10 Things JJ Redick Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things New Orleans Pelicans shooting guard JJ Redick can't live without when he hits the road. From his travel blazer to his Common Projects sneakers, these are the NBA star's travel essentials.
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10 Things JJ Redick Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Linda West
    Linda West9 dager siden

    Everyone else: Beats by Dre JJ: Beets by Dirt

  • mora peeps
    mora peeps20 dager siden

    keep doing NBA PLAYERS

  • amara sylla
    amara sylla26 dager siden

    oblige to put I like a person who prefers to read a physical book

  • Damon Howell
    Damon Howell27 dager siden

    JJ reminds me of Bruce Wayne

  • robertk2007
    robertk200727 dager siden

    Beets by JJ and Dre

    BIG BIRDMåned siden

    JJ and I share the exact same thing with books. It just makes sense. Also, he said “apartment”. What he really meant by that is “my 3 million box”

  • tminus543
    tminus543Måned siden

    I’m so proud of JJ. I remember when he was at Duke

  • Sophisticated Savage
    Sophisticated SavageMåned siden

    He will be teammates with Lebron James before its over

  • Kevin
    KevinMåned siden

    Geez what polo tee is that?looks so fine

  • Rauof Abeidi
    Rauof AbeidiMåned siden

    Can someone please find me where to get his bag, cant find it

  • Danny J Good
    Danny J GoodMåned siden

    Common projects are overpriced garbage.

  • Kaushal Raipancholia
    Kaushal RaipancholiaMåned siden

    Dwight Shrute locked in the Beets sponsorship with JJ

  • roshan
    roshanMåned siden

    JJ's got that I'm intelligent but very wealthy vibe

  • Farhan Ali
    Farhan AliMåned siden

    Beets Bears Battlestar Galactica!

  • DrDubzz
    DrDubzzMåned siden

    "Give me all the beets you have"

  • David Tay
    David TayMåned siden

    Realized that this series is just an adult version of Show and Tell...

  • Christopher Forbes
    Christopher ForbesMåned siden

    he's a old man trapped inside a young man's body, respect his taste though

  • AB Basson
    AB BassonMåned siden

    Beet Boy!

  • Djuan Benjamin
    Djuan BenjaminMåned siden

    Dwight Shrute salutes you.

  • Ahmed Hamid
    Ahmed Hamid2 måneder siden

    First time I see deodorant on one of these

  • Ray Archangel94
    Ray Archangel942 måneder siden

    11. Playoffs but he’s anymore.

  • Jamal Morris
    Jamal Morris2 måneder siden

    I like his style, sort of like mine

    PAUL FRAZIER! SUBSCRIBE!!2 måneder siden

    I like reading

  • ricardo hernandez
    ricardo hernandez2 måneder siden

    Thought he was gonna pull out a condum out of the shoe 😂

  • Anders Jensen
    Anders Jensen2 måneder siden

    Great bag 💼

  • Steve M
    Steve M2 måneder siden

    Where’s the watch?

  • Next-Gen Hustle
    Next-Gen Hustle2 måneder siden

    what is that polo shirt he's wearing?

  • Nate Astrom
    Nate Astrom2 måneder siden

    He is so articulate and well spoken I love him

  • Stanley Boomer
    Stanley Boomer2 måneder siden

    Seems like a sound guy , then he claims Irish ☠☠🤣

  • Anthony Singapore
    Anthony Singapore3 måneder siden

    ja morant in here

  • Anthony Singapore
    Anthony Singapore3 måneder siden

    LBJ pls

  • אמיתי צדוק
    אמיתי צדוק3 måneder siden

    בטח יובל נוח הררי אפילו יותר מלא מעצמו עכשיו

  • Jiandong An
    Jiandong An3 måneder siden

    the mean thing he can’t leave without is racism.

  • אמיתי צדוק

    אמיתי צדוק

    3 måneder siden


  • non_face
    non_face3 måneder siden

    This has genuinely been my fav "Can't live without" video so far, this guy has got class and i vibe with all of this so much! Although i LOVE beets, guess us people do exist hehe

  • Christopher Chao
    Christopher Chao3 måneder siden

    Hated him at Duke but he really matured over the years, one of my favorite players now

  • Nastybeast710
    Nastybeast7103 måneder siden

    Yeah sure I'll go buy a $5,000 handbag...

  • titil beldia
    titil beldia3 måneder siden

    One of the clutch players of the decade 😀😀😀😀😀😀 3 POINTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott -O
    Scott -O3 måneder siden

    I couldn’t stand this guy,when he played for Duke. But he seems like a pretty cool dude

  • Camelot
    Camelot3 måneder siden

    JJ is a watch guy but it has become so common with athletes that he didn't even wear or mention his watches.

  • Vaibhav Kalia
    Vaibhav Kalia3 måneder siden

    Strange I didn't see a single watch. Which being the sole reason I clicked on this. I heard he was a watch guy, even saw him on hodinkee earlier on. Weird.

  • marlon
    marlon3 måneder siden

    He look like david beckham

  • Harry
    Harry3 måneder siden

    4:30 I thought its a condom...

  • J Simmons
    J Simmons3 måneder siden

    Hated JJ...but quality personality and a hooper.

  • galacticoconu t
    galacticoconu t3 måneder siden

    It would be great to have kobe on this show

  • Elan Zankman
    Elan Zankman3 måneder siden

    He comes off like such a douchebag in this video.

  • Kenneth Salyers
    Kenneth Salyers3 måneder siden

    This loser kneels during the national anthem. Try being a soldier and leave the kiddie life behind. So unamerican

  • Azar Draws
    Azar Draws3 måneder siden

    why not plug your podcast J.J?

  • Apple Pi
    Apple Pi4 måneder siden

    This is like one of the only people that I'm very confident is better than me at everything

  • OB
    OB4 måneder siden

    It's funny listening to an NBA player saying his favorite basic things are so expensive for a common person. T-shirt $60 and deodorant $25. Living on their own reality.

  • Malachi 81

    Malachi 81

    2 måneder siden

    Um, what? 60 isn't that expensive for a t-shirt, especially if they're good quality and last 5 years or more. And 25 for a medical grade deo ain't that much, either

  • Yisroel Weiss
    Yisroel Weiss4 måneder siden

    This guy should be more famous

  • Spencer Isensee
    Spencer Isensee4 måneder siden

    He gives off chill dad vibes

  • Millz _10723
    Millz _107234 måneder siden

    Yo, Why have we seen no NBA coaches on here GQ? let’s start with Doc Rivers!

  • Akash Gomes
    Akash Gomes5 måneder siden

    Can't live without he's catch and shoot 😁😂

  • Michelle Lopez
    Michelle Lopez5 måneder siden

    This is how many times he said book👇🏿

  • lunafred
    lunafred5 måneder siden

    whoa beets, his whole aesthetic (that pajama is looking really nice), and an obsession for physical books? the only nba player that i could relate to.

  • Dr. Katakuri
    Dr. Katakuri6 måneder siden

    JJ Redick: I am reading a book about anti-gravity! It’s impossible to put down.

  • Bruna Cristina
    Bruna Cristina6 måneder siden

    So simple so classic ... THIS MAN !!!

  • Arnav Bharadwaj
    Arnav Bharadwaj6 måneder siden

    there is some aesthetically pleasing feeling about him

  • Hyugo Hernandez
    Hyugo Hernandez6 måneder siden

    I feel like he would be a good dad😂

  • Esa Liwaru
    Esa Liwaru6 måneder siden

    Dwight schrute enters the chat

  • julius dogta
    julius dogta6 måneder siden

    This guy and kyle korver are the best 3 point shooters

  • Rizky Alfa
    Rizky Alfa6 måneder siden

    He brought sapiens now that's crazy👀

  • LoverNotHate
    LoverNotHate6 måneder siden

    JJ is such a classy dude in a non elitist type way

  • Paul Gov
    Paul Gov6 måneder siden


  • francis yang
    francis yang6 måneder siden

    Somebody needs to tell JJ about common projects true quality

  • francis yang

    francis yang

    6 måneder siden

    @Brendan good !...you saw it also

  • Brendan


    6 måneder siden

    *watches 10 minute video of a guy cut a shoe open, immediately becomes expert on shoe quality

  • Phantuums Jr.
    Phantuums Jr.6 måneder siden

    J.J Reddick is such a casual bro

  • BLankspace
    BLankspace6 måneder siden

    left the vid right after that Michelin star comment

  • L H
    L H6 måneder siden

    You said you liked beets but then you said you didn’t

  • Simon Skødt Lauritsen
    Simon Skødt Lauritsen6 måneder siden

    Have you tried washing your sneaks you absolute materialist?

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith6 måneder siden

    Those swim trunks are 200$+ haha

  • Kumar Agrawal
    Kumar Agrawal6 måneder siden

    Anyone know which brand navy polo he is wearing in the interview?

  • Gacha Kitty Life Fan
    Gacha Kitty Life Fan6 måneder siden

    U got the splash brothers and then the splash father

  • Cole Palmer
    Cole Palmer6 måneder siden

    WHAT 12-13 beets in a sitting isnt that like several pounds?

  • Ethan Gallagher
    Ethan Gallagher6 måneder siden

    He is exactly the type of guy I thought he would be. Very proper and classy. Cool dude.

  • Potatocrunch94
    Potatocrunch946 måneder siden

    I like beets.

  • Rakhi L
    Rakhi L6 måneder siden

    Totally agree love having an actual book 📖

  • SlimPolo Big facts
    SlimPolo Big facts6 måneder siden

    Fuxxk I love JJ he’s so fuxkin awesome , man

  • Carlo Garcia
    Carlo Garcia7 måneder siden

    Man, I used to hate this guy when he played for Duke but I respect his game and style now. Seems like a pretty cool dude. Wish he could've showed off some watches though :/

  • Carlo Garcia
    Carlo Garcia7 måneder siden

    Man, I used to hate this guy when he played for Duke but I respect his game and style now. Seems like a pretty cool dude. Wish he could've showed off some watches though :/

  • Juris Jon
    Juris Jon7 måneder siden

    JJ is underrated as a player and as a person

  • JD Niuz
    JD Niuz7 måneder siden

    JJ Redick: the NBA Captain America

  • 23codez
    23codez7 måneder siden

    Really classy guy, unlike the n... Um..Gonna try out the Common Projects.

  • icemanWV84
    icemanWV847 måneder siden

    When JJ starts talking about reading and appreciating “physical books” you know for sure he’s a former Alumni of the DUKE Baskelball program! Not just athletically gifted but also super intelligent. It’s impressive how much he Considers his physical well-being a top priority!! I’v been a huge Fan since his freshman season And he is also the main reason why DUKE has been my favorite college basketball team ever since !! Thank you JJ Reddick #TheDUKEsniper

  • Julio Velasco
    Julio Velasco7 måneder siden

    Lol my mans is just a generic white guy.

  • 551223
    5512237 måneder siden

    I would’ve not guessed he’s in the NBA

  • Davon Wirts
    Davon Wirts7 måneder siden

    Common projects are $400 each, lol totally not minimalist

  • Nick C
    Nick C7 måneder siden

    1:57 Me trying to pull out for the first time

  • VZ_DEEZL55
    VZ_DEEZL557 måneder siden

    Huge hi redick fan

  • Black Santa
    Black Santa7 måneder siden

    It’s okay guys, everyone thought the Beetelite thing is condom, not just you, that’s it

  • James Ortega
    James Ortega7 måneder siden


  • Henry Aikins-Mensah
    Henry Aikins-Mensah7 måneder siden

    Style influencers? Ppl that look like me

  • Jayon Moore
    Jayon Moore7 måneder siden

    Chill guy

  • Fastlife
    Fastlife7 måneder siden

    Some pretty great essentials!

  • Harper Harrison
    Harper Harrison7 måneder siden

    He has 12 essentials

  • Em Treys
    Em Treys8 måneder siden

    He can't live without playoffs bruh

  • Gunhyo Kim
    Gunhyo Kim8 måneder siden

    Can we plsssssss have any of the ball players or kawhi

  • Dukie Forlife
    Dukie Forlife8 måneder siden


  • Sheldon Wynter
    Sheldon Wynter8 måneder siden

    He look like a gta 5 character

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore8 måneder siden

    What a cool guy

  • Big Swole
    Big Swole8 måneder siden

    Favorite player of all time behind Kobe. Didn’t know we’d like the same stuff. Pretty neat. And he’s Irish ☘️ 💪