    Evander got any news about the NHL

  • Felipe Campos
    Felipe CamposMåned siden

    I'm glad he mentioned a mask

  • H K
    H KMåned siden

    Seems like a nice guy, but you would be laughed at here in Scotland for saying that Johnnie Walker is the best

  • Shelvin Maharaj
    Shelvin MaharajMåned siden

    tough vancouver boy, he fought zdeno chara too. who is like 7 feet tall.

  • everydaysmoker 306

    everydaysmoker 306

    27 dager siden

    Ill never forget that! one of the best to do it today with one of the best to do it ever. loved that fight!

  • CADEN St. Clair
    CADEN St. ClairMåned siden

    You guys should interview tyler herro of 10 things he cant live without...

  • Quinn Rankin
    Quinn RankinMåned siden

    Reavo owns u fuckin eat up bud

  • Sheldon Nelson
    Sheldon NelsonMåned siden

    You forget #11. Attention

  • Aslak Hanhisuanto
    Aslak HanhisuantoMåned siden

    The title shouldnt say "star"

  • M S

    M S

    Dag siden

    You ain’t lying🤣🤣🤣

  • Andrew English
    Andrew EnglishMåned siden

    Evander Kane proving again he only likes himself. Who flexes the amount of money they have on them at all times. No wonder his teammates in Winnipeg threw his stuff in a shower and hated him

  • Mr Yeast

    Mr Yeast

    29 dager siden

    How much you wanna bet ur just a white supremacist that is voting for trump

  • holden peng
    holden pengMåned siden

    Thanks for doing NHL players for us hockey fans, would love to see more!

  • jimmy frechette
    jimmy frechetteMåned siden

    Everyone who doesnt know who he is will think he plays golf

  • Johnra Brown
    Johnra BrownMåned siden

    I'm going to keep saying it you should have links to these items in the description

  • jon mendelson

    jon mendelson

    Måned siden

    Here's one of them: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/4d/Usdollar100front.jpg/1599px-Usdollar100front.jpg

  • Jung
    JungMåned siden

    Didn’t know he was a member at the same club as me

    NHL VANMåned siden

    Evander is a good dude in my book, at least now he is

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Ryan FitzpatrickMåned siden

    I have no idea who this is



    Måned siden

    he's decent hockey player, not elite nor a star.

  • Blake Taylor
    Blake TaylorMåned siden

    This guy needs to be in the playoffs. It seems like he’s always on a rebuilding team and the second he’s gone they are a playoff contender. Atlanta/Winnipeg is now a regular in the playoffs, buffalo has made big changes and actually has a shot this coming season to make the playoffs , then here is Kane in San Jose on yet another rebuilding team. I guess the up side is the weather is nice and he gets paid really well compared to the average person.

  • Lee M
    Lee MMåned siden

    He talks a lot about golf for a guy who plays hockey.

  • IsnanaDayton
    IsnanaDaytonMåned siden


  • kumi8811
    kumi8811Måned siden

    Rip pop wooo

  • Dhurkin Jr.
    Dhurkin Jr.Måned siden

    You need to do this with Khabib.

  • Colton McCauley
    Colton McCauleyMåned siden

    Good thing he likes golf, he’ll have plenty of time to play while he’s in San Jose

  • Soleil Archambeault

    Soleil Archambeault

    6 dager siden

    Why was I about to say this

  • Grant Kohlsaat

    Grant Kohlsaat

    29 dager siden

    Hopefully Pebble Beach being less than an hour away doesn’t distract him

  • Ty Dance

    Ty Dance

    29 dager siden


  • Henry Clarke
    Henry ClarkeMåned siden

    He is a cool guy

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock HolmesMåned siden

    2:33 my man is begging to get robbed xd

  • Wyatt Merkle
    Wyatt MerkleMåned siden

    Nhl Star plzzzzz

  • Big Wooo Locsta
    Big Wooo LocstaMåned siden

    Rate the respect to Pop Smoke

  • Chris Laneberger
    Chris LanebergerMåned siden

    “Little baby”😂😂

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Federal Bureau of InvestigationMåned siden

    Love how GQ does three NHL players and two of them are two of the like 5 black players in the league

  • Landon15


    8 dager siden

    @Oliver McCall bro that’s racist 😂. It’s probably just not in their culture like foot ball would be their family’s culture. Money doesn’t have to do with anything

  • Joogle83


    16 dager siden

    I hope They Add Asian Nick Suzuki and Quinton Byfield



    18 dager siden

    @Ogreman /emisoccer • Maybe who knows. According to USA today 97% of the NHL is white. Making 33 a very small number. Nothing wrong with that given black players dominate NFL and NBA in percentage as well.

  • Ogreman /emisoccer •

    Ogreman /emisoccer •

    18 dager siden

    @GYNUX SPORTS yes there is there is like 33 players actually



    18 dager siden

    @Oliver McCall Hockey is very much popular in america. Just not as the NBA or NFL today. But it used to be a huge American sport in the 80s and 90s to the early 2000s. Hockey in the other hand is still a major sport around the world especially in Europe. Regarding the promoting of diversity etc Hockey is still very much dominated by ethnic white players(Canadians and European players) well over 90% of the leagues players the same way the NFL and NBA has around 80% black players.

  • Gus Fiore
    Gus FioreMåned siden

    I don t know Who u are but my respect for the blue label choice

  • ANTONIN Tardif
    ANTONIN TardifMåned siden

    He talk more of golf than hockey

  • Johnathon walker
    Johnathon walkerMåned siden

    I respect the blue label

  • Anders Sateren
    Anders SaterenMåned siden

    I’d like to see someone try to mug Evander Kane

  • Tj Summers
    Tj SummersMåned siden

    “I keep at least $500 on me” pulls out $7500

  • Soleil Archambeault

    Soleil Archambeault

    6 dager siden

    If he’s on the street people know who to rob now 🤦‍♀️

  • Iceman 1001
    Iceman 1001Måned siden

    No Derrick Henry Yet lol

  • Clyde
    ClydeMåned siden


  • Ray Jones
    Ray JonesMåned siden

    Since when does Lonzo ball play football?

  • Dee gee
    Dee geeMåned siden

    This guys an absolute unit.

  • Miguel Alvarez
    Miguel AlvarezMåned siden

    We love him in SJ ain’t nobody going to mug him lmao

  • Anonymouse


    27 dager siden

    Even I absolutely hated him I would be too scared to even look at him

  • Chel
    ChelMåned siden

    that looks like a litte bit more then 500 bucks

  • JT
    JTMåned siden

    You can hear the Canadian in every vowel.

  • Apex6987
    Apex6987Måned siden

    Plz do Ceedee Lamb plz

  • philanderer
    philandererMåned siden

    star eh? let's just settle for golf star I guess

  • DenzelSwithun Mchungula
    DenzelSwithun MchungulaMåned siden

    Do Steph Curry

  • Nyx Hypnos
    Nyx HypnosMåned siden

    Dudes got a comic book name

  • jon mendelson

    jon mendelson

    Måned siden

    He was actually named after Evander Holyfield.

  • KayDee Cam
    KayDee CamMåned siden

    Ayo, all the thiefs out here making a shopping list.🤣🤣🤣

  • PrettyChillPham
    PrettyChillPhamMåned siden

    Nice to have NHL players on here! But evander Kane is not a star 😂

  • oldschoolraptor


    Måned siden

    He did his thing tho had a good career n made lots of bank

  • Luka Dugic
    Luka DugicMåned siden

    looks like jason tatum

  • T Sparkman
    T SparkmanMåned siden

    I need Kaner to hang around the bay in the off season so I can run into him and get a signed stick

  • SuRReal Playaz
    SuRReal PlayazMåned siden

    Gareth Bale’s long lost brother

  • Gunther
    GuntherMåned siden

    I would rather have EK’s slap shot than a self defense handgun in my car

  • Carlton
    CarltonMåned siden

    This dude looks like a DE ..bruh

  • WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?!?!?!?!?!?
    WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?!?!?!?!?!?Måned siden

    out of all the hockey stars, why him?

  • Oliver McCall

    Oliver McCall

    5 dager siden

    @Kuro Afrakan You spelled African wrong in your name

  • Kuro Afrakan

    Kuro Afrakan

    6 dager siden

    @Oliver McCall Be quiet.

  • Oliver McCall

    Oliver McCall

    22 dager siden

    You know why

  • Pugly 67
    Pugly 67Måned siden


  • Prince Reyes
    Prince ReyesMåned siden

    EK9 is the man. Glad he’s playing out here on the West Coast. Surprised he didn’t do the “money phone” bit with that stack.

  • IsPriestess
    IsPriestessMåned siden

    Y’all will never understand how much of a douche this guy is

  • Matis Boivin
    Matis BoivinMåned siden

    Nhl star more like most overated guy

  • BeastMoud 7
    BeastMoud 7Måned siden

    Evander is a black supremacist

  • Oliver McCall

    Oliver McCall

    22 dager siden


  • Jonathan H
    Jonathan HMåned siden

    1:04 Wow this was filmed on September 30th. GQ gets these out pretty quick

  • Matheus Rayol Braga
    Matheus Rayol BragaMåned siden

    plz do a mookie betts after the WS

  • samy arafa
    samy arafaMåned siden

    He plays in Los Gatos all the time!

  • Team 76ers
    Team 76ersMåned siden

    Sheesh he not completely white washed he got hood tendencies

  • Nathan H
    Nathan HMåned siden

    “Little baby”

  • Dylan Malhotra
    Dylan MalhotraMåned siden

    5:16 “I haven’t Drankin this bottle yet”

  • Holli D
    Holli DMåned siden

    GQ should get Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Steph Curry, Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott, Kevin Durant, Jay Z....in a video