10 Things Klay Thompson Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


Presented by Grey Goose | There are a few things Golden State Warrior Klay Thompson can't live without when he hits the road. From his dog Rocco to his signature KT line sneakers, these are the NBA star's travel essentials.
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10 Things Klay Thompson Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Deven Mccullough
    Deven Mccullough2 dager siden

    The fact this dude claims his dog as his #1 essential... I’m a fan... didn’t realize Klay is one cool dude... respect fam

  • Miller Richards
    Miller Richards2 dager siden

    Imagine Klay in golf shorts, a polo shirt, and a visor while playing golf.

  • Jevin Eckert
    Jevin Eckert2 dager siden

    why tf would u go on a a boat during an earthqauke

  • Jevin Eckert
    Jevin Eckert2 dager siden


  • Jumpman 3
    Jumpman 32 dager siden

    Can’t live without getting injured. Hope he returns even better

  • Nicholas Blodgett

    Nicholas Blodgett

    2 dager siden

    lmao alpha

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia2 dager siden

    Klay’s a real one, was expecting him to own Rolex’s but he reps tissot for the sentimental value of the watches

  • Feel419
    Feel4193 dager siden

    He should add leg injury’s to this list

  • Nico Pacheco
    Nico Pacheco3 dager siden

    10 Things Kawhi Leonard Cant Live Without 1. Food 2. Water 3. Shelter That's only three things Kawhi Kawhi: .......

  • NcRich
    NcRich4 dager siden

    Who’s here after it was announced that klay is out for the season

  • Abdulaye Niass

    Abdulaye Niass

    4 dager siden


  • CarbideYT
    CarbideYT4 dager siden

    1. Inquires

  • kmoney smooth
    kmoney smooth4 dager siden

    Who's here in 2020 November hearing that he is going to be out for the season again

  • Skill Bill
    Skill Bill5 dager siden

    Those sneakers are kind of fire...

  • Andrea Sciancalepore
    Andrea Sciancalepore6 dager siden

    Rocco 😍😍

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor6 dager siden

    I bet he couldn’t live without his Achilles

  • Nicholas Blodgett

    Nicholas Blodgett

    2 dager siden


  • Alex V
    Alex V6 dager siden

    I watched this after he tore his ACL. Feels bad 🥺

  • Aiden Guo
    Aiden Guo7 dager siden

    Get healthy quick man

  • Conor Lafferty
    Conor Lafferty7 dager siden

    Anyone watching this after his acillies tear

  • Mrigay Pathak

    Mrigay Pathak

    6 dager siden


  • Sam x Sean
    Sam x Sean7 dager siden

    Who’s here after Klay got injured

  • Jaiisrapture
    Jaiisrapture7 dager siden

    11. Achilles Tendants

  • Tan Kian Yew
    Tan Kian Yew7 dager siden

    this is just pain. fast recovery my idol

  • Nikola Visnjevac

    Nikola Visnjevac

    7 dager siden


  • Timothy Henny
    Timothy Henny7 dager siden

    Whos here after he tore his achilles. prayers for klay

  • Eiji Sawakita
    Eiji Sawakita7 dager siden

    My man can't catch a break, get well soon Klay 🙏

  • matthew escano
    matthew escano7 dager siden

    Who's here because of his another injury

  • Panzerfrank
    Panzerfrank7 dager siden

    His ACL and Achilles nowhere on this list

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson7 dager siden

    He also can’t live without getting injured and cheating on all his girlfriends

  • Is that a trick question?

    Is that a trick question?

    7 dager siden

    You better stfu rn you moronic bronsexual

  • Justin Fritz
    Justin Fritz8 dager siden

    3:13 ohhh so thats where 2k got that line for mycareer

  • Alxinn
    Alxinn8 dager siden


  • Kid Stephen curry
    Kid Stephen curry11 dager siden

    I like Rocco

  • Shado 52
    Shado 5211 dager siden

    I’m sorry but honestly the only reason I clicked this video is because I saw Rocco on da thumbnail

  • Janeus Design
    Janeus Design14 dager siden

    i watched this video becauce i saw rocco on cover :))

  • Ethan Chow
    Ethan Chow14 dager siden

    When Kalyan’s Thompson dog died he will cry lot

  • Ethan Chow
    Ethan Chow14 dager siden

    Malay can bot live without his dog

  • ichonge
    ichonge14 dager siden

    This was a good watch. Klay seems like a super down to earth person. Love that type of dog too

  • Gar Jose
    Gar Jose15 dager siden

    Dog made this video lit

  • Alo0nz
    Alo0nz16 dager siden

    Kt Or Katie hmmm

  • H3TC Huntley
    H3TC Huntley17 dager siden

    Rocco packin😳

  • Tauheed Ahmed
    Tauheed Ahmed17 dager siden

    Klay is such a great guy and I’m so excited for him for the 2020-2021 season. He’s gonna kill it.

  • Sebastian Avina
    Sebastian Avina18 dager siden

    I love how Rocco was just in the corner chillin livin his best life 👌🏼

  • Jourdan Luchetti
    Jourdan Luchetti18 dager siden

    My dad thinks he’s nice so I got humble him once in a while . 😂

  • Tuna Man
    Tuna Man18 dager siden

    Why didn’t they bring the boat in

  • Dynmc Duo
    Dynmc Duo19 dager siden

    He has a nice dog.

    NDABEST19 dager siden

    Who is he???

  • Judy Seager
    Judy Seager19 dager siden

    Favo.player no11 always will be nice 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💀🤣🤣✌🏽❤☑stay safe kea kaka favo player no.11 💟☑Rocco is a 🐕🐾a talented bulldog like his owner klay 🌞❤☑🥰☑🏀⛹🏾‍♂️⛹🏾‍♂️⛹🏾‍♂️⛹🏾‍♂️⛹🏾‍♂️⛹🏾‍♂️❤na mehe teaatu favo stay safe kea kaka 🏀

  • Kennedy Cash
    Kennedy Cash20 dager siden

    his skin is so clear

  • Cambo YT
    Cambo YT20 dager siden

    Good old clay ditched the warriors

  • Alvin Wong
    Alvin Wong21 dag siden

    man Klay so humble, good guy

  • B ROOD
    B ROOD21 dag siden

    Klays dog looks like a cool 😎 dog

  • General Dre GasGod
    General Dre GasGod23 dager siden

    Future children 👶??? Can someone pls explain??

    BLAZ3 DRAGON23 dager siden

    he is like a richmans cheapskate

  • Patricia Patricia
    Patricia Patricia23 dager siden

    Klay’s a real one, was expecting him to own Rolex’s but he reps tissot for the sentimental value of the watches

  • Kyle Turner
    Kyle Turner23 dager siden

    The fact this dude claims his dog as his #1 essential... I’m a fan... didn’t realize Klay is one cool dude... respect fam

  • Tim Mccord
    Tim Mccord23 dager siden

    klay is a simple man, plays with his dog and wins championships

  • Judy Seager
    Judy Seager24 dager siden

    Favo.player no11 always will be nice ♥️💦💦💀🎭😈and 🐕🐾Rocco 💟🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇👌💟na mehe teaatu favo stay safe kea kaka

  • Mikal Jardin
    Mikal Jardin25 dager siden

    Hip hop is satans industry

  • Mikal Jardin
    Mikal Jardin25 dager siden

    John 3:16

  • Fayez Bilal
    Fayez Bilal25 dager siden

    I freaking Love Klay Thompson and I’m not even a Warriors fan 😂

  • Ryan Makarski
    Ryan Makarski25 dager siden

    klay is a simple man, plays with his dog and wins championships

  • Young T
    Young T26 dager siden

    I really wonder what’s Klay rating in chess! I’m currently a 1300 and would love to play against Klay or Gordon Hayward

  • Reward Khe
    Reward Khe26 dager siden

    yall been pranked by GQ, It's actually a bigdaws TV!! lmao

  • Kailaash NAMASIVAYAM
    Kailaash NAMASIVAYAM26 dager siden

    Klay picked in 2011 Klay 11th pick Klay’s number is 11 K is that 11th letter in alphabet

  • jarod autrey
    jarod autrey26 dager siden

    Others: Pulls out chains Klay: Pulls out book

  • Sandy Contreras
    Sandy Contreras27 dager siden

    Klay was drafted in 2011 Klay was the 11th pick Klay's Jeresey number is 11 K is the 11th letter of the English alphabet Klay was born 11 days after Kobe’s Death(Rip Mamba) Edit: I didn’t really except this to get this many likes, Thank you guys! I really appreciate it.

  • e c v 0 6

    e c v 0 6

    26 dager siden

    This man really out here copying comments thinking we wouldn't notice

  • Joe Perez
    Joe Perez29 dager siden

    Hehehe I meet him when I was in the 6th grade he visted my school 😎

  • Conall Daly
    Conall Daly29 dager siden

    This guy lives the life

  • Alex Jones
    Alex JonesMåned siden

    rocco was better than klay no cap

  • Don Lee.
    Don Lee.Måned siden

    Rocco stole the show on this one.

  • Ishaq Mangansakan
    Ishaq MangansakanMåned siden

    You don't wanna mess with his dog. He might turn into John Wick and average 60 a game

  • Lions For Life
    Lions For LifeMåned siden

    Time to get me sum Klay’s 😅

  • Richard Dohnal
    Richard DohnalMåned siden


  • Sexc Sergal
    Sexc SergalMåned siden

    Rocco is poggo

  • Sexc Sergal
    Sexc SergalMåned siden


  • Nessie M
    Nessie MMåned siden

    Klay’s lowkey hilarious eh lol

  • Sabawoon Vlogs Official
    Sabawoon Vlogs OfficialMåned siden

    Klay is humble, simple and respectful guy. He is probably one of the nicest NBA players in the world.

  • Almay Taberna
    Almay TabernaMåned siden

    Love you rocco and klay

  • Allan Ruiz
    Allan RuizMåned siden

    I hope that dog never dies cause Klay wont be able to handle it

  • AK3711
    AK3711Måned siden

    👇Petition for each member of BLACKPINK to do 10 things they can’t live without

  • Gabriel Munos
    Gabriel MunosMåned siden

    When Rocco was trying to get the flippers omg cutie

  • NewOrleanCeltics21
    NewOrleanCeltics21Måned siden

    Idk why I thought that he was gonna mention the grey goose behind him 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Zhizhong Zhang
    Zhizhong ZhangMåned siden

    Yeah golf tiger woods Klay Thompson

  • get_off_ the_wave
    get_off_ the_waveMåned siden

    Go cougs !!

  • Daniel
    DanielMåned siden

    this man is so calm for someone that could light your team up for 52 on 6 dribbles

  • H.Zhang 9182
    H.Zhang 9182Måned siden

    Ngl, Rocko is PACKING

  • BPK 1121
    BPK 1121Måned siden

    i guess his feelings got hurt

  • cutie áycea
    cutie áyceaMåned siden

    5:44 Oh no! What happened to the rook...?

  • Bryan zz
    Bryan zzMåned siden

    he said he plays golf with friends family and future children ??

  • StarDust7809
    StarDust7809Måned siden

    Why did I think klay had an oceanic accent?

  • Savannah Standefer
    Savannah StandeferMåned siden

    He’s so adorable omg , this made me love him so much more🥺🥺🥰

  • Summer & Sunny Ha
    Summer & Sunny HaMåned siden

    The three points is very good😍😍

  • david xu
    david xuMåned siden

    Crazy how this guy has one of the higher net worths in the league but you don't see him flexing chains and ice out watches yet still looks much happier than the majority of rappers and other players.

  • Jo el
    Jo elMåned siden

    BIGDAWS TV looks like KLAY or KLAY looks like BIGDAWS TV?

  • Ven Nittala
    Ven NittalaMåned siden

    I like rocco.. cute

  • patnala deva raju
    patnala deva rajuMåned siden

    Such a simple dude...

  • Patrock
    PatrockMåned siden

    i dont even keep up with basketball but i saw the dog and had to click

  • 1000 for this egg
    1000 for this eggMåned siden

    Never knew

  • Jaxson Baverstock
    Jaxson BaverstockMåned siden

    They should do a Steph Curry and Lebron James

  • Wyatt Mitchke
    Wyatt Mitchke2 måneder siden

    I think he might be white after this

  • Odog on sticks
    Odog on sticks2 måneder siden

    Rocco kinda packin

  • 10,000 Subscriber Challenge
    10,000 Subscriber Challenge2 måneder siden

    rocco is a goat

  • GX_Soloman
    GX_Soloman2 måneder siden

    Did he finish that book doe?

    ASHISH SHARMA2 måneder siden

    Here for Rocco only