10 Things Jaylen Brown Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown can't live without when he hits the road. From his jewelry box to a chess set, these are the NBA player's travel essentials.
Shop Jaylen Brown's essentials below. (Note: if you buy something through these retail links, GQ may earn an affiliate commission.)
Kanye West's 'College Dropout' (vinyl): amzn.to/2T3oQl9
John Coltrane's 'Sun Ship' (vinyl): fave.co/3cSJs7g
'The War of Art' by Steven Pressfield: amzn.to/3bmv2el
'Pound the Stone' by Joshua Medcalf: amzn.to/3cerpIA
'Easy French' by Myrna Bell Rochester: amzn.to/2Ld7nCs
Yogi Lemon Ginger Tea: amzn.to/3cinsT3
Sage Smudge Stick: fave.co/2Xf3kuY
Lemon Perfect drink: amzn.to/3fuzNWh
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10 Things Jaylen Brown Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • TG Isais
    TG IsaisDag siden

    The Geek Freak 😁😁😁

  • Youssef lotfy
    Youssef lotfy5 dager siden

    Jaylen brown is in my top 5 favorite players in NBA

  • The Child
    The Child8 dager siden

    0:10 bLoston

  • travis graham
    travis graham17 dager siden

    Jaylen Brown went to Berkeley for undergrad and I’ve seen him many times in the halls through the RSF. I actually got a selfie with him. He’s a real down to earth dude. He actually took the time to take a selfie with me even though he was running for a team meeting!

  • travis graham
    travis graham17 dager siden

    Why his Mom was smiling the whole time at the end ? Lol she look so proud that’s cool frfr

  • Jack Chen
    Jack Chen20 dager siden

    other NBA players: I travel with grillz and rolex. Jaylen: I travel with tea.

  • Caleb Fib
    Caleb Fib21 dag siden

    Why his Mom was smiling the whole time at the end ? Lol she look so proud that’s cool frfr

  • John selyo
    John selyo23 dager siden

    Uncle iroh in real life

  • Ramon Gonzalo
    Ramon Gonzalo24 dager siden

    That's a wrap! Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson say peace out to set life as production for their upcoming film #RedNotice finally wraps.

  • Wallace Kruk
    Wallace Kruk25 dager siden

    He would still be successful if he didn't play basketball

  • Sangita Sarmin Katun
    Sangita Sarmin Katun27 dager siden

    Jaylen Brown be sounding like Uncle Iroh with his tea obsession 😂 imma own my own tea shop someday

  • Henry Taylor
    Henry TaylorMåned siden

    This man scores a game winner and go to his hotel room like "OOOHHH Im finna have me some chamomile tea, LESSSGOOOOO"

  • Theo
    TheoMåned siden

    Je ne parle pas francais

  • Justin Holland
    Justin HollandMåned siden

    This mans essentials need to be my essentials. We have a lot in common.

  • Alec Morris
    Alec MorrisMåned siden

    So refreshing to see books and not video games

  • Franck Belibi
    Franck BelibiMåned siden

    Jaylen brown: smokes sage, gets drunk on tea. Post game celebration: reads war and peace

  • Metallicafan5656
    Metallicafan5656Måned siden

    He’s become one of my favourites

  • Big Rone
    Big RoneMåned siden

    I been saying he was gonna be a star since his rookie season.

  • TrangPak2
    TrangPak2Måned siden

    Where de white womens at!? He is soooo pretentious

  • Bjørnar Hovland
    Bjørnar HovlandMåned siden

    8:27 drop out, zooms in on the Harvard cup

  • IronFlowerZ
    IronFlowerZMåned siden

    I liked the aura JB set with his collection. Mental, Spiritual, wellness, thought provoking and smooth.

  • JOSH 121
    JOSH 121Måned siden

    Wouldn't be surprised if he can fire bend

  • Z A
    Z AMåned siden

    Jaylen Brown is like a giant hippie and hipster hybrid.

  • crackologist
    crackologistMåned siden

    10:13 g pops straight coolin

  • Serious
    SeriousMåned siden

    I like this one the most. Jaylen an old young dude like me 😂 he likes vinyl at 21, I was playing 8 tracks when I was five in 92 😂

  • jay pierre
    jay pierreMåned siden

    I love tea and unless I'm in the mood for it .. rarely drink coffee

  • Cc Bernadin
    Cc BernadinMåned siden

    Wow Jaylen you are cool🤓

  • Big Steppa
    Big SteppaMåned siden

    I feel like this is what Kyrie tries to be like, but fails epically. Jaylen seems to be spiritual and knowledgeable, whereas Kyrie speaks spiritual b.s.

  • Neo Malapane
    Neo MalapaneMåned siden

    Intelligent; Level headed...🥂 All American . I like him....

  • RussianWizard
    RussianWizardMåned siden

    Jay,en looks sounds & acts like a 60 year old man but he’s like in his 20s. Definition of an Old soul, straight baller tho

  • Trell Twice
    Trell Twice2 måneder siden


  • Penn Davis
    Penn Davis2 måneder siden

    straight up if you were to never watch him play and only see this video you would have a completely different perception of what you’d assume he would play like 💀

  • not chrispy
    not chrispy2 måneder siden

    1 - An Eastern Conference L

  • tom Ko
    tom Ko2 måneder siden

    “Special friend teaching me French” lol

  • Pablo Benegas
    Pablo Benegas2 måneder siden

    Bloston Celtics

  • Elijah Servin
    Elijah Servin2 måneder siden

    He remind me of my brother😂

  • Baljeet
    Baljeet2 måneder siden

    Why is this recommended at this time

  • Dhiqo NBA
    Dhiqo NBA2 måneder siden

    Sad he couldn't go to the NBA finals cause of the heat

  • Kevin Banks
    Kevin Banks2 måneder siden

    you forgot a Jimmy buckets poster HAW

  • JDC
    JDC2 måneder siden

    "Tea is life" speak

  • Derinnegan
    Derinnegan2 måneder siden

    Been the top dawg 💚

  • Caleb Edwards-Inniss
    Caleb Edwards-Inniss2 måneder siden

    So nobody realized he said Bloston Celtics???

  • RyankovJr
    RyankovJr2 måneder siden

    iroh irl be like : hey GQ im JB

  • Carlos Gomes
    Carlos Gomes2 måneder siden

    What’s the name of that cross necklace?

  • Henry Boo
    Henry Boo2 måneder siden

    His music taste 👌

  • seamossy
    seamossy2 måneder siden

    lmao "bloston celtics" 0:09

  • Hello
    Hello2 måneder siden

    blowing 20 point leads

    BRIAN OLIVEIRA2 måneder siden

    keep in mind guys he was almost not going to be drafted because they said he was too "smart" to play in the NBA

    TUFF GUY RIO2 måneder siden

    The tea pourer 1:27 is wearing his hoodie 1:49

  • auntie mavis
    auntie mavis2 måneder siden

    who's the special friend🙄

  • Lets do this
    Lets do this2 måneder siden

    he is like your friends mom

  • Goat Herder
    Goat Herder2 måneder siden

    Jaylen has a Nigerian ambiance.

    JESUS IS KING2 måneder siden

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  • Hulk Timberlake
    Hulk Timberlake2 måneder siden

    Good dude

  • Ben Kennedy
    Ben Kennedy2 måneder siden

    This man burns sage

  • legalizepaula
    legalizepaula2 måneder siden


  • Alex Han
    Alex Han2 måneder siden

    man you can just see in his moms eyes how proud she is of her son. jb is a standup dude

  • oliveira
    oliveira2 måneder siden

    Ya'll gotta do one with Marcus Smart bruh :)

  • John
    John2 måneder siden


  • Marwang Khat
    Marwang Khat2 måneder siden

    A witch

  • Tommy Nolan
    Tommy Nolan2 måneder siden

    Jaylen Brown is like a Grandma: He like tea, jewelry, books, sage, and Jazz

  • Thiccbuu Prod.
    Thiccbuu Prod.2 måneder siden

    Homie makin sure we see that Harvard logo 💯

  • Thomas Lewis
    Thomas Lewis2 måneder siden

    Thanks for sharing your essentials with us man. Gotta get me a hat case...

  • Joe Bidden
    Joe Bidden2 måneder siden

    This dude would be so awesome if he would shut up and dribble

    CAREMORE T.2 måneder siden

    I never knew Jaylen Brown is such a chill person😅(i always thought he was a energetic person)

  • Dominick Bui
    Dominick Bui2 måneder siden

    he's a perfect fit for UC Berkeley

  • Ricky Bachman
    Ricky Bachman2 måneder siden


  • Terry C
    Terry C2 måneder siden

    I love The War of Art.

  • frank de falco
    frank de falco2 måneder siden

    I have a book for yo. Strength to Love by Martin Luther King. If you've read it read it again.

  • Nicolas Aguilar
    Nicolas Aguilar2 måneder siden

    Jaylen Brown is an intellectual 🧠

  • Amedeo
    Amedeo2 måneder siden

    I need to know the brand of her beanie of your brother

  • Kellog's Cereal
    Kellog's Cereal2 måneder siden

    Did anyone else who collect vinyl die inside watchin it fall?

  • Gonzalo Arreche
    Gonzalo Arreche2 måneder siden

    Link to that chess set?

  • Eric Buzhaker
    Eric Buzhaker2 måneder siden

    So he basically transferred his box hair to his chin and called it a day

  • angkur rongpi
    angkur rongpi2 måneder siden

    That's Khalid

  • Earnest Tucker,III
    Earnest Tucker,III2 måneder siden

    He most definitely said “Bloston Celtics” in the intro

  • Steven Bouchard jr
    Steven Bouchard jr2 måneder siden

    Jaylen is also a great producer still bumping his beatape go Cs hopefully we make the finals good luck

  • Juan Castrence
    Juan Castrence2 måneder siden

    This dude is too cool.

  • Sean Carroll
    Sean Carroll2 måneder siden

    CELTICS 4 LIFE! I have the same Harvard mug

  • Once a leo turned lion now judah
    Once a leo turned lion now judah2 måneder siden

    Not the berries and juices lol

  • Pmf Lawrence
    Pmf Lawrence2 måneder siden

    If you haven’t already please repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Jesus died for you and he loves you tomorrow is not promised so please accept Jesus today. God bless

  • Anwar Yassin
    Anwar Yassin2 måneder siden

    That’s pure promotion Jaylen lool.

  • Kami Man
    Kami Man2 måneder siden

    saw the sage thing and had to dip

  • Leyha W
    Leyha W2 måneder siden

    this man>>>>

  • Craig Hutchinson
    Craig Hutchinson2 måneder siden

    0:49 I hope for everyone's sake he isn't talking about Vincent Poirier

  • Jake m.k
    Jake m.k2 måneder siden

    This seems like absolute BS

  • Samantha Parada
    Samantha Parada2 måneder siden

    No wonder I didn't recognize him, he cut his hair.

  • victoriaramonah
    victoriaramonah2 måneder siden

    Other NBA stars: Shoe Line Jaylen Brown: Tea Line

  • Corey Harris
    Corey Harris2 måneder siden

    Bloston 😂😂😂

  • Jo Co
    Jo Co2 måneder siden

    Hater of the Celtics, but dammit they always snag awesome people like Jaylen.

  • Connor Whitaker
    Connor Whitaker3 måneder siden

    Dang I was goin to sleep to Jaylen’s soft voice and then all the sudden “WhAtS yOuR faVOrItE piEce oF jEWelRy”

  • Dany-dan Chrislain
    Dany-dan Chrislain3 måneder siden

    A pretty smart guy 👌🏽😎

  • qloading
    qloading3 måneder siden

    Wholesome players who are also competitive killers on the court, steph curry, jaylen brown?

  • mangxs
    mangxs3 måneder siden

    JB alot more organised than alot of people on here he's so chill

  • Aditya Baruah
    Aditya Baruah3 måneder siden

    This guy gotta have to be nickname the sage of six paths ~.~

  • T steady
    T steady3 måneder siden

    This man is the opposite of Kelly Oubre Jr

  • Narcis Zaharia
    Narcis Zaharia3 måneder siden

    This is just wholesome , i hope he is happy

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas3 måneder siden

    There's so many passive "racist" comments in these videos lol. "He's very smart, he talks really well for a basketball player", "You can tell he actually went to class at CAL, compared to "some" players that went to Duke and took classes at North Carolina A & T.'"

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas3 måneder siden

    Tyler Perry's "Meet the Browns"

  • Clay Polak
    Clay Polak3 måneder siden

    War of Art is a game changer. Easy read with big lessons on every page