10 Things Gennadiy "GGG" Golovkin Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things that Gennadiy 'GGG' Golovkin can't live without when he hits the road. From his sunglasses and watch to his backpack and stroller/car seat, these are GGG's travel essentials.

Shop Gennady Golovkin's essentials below. (Note: if you buy something through these retail links, GQ may earn an affiliate commission.)

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10 Things Gennadiy "GGG" Golovkin Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Maroc shadow
    Maroc shadow52 minutter siden

    Ilke is person is m'y best boxeurs is relax person and smart

  • Ernesto Carrillo
    Ernesto CarrilloTime siden

    BIG DRAMA SHOW ! 😄👊 🔥 🥊

  • mcgee mcgee
    mcgee mcgee9 timer siden

    what an amazing human being. seems like he likes collecting flowers off of a seasoned hill without hurting one pedal. just dont get him inside a ring with you

  • Geoffrey John Ibanez
    Geoffrey John Ibanez10 timer siden

    You know - Pacman and GGG

  • teletubby with a strap '
    teletubby with a strap 'Dag siden

    Got his autograph in vegas super nice out of the ring wouldnt dare to go in the ring with him its a death wish

  • ToxicToons13
    ToxicToons13Dag siden

    rich and simple , that's the way to go .

  • A.D
    A.D2 dager siden

    Yall done overhyped this man, he kod lesser competition but couldn't knock out Jacob's and canelo

  • A.D


    Dag siden

    @????? yeah he robbed chenko his las fight ,a nobody

  • ?????


    Dag siden


  • Automated Comment
    Automated Comment2 dager siden

    Nice hairphones!

  • Danial Atif
    Danial Atif2 dager siden

    He is the GSP of boxing.

  • simply2ghetto
    simply2ghetto3 dager siden

    Choir Boy outside the ring. Monster inside the ring.

  • Gerardo Nunez
    Gerardo Nunez4 dager siden

    If you dont have Jordan you're a loser 🤣

  • Matias Seaborg
    Matias Seaborg4 dager siden

    He can´t live... without losing to Canelo... LOL

  • ?????


    Dag siden

    You mean that guy who robbed him?

  • Hussain Ahmed
    Hussain Ahmed6 dager siden

    Big drama show!

  • David Perez
    David Perez6 dager siden

    that’s not how you spell his name

  • Joseph Kelly
    Joseph Kelly6 dager siden

    My hero ❤️❤️❤️

  • FunkNatives
    FunkNatives7 dager siden

    GGG vs Pacquiao needs to happen. While there’s still time in their tanks

  • Jose Cuevas
    Jose Cuevas7 dager siden

    Triple GGG loves his hairphones

  • Atharva Kadam
    Atharva Kadam7 dager siden

    Am I the only one who knows him as 'Big Drama Show'.

  • Tom
    Tom7 dager siden

    If you saw him on the train or street you wouldn’t think he’s a killer that could drop me in a split second . Goes to show you don’t judge a book by its cover .

  • javier madera
    javier madera7 dager siden

    Canelo VS ggg 3!

  • samy Ventura
    samy Ventura8 dager siden

    He forgot to say he loves money at such an extent he couldn t give his longtime trainer his fair share and prefered seoarate him...

  • Yann Odia
    Yann Odia8 dager siden

    First thing I can't live without, it's the Bible

  • Dan R
    Dan R9 dager siden

    He can't live without the fact that he lost to Canelo.

  • andrecclauro
    andrecclauro9 dager siden

    Are you freaking kidding me? Can you guys imagine Mike Tyson, George Foreman or Ali saying "can't live without my Latte". LOL Times have changed, AMAZIN.

    CKOTB9 dager siden

    dude looks like a fashion designer in this video, but a cold-blooded murderer on the ring ?

  • Asim Ali
    Asim Ali9 dager siden

    You are the best boxer of this generation 👉🖤 better the floyed

  • TBE
    TBE9 dager siden

    Lol this bum

  • I Took Yo girl
    I Took Yo girl10 dager siden

    I hav so much respect for triple g I fw him

  • prodigy_squid
    prodigy_squid10 dager siden

    Chin of steel

  • Dallin Keith
    Dallin Keith10 dager siden

    "This is *B A K S I N G* "

  • 123456 123456
    123456 12345611 dager siden

    Генааа 🇰🇿🇰🇿🦅

  • Anthuan Juarez
    Anthuan Juarez11 dager siden

    Gennadiy Golovkin! ⭐️

  • Ryan Hervias
    Ryan Hervias11 dager siden

    I need my hairphones too

  • VlogsTasnim
    VlogsTasnim12 dager siden

    Go test Burger Never Say Die

  • T Morales
    T Morales13 dager siden

    Definitely wasn't expecting to see triple g in here, cool format but it's nothing but a giant ad at the end of the day. Amazing how his english has improved too

  • beatrice park 2
    beatrice park 213 dager siden


  • David Taylor
    David Taylor14 dager siden

    lol “hairphones”

  • Der Kanonische
    Der Kanonische15 dager siden

    How many sponsors you have? GGG: yes

  • Leo Partridge
    Leo Partridge15 dager siden

    Forgot to mention that Nokia on the end of his jaw

  • Pedro Javier Gonzalez Ruiz
    Pedro Javier Gonzalez Ruiz15 dager siden

    This big drama show

  • Joseph Aldwin Pobre
    Joseph Aldwin Pobre15 dager siden

    This is Baksing

  • Rodazzi Rivera
    Rodazzi Rivera16 dager siden

    Mans said “my hairphones” 😂

  • El Guja
    El Guja16 dager siden

    One of the hardest worker guy in history of boxing, he is Karelin of boxing.

  • Ace 97
    Ace 9716 dager siden

    Should’ve put losing his belt to Canelo ....

  • Charly Alberti
    Charly Alberti16 dager siden

    11. Without tomato cans

  • William Flint
    William Flint17 dager siden

    True champ!!! All class

  • Roll The clip
    Roll The clip17 dager siden

    I think you spelled his first name wrong

  • Felix Beltran
    Felix Beltran18 dager siden

    In person he is a good person but when he fights it's time to eat

  • David Mcphee
    David Mcphee18 dager siden

    He can’t live without his marble chin

  • Its- Ascencio!!
    Its- Ascencio!!19 dager siden

    i admire people like GGG, i mean he has the money and look at him. He's very grateful for his things. He looks like such a nice guy too.

  • Vigilance
    Vigilance19 dager siden

    All ima say is..... We all know that GGG was robbed during that Canelo fight. lolol the first one he slaughtered him just to get a draw.

  • ichonge
    ichonge20 dager siden

    Audio was far too low to hear and understand him properly. Fix up GQ.

  • Enrique Guillén
    Enrique Guillén20 dager siden

    The humility comes out of his pores😄 freaking awesome that GGG. God bless him.

  • Lestervai Cayetano
    Lestervai Cayetano21 dag siden

    Triple G vs Triple H 2020 lets go

  • osrs pure
    osrs pure22 dager siden


  • Allan Curtis
    Allan Curtis22 dager siden

    I like this dude, he seems like a cool bud to hang out with 😎

  • Ave Calla
    Ave Calla23 dager siden


  • Albert Roundtree
    Albert Roundtree24 dager siden

    GGG is a great guy

  • Ferris Stallone
    Ferris Stallone24 dager siden

    who else is thinking Borat

  • Kiki Y
    Kiki Y25 dager siden

    Boy when he took out his pen and notebook... my heart just exploded into millions of tiny pink hearts shooting at him :)

  • HulkVahkiin
    HulkVahkiin25 dager siden

    I forgot how well he can speak English.

  • Javier Sedano
    Javier Sedano25 dager siden

    He forgot to say canelo

  • Melvin Marroquin
    Melvin Marroquin25 dager siden

    When he said "Boom" I thought of Crazy Russian Hacker lol

  • mojo
    mojo26 dager siden

    the goat

  • jayvee san antonio
    jayvee san antonio27 dager siden

    Big Drama Show ..

  • Sjjeje Jeuueue
    Sjjeje Jeuueue28 dager siden

    what is the brand name of the backpack

  • David Morales
    David Morales29 dager siden

    Canelo - 2 GGG -0

  • Noah Bertelmann
    Noah BertelmannMåned siden

    If you didn’t know he was a boxer , I’d think he’d be a painter

  • Young Ant
    Young AntMåned siden

    Do canelo

  • Joshua Elviña
    Joshua ElviñaMåned siden

    Close your eyes and you'll see Borat

  • Joshua Elviña
    Joshua ElviñaMåned siden

    "very nice. "

  • Hunter Deskin
    Hunter DeskinMåned siden

    His head movement while he talks reminds me of jackie chan

  • Ricky Mora
    Ricky MoraMåned siden


  • Kenneth Ye
    Kenneth YeMåned siden

    mans spelt my boys name wrong...

  • Michael Bay
    Michael BayMåned siden

    Don’t forget how he smashed Saul. TWICE.

  • Stryker
    StrykerMåned siden

    Do Canelo

  • Carolus Linnaeus
    Carolus LinnaeusMåned siden

    Him and Georges St. Pierre are long lost brothers istg

  • Juan
    JuanMåned siden

    This is the big drama show

  • Bully Man
    Bully ManMåned siden

    Is it me or does he look like the Mad TV guy in front of the magazine.?🤔

  • Jay B
    Jay BMåned siden

    I didn’t know he made this episode

  • Ricky Mora
    Ricky MoraMåned siden

    He didn’t even know what to take lol Just a bunch of random Stuff

  • Kristian Delacruz
    Kristian DelacruzMåned siden

    Do pacquiao

  • Nitro_Tekkerz
    Nitro_TekkerzMåned siden

    This is one of the hardest guys on the planet. This guy.

  • Alex Serrano
    Alex SerranoMåned siden

    My fav boxer in and out of the ring. Btw, that Hublot almost looks good and that's really something for a Hublot.

  • pukeylukey199
    pukeylukey199Måned siden

    Whole thing was an advert.

  • Don Eazy
    Don EazyMåned siden

    “Hairphones” ?

  • Brody Rodriguez
    Brody RodriguezMåned siden


  • Traun Kim
    Traun KimMåned siden

    His English has improved dramatically. Wow!

  • Eye Patch Guy
    Eye Patch GuyMåned siden

    Triple G not looking the part makes him all the more terrifying.

  • Banana Senpai
    Banana SenpaiMåned siden

    Basically G has a lot of friends who like to gift him stuff~ Cool cool... with a vibe that chill, who wouldn't?

  • ExoticGrundy
    ExoticGrundyMåned siden

    unfortunately...the animal got civilized. just like jack Dempsey shame.

  • canserbero canserbero
    canserbero canserberoMåned siden

    ggg triple

  • Джаббархан Каримжанов
    Джаббархан КаримжановMåned siden

    Кто КАЗАХ?

  • Bigg Howw
    Bigg Howw2 måneder siden

    He can't live with a quality opponent.

  • Nasib Singh
    Nasib Singh2 måneder siden

    He looks like that gypsy kid dancing alone in the club.

  • AKG_1999
    AKG_19992 måneder siden

    Man looks great for 38!!

  • GreedyBoyBordeaux
    GreedyBoyBordeaux2 måneder siden

    Iron chin looks so kind and gentle.

  • LosAngelesWeedSmoker
    LosAngelesWeedSmoker2 måneder siden

    He needs to return that carving to Jackie.

  • Jr Solorzano
    Jr Solorzano2 måneder siden

    He forgot to mention one of his essentials and that’s canelo. Canelo whooped him so I know he thinks about it everyday. 😆😂