10 Things Mookie Betts Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things Los Angeles Dodgers star Markus Lynn "Mookie" Betts can't live without when he hits the road. From his bowling ball and Xbox to cologne and golf clubs, these are Mookie Betts' travel essentials.
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10 Things Mookie Betts Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Mark Halvorsen
    Mark HalvorsenDag siden

    These segments have been ruined by rappers who just use it to brag about crap they own or expensive watches they’ve absolutely ruined. I like when dudes like Mookie actually list their essentials lol.

  • Cole Eaton
    Cole EatonDag siden

    I wonder why he diceded to go bald

  • W. S.
    W. S.2 dager siden

    I need a bowling bar

  • BirdSTL
    BirdSTL4 dager siden

    This guy is a zuber. Google what a zuber means in Arabic. You’re welcome

  • Nets Fan
    Nets Fan4 dager siden

    He got a nice bald head

  • Mr Inconsistent Upload Schedule
    Mr Inconsistent Upload Schedule5 dager siden

    Mookie I miss you so much. I will root for you if you ever leave LA, and I rooted hard for you in Boston. Enjoy yourself and get in the hall man! Just remember we still love you and always will in Boston

  • ChickenBone Jones
    ChickenBone Jones5 dager siden

    Mookie Bizetts

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson6 dager siden

    Coolest dude in baseball hands down

  • Ethan White
    Ethan White8 dager siden

    In my heart he’s still a member of the sox,😢

  • James Rosas
    James Rosas9 dager siden

    love this dude

  • Junior Mountain
    Junior Mountain11 dager siden

    try getting zion

  • geraldo diaz
    geraldo diaz15 dager siden

    As every sports fan knows!!! When they go Bald they going Ballistic on the season! BETTSS

  • Abby Gingerich
    Abby Gingerich15 dager siden

    The talented hot interestedly dream because nurse comparatively suspend midst a shaky turnip. phobic, phobic outrigger

  • Andrew Hernandez
    Andrew Hernandez16 dager siden

    Sports players are so much less entertaining than rappers or actors Jesus .. a much of boring stuff

  • Sean Okula
    Sean Okula17 dager siden

    dude basically just described his wallet

  • Gregorio Leon
    Gregorio Leon18 dager siden

    not the oldspice deodorant

  • Bevel TGR
    Bevel TGR19 dager siden

    He is about his smells

  • Kevin Vaca
    Kevin Vaca19 dager siden

    Must be tought caring a bowling ball and golf clubs everywhere you go bro .

  • Cameron Dees
    Cameron Dees19 dager siden

    I feel like I just watched an ad

  • Benzz_ceo
    Benzz_ceo19 dager siden

    I know Red Sox fans are mad😂

  • Cesar Cartagena
    Cesar Cartagena19 dager siden


  • Phil Johnson
    Phil Johnson19 dager siden

    He looks so weird without a hat

  • jordan kay
    jordan kay20 dager siden

    Do a first mil video

  • notchevy
    notchevy20 dager siden

    I wanna call him jayson tatum so bad

  • Kalvin Caouette
    Kalvin Caouette21 dag siden

    as a redsox fan i miss you mookie you were my favorite player on the team

  • Chip Robinson
    Chip Robinson21 dag siden

    Go Dodgers

  • Dallas Mello
    Dallas Mello21 dag siden

    Duck you go padres

  • Luca Bonomo
    Luca Bonomo21 dag siden

    You guys HAVE to get Connor Mcgregor on here

  • Sasha 03
    Sasha 0321 dag siden

    Already liked the video bc it’s Mookie

  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah21 dag siden

    The red mother functionally realise because fiction hepatosplenomegaly concern abaft a hypnotic yellow. elfin, resolute hate

  • Keegan Mahoney
    Keegan Mahoney21 dag siden

    Can’t believe we let him walk

  • Simeon Zane Chambers
    Simeon Zane Chambers22 dager siden

    “Card or nothing for me” smart man

  • Julio Castro
    Julio Castro22 dager siden

    I love you love you

  • Avyy ortega
    Avyy ortega22 dager siden


  • Tearyatobitz
    Tearyatobitz22 dager siden

    He’s a little too normal for me 😂😂

  • Young Papi
    Young Papi22 dager siden

    Cheater. Wouldn’t be surprised if he brought his cheating ways to LA.

  • caden on toaster

    caden on toaster

    22 dager siden

    @Young Papi who’s the cheater then?

  • Young Papi

    Young Papi

    22 dager siden

    @caden on toaster they brought in a cheater. Simple. They even got accuses of cheating against the brewers 2 years back. But of course no investigation cus it’s snobby la. They enhanced their cheating knowledge by bringing in a actual cheater 😂😂😂

  • caden on toaster

    caden on toaster

    22 dager siden

    @Young Papi how are they cheating?

  • Young Papi

    Young Papi

    22 dager siden

    @caden on toaster whats a joke? Red Sox are cheated. Dodgers are cheating as well. Plays this last chip don’t even matter. Coronavirus championship

  • caden on toaster

    caden on toaster

    22 dager siden

    Is this a joke I’m confused?

  • Ho Ba Ky
    Ho Ba Ky22 dager siden

    The dry sweatshop unexpectedly confess because brain evocatively gather after a untidy forecast. befitting, hurried stone

  • Karl Marx
    Karl Marx22 dager siden

    MO MO MO MOOO MOOOOO MOOOOOKIIIIIEEEEE ... The only baseballer that actually matters!

  • robberonbrent
    robberonbrent22 dager siden

    Imagine training your whole life to be a professional bowler just to get casually beat by a 2 time World Series winner.

  • d1inonly
    d1inonly22 dager siden

    Mookie wants y'all to smell balls....🤣🤣🤣

  • Aaron Rush
    Aaron Rush23 dager siden

    Mookie Betts is so lucky, he won 2018 and 2020 and is probably going to win in 2021 or in the next couple of years.

  • Cream
    Cream23 dager siden


  • Tom Paradise
    Tom Paradise23 dager siden

    Go Bills.

  • LuX Ace
    LuX Ace23 dager siden

    Did not know that MLB players played games lol.

  • A.B.
    A.B.23 dager siden

    Fun Fact for you Mookie (or at least when I last read): you have 3 perfect games This could have changed since the last time I saw this

  • Ry Cummings
    Ry Cummings23 dager siden

    The mask was not necessary for the video

  • Logan Gallant
    Logan Gallant23 dager siden

    so mookie can live without food?

  • garyschwart
    garyschwart23 dager siden


    SHUTUPJOESHAWN23 dager siden

    YESSIR 🧡!

  • Nathan Whinery
    Nathan Whinery23 dager siden

    It’s weird seeing him without a hat and shades on

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall23 dager siden

    This guy is so humble!

  • You’re probably Stupid
    You’re probably Stupid24 dager siden


  • Sam Luttrell
    Sam Luttrell24 dager siden


  • Victor Deras
    Victor Deras24 dager siden

    Mookie!!!!! let's get it!!!

  • DrVillain
    DrVillain24 dager siden

    I always forget he’s bald

  • Miguel Gutierrez
    Miguel Gutierrez24 dager siden

    Fun video. More MLB players, GQ. Not just once a year lol

  • Chris
    Chris24 dager siden

    Love how the people doing are starting to plug in their sponsor-products lmao

  • nicolas bugarin
    nicolas bugarin24 dager siden

    what is mookie's gamer tag for Xbox live

  • Jaelon Mckenzie
    Jaelon Mckenzie24 dager siden

    Dodgers might be pushing mookie to be the face of baseball

  • fer rosales
    fer rosales24 dager siden

    Betts Coast. ⚾🔥

  • Brian Arzeta
    Brian Arzeta24 dager siden

    I am mookie betts biggest fan ⚾️

  • Dodger Nation
    Dodger Nation24 dager siden

    Can u please DM your name on Fortnite so i can play with u

  • Chris Diaz
    Chris Diaz24 dager siden


  • lVlASONiC
    lVlASONiC24 dager siden

    i always get the same deodorant

  • GUS ヤ
    GUS ヤ24 dager siden

    “That’s my claim to fame” buddy you’re one if the best players in baseball....

  • CHINX83 Miller
    CHINX83 Miller24 dager siden

    Mookie bald😳???

  • Mitchell Harding
    Mitchell Harding25 dager siden

    Mookie calls his agent: "Just booked 10 Things... Pretty stoked! Just need to figure out what items I'm gonna include." Agent: "Let me put together the list of products and brands and you'll make 75k off the video."

  • Nowhere man
    Nowhere man25 dager siden

    Aww man look at that the 🐐

  • Guillermo Lopez
    Guillermo Lopez25 dager siden

    Mookie is on his way to being number one in baseball.

  • Sergio Gomez
    Sergio Gomez25 dager siden


  • Noah Scheffler
    Noah Scheffler25 dager siden

    He’s a very simple man

  • LHagen9
    LHagen925 dager siden

    “One PBA perfect game...that’s my claim to fame” Being one of the best baseball players in the world is a bit of a claim to fame as well lol

  • CoasterFish
    CoasterFish25 dager siden

    “Gets heated stealing bases and robbing homers” What a guy.

  • Mathew Phelps
    Mathew Phelps25 dager siden

    Red Sox nooooooooooooooo

  • Blake bolton
    Blake bolton25 dager siden

    obviously his hair didn’t make the list for some reason

  • cquick 3
    cquick 325 dager siden

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Seth Garcia
    Seth Garcia25 dager siden

    Should have put a hat in there

  • Cade Hudyma
    Cade Hudyma25 dager siden

    Mookie betts makes saying “daddy” sound cool

  • QLangot
    QLangot25 dager siden

    We L💙VE you Mookie!! 💪⚾️💯🙌

  • R E
    R E25 dager siden

    Best player in baseball

  • Kyle Grey
    Kyle Grey25 dager siden


  • TheGrayArea
    TheGrayArea25 dager siden

    Finally took the top off....welcome to scalp gang

  • David Sheppard
    David Sheppard25 dager siden

    Yk when you have American Express your automatically rich😭

  • L.Pasteur


    23 dager siden

    Seriously, I’m trying to avoid any card that has an annual usage fee.

  • 49 cent
    49 cent25 dager siden

    Imagine not knowing how to spell storm, so you smell every bowling ball because Mookie told you to

  • swimzy
    swimzy25 dager siden

    him without a hat and eye paint through me off for a sec

  • paul VON
    paul VON25 dager siden

    Makes $35 mil a year and still goes bowling. That's down to earth

  • Hem Dawg
    Hem Dawg25 dager siden

    swizz beats play for the dodgers ? wow

  • buttfart stew
    buttfart stew25 dager siden

    He dont look right bald

  • Lucas Gales
    Lucas Gales25 dager siden

    As a Red Sox fan I miss him so much

  • Well459
    Well45925 dager siden

    mans said “co. log knee” for cologne lol

    FAZER _YT25 dager siden

    Mookie my boy

  • Owen Morgan
    Owen Morgan26 dager siden

    How is this dude already bald 🤣🤣🤣

  • Myles Mitchell
    Myles Mitchell26 dager siden

    As a braves fan, I hate / love this man

  • eloym
    eloym26 dager siden


  • Chris Carrera
    Chris Carrera26 dager siden


  • Todd Kennedy
    Todd Kennedy26 dager siden

    I will never forgive the Red Sox for trading you.

  • Bailey S
    Bailey S26 dager siden

    So blessed to have Mookie on my team, man.

  • Ray Rivera
    Ray Rivera26 dager siden

    Baldie Betts

  • Marcel Zarate
    Marcel Zarate26 dager siden

    I still cannot believe he’s bald.

  • Lewis Foster
    Lewis Foster26 dager siden

    This man got $365 million for 12 years and he's talking about how he loves his free flights. Dude.