10 Things Marcus Rashford Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford can't live without. From his football boots to his dog, these are Marcus's essentials.

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10 Things Marcus Rashford Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


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    M Rashford

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    Foods What

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    Move to city Rushford

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    i wish you become a legend at united ❤

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    hop on in, let's check who asked

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    He seems like a genuinely nice guy Well spoken and looks so young

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    Yo neymar ya sunny init

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    Neo 113 dager siden

    Rashy is such a nice guy and hate he gets for trying to do good is sad

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    Marcus Rashford showing his dog even though it ain’t a essential making it clear he ain’t the one to rob

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    Do Vardys lmao

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    Sunny innit

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    rashford cant live without scoring last minute goal vs psg and making neymar cry😂😂😅

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    for a moment i thought Pogba sponsored the monitor for your PS4.

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    a heart

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    This guy earns way more than these rappers with overcompensating chains.

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    Rashford my faveroutie man u player man u my favourite team

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    i eat the same cereal as marcus rashford thats cool

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    These guys literally spoil the whole meaning of the vid by showing most of the stuff in the beginning!

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    I know something he can live without and that is finishing top of the league the usless dunt

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    yeye but not an alien

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    Hi Rashford

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    that British accent

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    Because he is the best footballer in ma united and premier league and champion league

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    11 things* Paris saint Germain

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    Rash does Luke’s Mist and that

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    Brilliant player and man 🔴⚪️⚫️❤️❤️❤️

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    Marcus come to Arsenal 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

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    Wtf he seems like such a nice and chill dude what a lad 🐐.

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    5:50 anyone know where to get that tracksuit?

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    Man this guy is do nice he started off in a poor family and now he's trying to get free school meals for disadvantaged children

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    [upbeat music]

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    How to be as good as rashford Me: Rashford: I ate lots of cereal that it was getting to much

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    Humble guy

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    Rappers: Flex their chains Rash: Shows off is book

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    What a nice lad

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    Aaron Wan bissaka’s would have Raheem sterling

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    “I got fed up of bringing a heavy laptop everywhere” 🤣🤣🤣 straight after he shows us his industrial sized PlayStation travel case

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    Sto infame mi fa troppi gol contro in WL

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    @marcus am ur biggest fan

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    Anyone realise he has fake AirPods

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    Finally a footballer I’m an American and I understand it’s called football

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    Bruhhh monopoly fun aff wit hella people

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    I have the same dog ad rashford

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    Sunny innit

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    Giving every kid food

    NO TOTHE24 dager siden

    He forgot one of the things he can't live without. Feeding the kids.

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    Marcus rashford your a wanker your a wanker

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    why does he sound like zayn?

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    3:27 sponser alert

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    Finally a footballer I’m an American and I understand it’s called football

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    A true baller and an even more incredible human being.

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    What's his dogs name?

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    7-8 Times of cereal a day 100 percent street credibility

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    Bruh he dont play Minecraft, what a noob

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    marcus is like, one of the only down to earth footballers

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    I like this guy, hes really humble and down to earth

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    yo ney sunny innit

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    Ayo Neymar Yeah, Sunny Init

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    He seems like such a humble guy and he’s probably the richest person that’s been on here

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    Is this an ad???

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    Im a goalkeepee

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    did he record on a potato?

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    0:03 He didn’t need feeding lmaoooooooo

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    If Man City was a person nolocal.info/have/video/aap8epqMz4ihu4A

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    Ohh that's why he did the free school meals thing!

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    Im sorry but this man is a legend.

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    He can’t live without scoring on PSG

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    Good guy Rashford. But man, horrendous music taste.

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    Lets go rashey

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    Sunny innit?

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    PES is better than fifa , dear Marcus

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    Marcus please give me your call of duty name

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    i love rashford he scored a hattrik

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    This is the most positive response to monopoly I’ve heard in my life

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    We'll just leave this here... #UnitedOnTikTok ✔️👀 ➡️ vm.tiktok.com/ZMJmnteec/

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    He seems like such a humble guy and he’s probably the richest person that’s been on here

  • Connor Szeto
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    "Yo Neymar it's sunny innit"

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    AWB got sterling While Tuanzebe Neymar and Mbappe in their pocket

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    I hate that guy

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    Someone’s sponsored by Sony...

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    PORTABLE PS4?!?!

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    while some other footballers show off their expensive merchandises, old boy Rashy get interested with his book and cereal. What a lad.

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    Rashford got mad

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    He should join Chelsea

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    Who is here after his Fifa 21 bug card

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    Man said little baby