10 Things Laremy Tunsil Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things Houston Texans offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil can't live without when he hits the road. From his Richard Mille watch and cologne to his baguette choker necklace and his Nord Stage 3 keyboard, these are the NFL big guy's travel essentials.
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10 Things Laremy Tunsil Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Mark Halvorsen
    Mark Halvorsen27 dager siden

    lmao Richard Milly smh

  • Mikhail Aardema
    Mikhail AardemaMåned siden

    The gas mask

  • Monfriez
    MonfriezMåned siden

    Seriously, did he say „AP or Audemars“? Still, a likeable dude for sure

  • Alonzo Rico
    Alonzo RicoMåned siden

    I just knowdiced hes bald headed😂is it by choice? No way he baldin that yung

  • Rigo V
    Rigo VMåned siden

    He not playing well anyway

  • Christopher Ell
    Christopher Ell2 måneder siden

    I knew a gas mask comment was going to come up lol

  • Julia Hamon
    Julia Hamon2 måneder siden

    Ya you use it for everything.... everythinggggg

  • Iceman 1001
    Iceman 10012 måneder siden

    Where da weed at?

  • Brady
    Brady2 måneder siden

    Bruh I smoked that gas mask w you at Ole Miss... I KNOW that’s an essential

  • Bradley McGinnis
    Bradley McGinnis2 måneder siden

    Only real ones know the 1 thing he can't live without lol

  • Ryan Haberland
    Ryan Haberland2 måneder siden

    This man need to start blocking for Deshaun that team sucks besides him

  • Sam
    Sam2 måneder siden

    I clicked on this video strictly for the comments

  • flow
    flow2 måneder siden

    you forgot the bong gas mask

  • batsoup
    batsoup2 måneder siden

    “Here’s my 3rd essential” *pulls out an 8th of bud

  • Slim Hardaway
    Slim Hardaway2 måneder siden

    Nothing but hippie vibes

  • ShowTime M
    ShowTime M2 måneder siden

    That dior shirt fire

  • Гоша Гео́ргий Константинович Микчаилов
    Гоша Гео́ргий Константинович Микчаилов2 måneder siden

    What’s the instrumental?

  • S R
    S R2 måneder siden

    Richard "Milli"

  • Daniel Jeong
    Daniel Jeong2 måneder siden

    Ayeee pocari sweat

  • Joseph van Smirren
    Joseph van Smirren2 måneder siden

    Immediately thought weed

  • BigTich
    BigTich2 måneder siden

    We want Ryan Fitzmagics essentials

  • JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

    JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

    2 måneder siden

    Just Desean Jackson’s clothes and his beard lol

  • Raja Rao
    Raja Rao2 måneder siden

    The views in this video in comparison to the CMC video just goes to show how hella fans be casuals

  • Kinitro Fitness
    Kinitro Fitness2 måneder siden


  • Leo Pursiainen
    Leo Pursiainen2 måneder siden

    He actually seems like a really cool dude👍

  • Brother James
    Brother James2 måneder siden

    Tunsil only had 1 holding penalty last year, but 14 false starts lol. In my Stephen A voice. It's the weeedddd😂😂

  • Brother James
    Brother James2 måneder siden

    I thought my boy was a swole Michael Jordan😂😂

  • Bbbv Hhhh

    Bbbv Hhhh

    5 dager siden

    Damm bruh took abt a month to like my comment

  • Bbbv Hhhh

    Bbbv Hhhh

    Måned siden

    Brother James I was looking for this 😂

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson2 måneder siden

    He can't live without false starts! Thats for sure

  • Dave
    Dave2 måneder siden

    He forgot the gast mask

  • Papershredder27
    Papershredder272 måneder siden

    Thought is was MJ first glance

  • Barak Busby
    Barak Busby2 måneder siden

    Here comes the Laremy Tunsil Big Red sponsorship

  • Mexican Baller
    Mexican Baller2 måneder siden

    Just lookin for the bong jokes

  • alexquelloli
    alexquelloli2 måneder siden

    Y’all acting like you have never smoked weed or been 20 years old smh. This dude is smart and being paid, stop hating

  • Brother James

    Brother James

    2 måneder siden

    It's called jokes, nobody hating. He obviously successful.

  • A G
    A G2 måneder siden

    Stop wit the essential and block for Watson

  • MyNameIsRhys
    MyNameIsRhys2 måneder siden

    Bruh gas mask?

  • Joshua Na
    Joshua Na2 måneder siden

    Y does his voice sound like his nose is stuffy

  • owen
    owen2 måneder siden

    he forgot the gas mask

  • Matthew Draper
    Matthew Draper2 måneder siden

    Badu vibes

  • Squash
    Squash2 måneder siden

    I heard that he likes System of a Down

  • Ian McIlhenny
    Ian McIlhenny2 måneder siden

    We all know the one thing he can’t live without ⛽️ 😷

  • SolesxEagle
    SolesxEagle2 måneder siden

    My man needs that reefer!!!! Dudes should be able to smoke in the league

  • Jayden Leon
    Jayden Leon2 måneder siden

    Number 1 a gas mask

  • Mark Pierro
    Mark Pierro2 måneder siden

    “I don’t wear a mouthpiece” Incoming CTE

  • Logan Damiani
    Logan Damiani2 måneder siden

    He left out the gas mask

    YOUR DAD2 måneder siden

    His gas mask

  • Lucas Darnley
    Lucas Darnley2 måneder siden

    #1 a gas mask

  • Gambit Chips
    Gambit Chips2 måneder siden

    Ncaa just entered the chat

  • meek Mond
    meek Mond2 måneder siden

    I thought he was fat

  • C P

    C P

    2 måneder siden

    Same lol

  • Ranvir Dhesi
    Ranvir Dhesi2 måneder siden

    #1 his bong

  • Griffin Ellison
    Griffin Ellison2 måneder siden

    Aqua di gio profumo does not smell like cinnamon lol doesn’t even have a cinnamon note

  • Griffin Ellison

    Griffin Ellison

    2 måneder siden

    @Victor Esquivel I know I said profumo. Neither have a cinnamon note or smell like cinnamon

  • Victor Esquivel

    Victor Esquivel

    2 måneder siden

    Its profumo gio not the original

  • Carlos Osazuwa
    Carlos Osazuwa2 måneder siden

    Video: 10 thing larmery tunsil cant live without The first 2 thing I thought of: oh yeah holding and his gas mask

  • Matthew Meagher
    Matthew Meagher2 måneder siden

    He forgot the gas mask

  • That best 6166
    That best 61662 måneder siden

    Hi gq

  • Ju Young Kim
    Ju Young Kim2 måneder siden

    Yo Laremy, can u tell ur teammates to help block for Deshaun properly

  • Ju Young Kim
    Ju Young Kim2 måneder siden


  • milansimo19
    milansimo192 måneder siden

    What color are the beats headphones?

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar2 måneder siden

    The one thing that leremy tunsil can't live without is a BONG

  • Garvey Chu
    Garvey Chu2 måneder siden

    Pocari sweat is 🔥 🔥

    SAN DCSAVAGE2 måneder siden

    10 things he can’t live without a false start 😂😂

  • Curtis 23

    Curtis 23

    2 måneder siden


  • Kevin Carrillo

    Kevin Carrillo

    2 måneder siden

    He forgot the weed....

  • Mason Williamson

    Mason Williamson

    2 måneder siden

    He had the bong mask on he can’t see 😂😂😂

  • fredygrillz
    fredygrillz2 måneder siden

    You look 30

  • Z M
    Z M2 måneder siden

    Who the fook is this guy?

  • y'all ugly
    y'all ugly2 måneder siden

    Don't scroll down. Just unfunny gas mask comments

  • skrxxet
    skrxxet2 måneder siden

    Im gonna be mature and not make the obvious joke...

  • James Johnson

    James Johnson

    2 måneder siden

    NFL no longer tests for weed so I'm surprised he didn't bring it out

  • Jordinho Charles

    Jordinho Charles

    2 måneder siden

    I’ll do it.... DA WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDAAAAAAAAHHHHHH S/O SAS. It’s just weed though 98% of the players I’ve played with in HS and college smoked sooo 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Remy the Phoenix
    Remy the Phoenix2 måneder siden


  • Fuzzipiffen
    Fuzzipiffen2 måneder siden

    Let’s not forget his bong mask

  • 27c 4
    27c 42 måneder siden

    Can’t live without a gas mask to smoke out of

  • JL Mendoza
    JL Mendoza2 måneder siden

    where's his bong? with gas mask?

  • SW
    SW2 måneder siden

    Can't live without the Ole Miss paycheck that's for sure

  • Steven White

    Steven White

    2 måneder siden

    Can't live without the fact that he got a bag without an agent too

  • Rayaan Hussain

    Rayaan Hussain

    2 måneder siden

    you could say that about every sec player

  • Jeremy Reda
    Jeremy Reda2 måneder siden

    Surprised he didn’t bring out the gas mask

  • 3ClapsandaRicFlair


    26 dager siden

    And he still got paid and doing better than you

  • Football TV

    Football TV

    Måned siden

    That happened like 13 years ago shut up

  • Bradley McGinnis

    Bradley McGinnis

    2 måneder siden

    Beat me to it lol

  • Flog


    2 måneder siden

    Only reason I clicked lmao was the comment

  • _Mean GreenJersey

    _Mean GreenJersey

    2 måneder siden

    😂I was just about to make that comment

  • Football Time
    Football Time2 måneder siden

    Number 1: A gas mask

  • Devyn .Smith
    Devyn .Smith2 måneder siden

    Gas mask and confederate flag.

  • Er No
    Er No2 måneder siden

    You should make a video of a nba player reacting to d1 level basketball games to try show the difference between d1 and the nba

  • Johnra Brown
    Johnra Brown2 måneder siden

    Big RED man I'm in. Do you guys ever think to have links to the items in the descriptions? Just saying

  • Peter Hong
    Peter Hong2 måneder siden

    my ninja repping the pocari sweat 👌🏿

  • iland
    iland2 måneder siden

    He forgot his gas mask

  • cesar mendoza
    cesar mendoza2 måneder siden

    AP or Audemars ??? jajajaj 🤔🤔

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis2 måneder siden

    No one wearing an AP is going to respect a Richard Mille haha what?!

  • Fionn O’Sullivan
    Fionn O’Sullivan2 måneder siden

    No. 1 gasmask

  • V4TO
    V4TO2 måneder siden

    One of my favorite players for sure. Dudes a beast.

  • TSC Bag Chasin
    TSC Bag Chasin2 måneder siden

    an actual goat

  • Mom Of 2
    Mom Of 22 måneder siden

    I’m so happy he rebounded... things could’ve gone terribly wrong.

  • Brother James

    Brother James

    2 måneder siden

    Could've but it was just a lil weed. It was unfortunate but I knew his career would end up solid.

  • MannyDallasTX
    MannyDallasTX2 måneder siden

    gas mask?

  • IamSuave
    IamSuave2 måneder siden

    @2:50 I know that's right! It smells good, and it's smoother.

  • J C
    J C2 måneder siden

    Lol ADG profumo does not smell like “cinnamon” like at all...

  • D.J. Mitchell
    D.J. Mitchell2 måneder siden

    ...I have not seen Big Red chewing gum in years...

  • Ayman Khan
    Ayman Khan2 måneder siden

    Do Allen Robinson next

  • Ayman Khan

    Ayman Khan

    2 måneder siden

    Isaac Schiff-Lewin yeah that too

  • Isaac Schiff-Lewin

    Isaac Schiff-Lewin

    2 måneder siden

    extend allen robinson too

  • Laolu Sanni
    Laolu Sanni2 måneder siden

    Yoo he had the cleanest essentials!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Paolo Taravella
    Paolo Taravella2 måneder siden

    Where da gas mask do

  • Byryn Wilson
    Byryn Wilson2 måneder siden

    incoming gas mask jokes😂 at least he had a mask

  • john wilson
    john wilson2 måneder siden

    Gas mask???

  • Jxfh
    Jxfh2 måneder siden

    “So here is my draft day essential” *whips out gas mask*

  • Blosser99
    Blosser992 måneder siden

    Don't forget that gas mask bong

  • musicrules54321
    musicrules543212 måneder siden

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  • Aiden Levasseur
    Aiden Levasseur2 måneder siden

    He can’t live without his gas mask, that’s for sure!

  • Jeremiah Adams

    Jeremiah Adams

    2 måneder siden

    Came to the comments just to see this 😂

  • bigsmokiee55


    2 måneder siden


  • X Wilborne

    X Wilborne

    2 måneder siden

    Somebody had too 😆😆

  • Ari Drayman

    Ari Drayman

    2 måneder siden

    I knew this would be the first comment 😂

  • phil emard

    phil emard

    2 måneder siden

    Definitely the only person who thought of that joke, you should really try a career in comedy. If you buckle down and keep making original jokes like this you might make it as big as Dave Chapelle, Robin Williams, dare I say Richard Pryor. Yes I shall! Go for it bud I’ll be watching you the whole way.

  • TWP Wolvezz
    TWP Wolvezz2 måneder siden

    Isn’t this the bong mask dude

  • Too Saucey

    Too Saucey

    2 måneder siden

    yeah lol

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful2 måneder siden

    Vaseline is every mans friend!

  • Harambe Da Gorilla

    Harambe Da Gorilla

    2 måneder siden

    I cant escape, your in evvverrryyy vid i watch

  • Asexually Reproducible Jellyfish

    Asexually Reproducible Jellyfish

    2 måneder siden

    @Kami G nah I need vaseline too, everyone needs it.



    2 måneder siden


  • Kami G

    Kami G

    2 måneder siden

    Not white people

  • Deezy2k
    Deezy2k2 måneder siden

    He better have a gas mask on this list

  • Deezy2k


    2 måneder siden

    TWP Wolvezz yeah fr

  • TWP Wolvezz

    TWP Wolvezz

    2 måneder siden

    😂 that’s what I was thinking like on draft night

  • Lakers 23
    Lakers 232 måneder siden

    Cologne my fav

  • Lakers 23

    Lakers 23

    2 måneder siden

    @David Lecky Mine is Jordan Play boi American eagle and Creed

  • David Lecky

    David Lecky

    2 måneder siden

    What's ur fav cologne rn

  • Zayan Mohammed
    Zayan Mohammed2 måneder siden


  • Emanuel_is_a Braves fan
    Emanuel_is_a Braves fan2 måneder siden

    Can we get me next or cody bellinger

  • Tom Rover

    Tom Rover

    2 måneder siden

    The mans right..... we need Baseball culture

  • Emanuel_is_a Braves fan

    Emanuel_is_a Braves fan

    2 måneder siden

    Rowan Linscott 2024 obviously

  • Rowan Linscott 2024

    Rowan Linscott 2024

    2 måneder siden

    Your not really acuna

  • Salami Boyz
    Salami Boyz2 måneder siden

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