10 Things Greg Jennings Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings can't live without. From his Jack Black lip balm and YETI water bottle to his ASICS Gel-Nimbus sneakers and Alpha Hylete backpack, these are the retired NFL star's essentials.

Greg Jennings is a sports broadcaster and professional bodybuilder. He played in the NFL for 10 years, where he won a Super Bowl and appeared in the Pro Bowl twice. He provides color commentary and analysis for NFL games on FOX Sports 1. Greg lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Nicole, and their four children.
Twitter - @GregJennings
Facebook - /TheOfficialGJ
Instagram - @theofficialgj
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10 Things Greg Jennings Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Omaha Cheddar
    Omaha Cheddar21 dag siden

    Greg have to say, after 35 years of being a Packer fan...you're my favorite. Watching you run on the sidelines during the SB and how you were so excited. Felt like it was me, love you man.

  • Jenina Cusay
    Jenina CusayMåned siden

    A hard hitter but really he is a softy hahaha.. cool guy

  • jho
    jhoMåned siden

    let's go inside the mind of a greg jennings

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M2 måneder siden

    He seems like such a nice guy. And all the items he showed were so humble

  • Curtis 23
    Curtis 232 måneder siden

    Low-key boring

  • Iceman 1001
    Iceman 10012 måneder siden

    Dude is low key. Nice

  • freakingbored
    freakingbored2 måneder siden

    ACTUAL essentials 🙌🏼

  • Ben 10
    Ben 102 måneder siden

    he forgot to mention the team he carries on his back tho 😤😤😤

  • Matthew Nguyen
    Matthew Nguyen2 måneder siden

    This dude is too wholesome

  • Drew Tobia
    Drew Tobia2 måneder siden

    greg jenning is awesome. def puts the team on his back

  • Oliver Tily
    Oliver Tily2 måneder siden

    Why does he remind me of Terry Crews?

  • Dr.aquatic


    Måned siden

    Facts he is like the more calm and less strong version

  • Sandeep Chanduri
    Sandeep Chanduri2 måneder siden

    This is by far the best one I’ve enjoyed because he genuinely enjoys each of his essentials and he basically can sell anything. A great presenter.

  • whoopyno1
    whoopyno12 måneder siden

    His essentials are the same as a 40-year-old soccer mom's

  • MoDrone
    MoDrone2 måneder siden

    he can sell me anything

  • Dirtygloveoj
    Dirtygloveoj2 måneder siden

    smh they forgot puttin da team on his back doe

  • Definitely Deffie
    Definitely Deffie2 måneder siden


  • Goat Leshannon
    Goat Leshannon2 måneder siden

    Yikes... 13k views in one week... Show my man some love

  • DFH
    DFH2 måneder siden

    looks like marcus morris

  • Estevan Angel
    Estevan Angel2 måneder siden

    Earlier tho, he broke his fuckin leg, how is he running with a broken leg!?!?

  • lachelle81
    lachelle812 måneder siden

    I’m addicted to these shows. I don’t know this guy but he seems pretty awesome. Appears to be an organized, down to earth family man. Oh and a handsome black man 🖤 Can’t beat it with a stick 😊

  • Krista Anheluk
    Krista Anheluk2 måneder siden

    I only buy OOFOS sandals because they’re so comfortable....great arch support

  • Just6lake
    Just6lake2 måneder siden

    He used to come to my job all the time, great dude

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball2 måneder siden

    *Why tf is he on this, he beyond irrelevant now. He not a legend either so make no sense*

  • Timothy


    2 måneder siden

    Because when it came down to it he put the team on his back doe with a broken leg

  • Kellastico


    2 måneder siden

    He always put the team on his back doe!

  • Benjamin


    2 måneder siden

    That's what I was thinking lol. He was whining about how rodgers treated him when you shouldn't really be upset if you won a championship together

  • BMX 2.0 [Wudrough Tommy Uluenga]
    BMX 2.0 [Wudrough Tommy Uluenga]2 måneder siden

    Bro said ufa😂samoan cuss word

  • Ben Trudgett
    Ben Trudgett2 måneder siden

    Someone should have let him know his t-shirt is on upside down

  • Dr.aquatic


    Måned siden

    The shirt is supposed to be like that

  • Lukas
    Lukas2 måneder siden

    what a dad. respect.

  • Seas Williams
    Seas Williams2 måneder siden

    This man low key funny

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee2 måneder siden

    This man really knows how to endorse some products haha

  • Mike Pisacreta
    Mike Pisacreta2 måneder siden

    Darron sharper one of da hardest hitting safety’s in da league



    Måned siden

    What did I just read

  • Tae-007


    2 måneder siden


  • Richard Jules

    Richard Jules

    2 måneder siden

    Mike Pisacreta 😭😭😭

  • Emerson Perez
    Emerson Perez2 måneder siden


  • Logan Soto
    Logan Soto2 måneder siden

    You should Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson next

  • Clint Woodley
    Clint Woodley2 måneder siden

    Every one needs a teddy bear in their life. And that’s a fact!

  • Erwin Canaya
    Erwin Canaya2 måneder siden

    This is why he can put the team on his back tho

  • David Lecky

    David Lecky

    2 måneder siden


  • Alex Okabayashi
    Alex Okabayashi2 måneder siden

    with a broken leg?

  • malik lyttle
    malik lyttle2 måneder siden

    against the hardest hitting safety in the league



    Måned siden


  • Brodie Clark
    Brodie Clark2 måneder siden

    That was good

  • Miles Flynn
    Miles Flynn2 måneder siden


  • Arawal Rrr
    Arawal Rrr2 måneder siden

    These vids have all become product placement ads lately sadly

  • Saad Khan

    Saad Khan

    2 måneder siden

    Product placement ads? The video is called “10 Things...”, what exactly do you expect the people in the video to talk about?

  • Kevin Kumar

    Kevin Kumar

    2 måneder siden

    Yaa especially this video feels like a full ad

  • McAlien404
    McAlien4042 måneder siden

    To the person, reading this hope your parents live long to see you succeed.

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful2 måneder siden

    A cute stuffed Teddy bear. The most important essential 🧸

  • Jayhxu


    2 måneder siden

    Havent seen u in a min bro😂

  • Dillon Bishop

    Dillon Bishop

    2 måneder siden


  • mitch k
    mitch k2 måneder siden

    He put the team on his back doe! With a broken leg!



    Måned siden


  • Greg Totten

    Greg Totten

    2 måneder siden

    Dude was a true baller

  • T Reezy

    T Reezy

    2 måneder siden

    F*** YOU GUMBY

  • Emanuel Martinez

    Emanuel Martinez

    2 måneder siden


  • Seas Williams

    Seas Williams

    2 måneder siden


  • Aiden online
    Aiden online2 måneder siden


  • The famous capelot
    The famous capelot2 måneder siden

    It says no views but am watching

  • Salami Boyz
    Salami Boyz2 måneder siden

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  • Dr.aquatic


    Måned siden

    Shut up

  • Ritwik Ashok
    Ritwik Ashok2 måneder siden

    You can't all be first, but I can.