10 Things Damian Lillard Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard can't live without when he hits the road. From his man purse to his Audemars Piguet watch, these are the NBA star's travel essentials.
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10 Things Damian Lillard Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Jossy Dere
    Jossy Dere18 timer siden

    wtf who hears his own album

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia2 dager siden

    No one: Dame: at a restaurant on his phone with the charger plugged in 10 feet away

  • Xavier Patterson
    Xavier Patterson3 dager siden


  • Annette Wailes
    Annette Wailes5 dager siden

    Appreciate y’all having me on.

  • glen denton
    glen denton7 dager siden

    Anyone Eva listen to his music?? I bet he’s trashy like the rest besides Shaq he was ok

  • Brown Green
    Brown Green9 dager siden

    He really wore stripes with plaid

  • L I T E
    L I T E9 dager siden

    This reminds me of a show and tell😅...

  • Tarpulano blues
    Tarpulano blues10 dager siden

    what about nba 2021 right lillard?

  • Hamza Abdelfattah
    Hamza Abdelfattah13 dager siden

    I have those they fire

  • Angel Mendoza
    Angel Mendoza16 dager siden

    Love how he doesn’t really care if his stuff is super expensive or fancy like other nba players my man doesn’t even know what phone he has😂🤣

  • Jourdan Luchetti
    Jourdan Luchetti18 dager siden

    "This stuff is expensive, but not as expensive as those refs costing me the fu*king game."

  • Hamilton Arraou
    Hamilton Arraou18 dager siden

    ❤️ x 17,000,000

  • Kyle Turner
    Kyle Turner23 dager siden

    ”Watch Damian Lillard be Rich for 10 minutes”

  • Ruben Garcia
    Ruben Garcia25 dager siden

    Why he need a watch for he already knows it’s always dame time

  • ・フリーザリヒ・1世
    ・フリーザリヒ・1世Måned siden

    Na, you are already having a watch in ur arm,Dame Time.

  • Ashley Liu
    Ashley LiuMåned siden

    I died when he said he has huge lips

  • Tate Rines
    Tate RinesMåned siden

    Me wearing AirPods right now🙏👍

  • Its. Jordynnn
    Its. JordynnnMåned siden

    At least someone is supporting the homeless anyway as possible, your my favorite NBA player/rapper

  • Jack Boswell
    Jack BoswellMåned siden

    Literally just has a watch because it’s expensive 🤣

  • Gamer X
    Gamer X2 måneder siden

    He flexin but he bein real also he has like an iphone 7

    ASHISH SHARMA2 måneder siden

    Why do you need a $Million watch to know what time it is? Don't you know its always dame time!?

  • Yvane KKL
    Yvane KKL2 måneder siden

    why does my man speak in slow motion

    ADAM E MILLER2 måneder siden

    As a watch guy I am always insulted when these athletes mention their watches as essentials and yet arent wearing one. My watches are all 1000 dollars or less. Dude has a 75k Audamars Piquet, definitely doesn't even know how to pronounce it and doesnt put it on lame

  • hlu#senpai
    hlu#senpai2 måneder siden

    That charger wire is as long as his 3pt range

  • Mason Mcvey
    Mason Mcvey2 måneder siden

    His jacket is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez2 måneder siden


  • Klivlend
    Klivlend2 måneder siden

    why did i notice the cap when he showed the cap?

  • Brooklynguy6
    Brooklynguy62 måneder siden

    Just get a portable charger - Anker got good ones - i been on that for 2-3 years now www.anker.com/products/variant/powercore-ii-20000/A1260011 They have cheaper ones, but this is the one I own and that I can personally vouch for - works great.

  • Aziz Peregrino-Brimah
    Aziz Peregrino-Brimah2 måneder siden

    Favorite NBA player right now. Love this dude.

  • Isaac Rollins
    Isaac Rollins2 måneder siden

    i know this dude is a rapper but he should try out playing basketball, he might be good.

  • Shkar Azad
    Shkar Azad2 måneder siden

    He still using iPhone 8 plus that something we have to learn

  • Aun Sopanhavath
    Aun Sopanhavath2 måneder siden

    ID on Damian jacket?

  • alexdelonge96
    alexdelonge962 måneder siden

    Anybody got the amazon link for the iphone charger?

  • Farima S
    Farima S2 måneder siden

    All those items cost my whole life lmfaooo

  • Patrick Alexandru Popovits
    Patrick Alexandru Popovits2 måneder siden

    My greatest idol in life!❤💯⌚

  • Rachel Lopez
    Rachel Lopez2 måneder siden

    My neighbor took baby pictures for his kid

  • stephanie panamarczuk
    stephanie panamarczuk2 måneder siden

    Class Act

  • sbspassion
    sbspassion2 måneder siden

    My boy trying to sell his merch at the end of the vid 😂 love it tho

  • Bob James
    Bob James2 måneder siden

    uuugh, I thought he was cool...nope

  • Aura
    Aura3 måneder siden

    "I dont even know what iphone I got" lmao

  • Chris Bosh
    Chris Bosh3 måneder siden

    Yalls forgot to include “Making it past the first round”

  • B B
    B B3 måneder siden

    What kind of Jacket did he wear ?

  • Charles Vincent
    Charles Vincent3 måneder siden

    As a former Fraud-Analyst agent in a bank... Dame is right about getting credit card decline

  • Alexandre Bucci
    Alexandre Bucci3 måneder siden

    11 Shaq diss

  • XD Gaming
    XD Gaming3 måneder siden

    @dixie dmelio

  • Rafael
    Rafael3 måneder siden

    Number 1:portland trail blazers

  • Emir Arslan
    Emir Arslan3 måneder siden

    I have these shoes they sooo nice

  • Foff
    Foff3 måneder siden

    i thought damian was a little more humble than this

  • Alan Komagome
    Alan Komagome3 måneder siden

    Dames I hype beast.

  • Trippy Gerritson
    Trippy Gerritson3 måneder siden

    No one: Dame: at a restaurant on his phone with the charger plugged in 10 feet away

  • Dax Mengesha
    Dax Mengesha3 måneder siden

    The sarcasm on the watch is strong 💀

  • gswcurryfan 30
    gswcurryfan 303 måneder siden

    When dame said, to look what time it is? You already know everytime its dame time

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith3 måneder siden

    Dude definitely is true to his self

  • Nuggets 4 Life
    Nuggets 4 Life3 måneder siden

    Now the question. Dame 4s or Dame 6s

  • Inaya Rauff
    Inaya Rauff3 måneder siden

    Lillard :”love everyone “. 6 months later:”skip u a fony”

  • Cash Nasty
    Cash Nasty3 måneder siden

    Kawhi: uhhhhhhhhh water uhhhhhh donut’s uhhhhh my shoes uhhhhh a ha ha ha haha

  • Alfred
    Alfred3 måneder siden

    My man lying here. You cannot carry Portland in your man purse.

  • Matt King
    Matt King3 måneder siden

    the fact that he said wrap it up like a vacuum cleaner and no one said anything about it is insane

  • Shashwat Sharma
    Shashwat Sharma3 måneder siden

    He's so candid💯💯

  • Matthew Chun
    Matthew Chun3 måneder siden

    It’s a purse!

  • Lit hype beast gaming
    Lit hype beast gaming3 måneder siden

    I feel ya

  • Anamauwa Dimgba
    Anamauwa Dimgba3 måneder siden

    I mean Dame Dolla carries the Portland Trail Blazers in his man purse too with the way he’s playing

  • Donald Hutchison

    Donald Hutchison

    3 måneder siden

    This didn’t age well

  • George the BOSS
    George the BOSS3 måneder siden

    Dame on of the most humble out there

  • Raziel S
    Raziel S3 måneder siden

    "They say it can messed up if i wrap it like this...buttt i can afford a new one sooo just wrap it out" Me : we know that and keep reading the book dame so you can get a more humble life 😂😂

  • Vincent Simbol
    Vincent Simbol3 måneder siden

    Dame seriously pulled up to GQ to do some advertising for his brand

  • Hofni Amwaalwa

    Hofni Amwaalwa

    3 måneder siden

    Rightfully so.

  • Kirchoff7
    Kirchoff73 måneder siden

    Dame a real one for looking for homeless people. Straight G for that!!

  • mediacenter man
    mediacenter man3 måneder siden

    2:07 Why Dame rocking 4 tablecloths as a jacket?

  • 6ix9ine fan 64
    6ix9ine fan 643 måneder siden

    Dem lips lookin succcculenttt👄🤤💧💦🌊

  • Rasid Smajlovic
    Rasid Smajlovic3 måneder siden

    What a legend

    BRAYLEN ROBINSON3 måneder siden

    Who here cause dame been going crazy!

  • Gopal Allen
    Gopal Allen3 måneder siden


  • Dhiqo NBA
    Dhiqo NBA3 måneder siden

    Who is here after he win against lebron

  • Lin Ma
    Lin Ma3 måneder siden

    Another thing Damian cant live without: Logo on the basketball court

  • Zeeangelofdeath
    Zeeangelofdeath3 måneder siden

    I like how he wore the airport the right way They aren’t sticking out like horns

  • thePR3TEND3R
    thePR3TEND3R3 måneder siden

    No comment for this, this guy is full of himself and all the talk about money and expensive things just show his character.

  • Basketball Mixtapes
    Basketball Mixtapes3 måneder siden

    GOD bless you all JESUS loves you all✝️✝️✝️

  • Bucketz N Brainz
    Bucketz N Brainz3 måneder siden

    Damian lillard “ I cant live without a book Me” gets a book then throws it away

  • Varun Kedia
    Varun Kedia3 måneder siden

    "Not only is it convenient, it's easy" hahaha love dame :)

  • Pablo Saucedo
    Pablo Saucedo3 måneder siden

    Dame dolla flexin that hulu money 😂

  • Tski boys
    Tski boys3 måneder siden

    MVP Dame Dolla

  • Magic Rose
    Magic Rose3 måneder siden

    Bring giannis bring I'd bring kawhi come on guys ask them

  • Aayush Sahgal
    Aayush Sahgal3 måneder siden

    hits different

  • David Beridze
    David Beridze3 måneder siden

    2:53 thought it was a ring "oh wait, he ain't got one"

  • Sam Huang
    Sam Huang3 måneder siden

    Very practical man

  • jan lucas spomer
    jan lucas spomer3 måneder siden

    He don’t have a iPhone 11 ?

  • Vladdy tv
    Vladdy tv3 måneder siden

    He can plug in his phone on the Basketball court while shooting a 40ft. 3 pointer during Dame Time⌚ He should come out with a Watch Line since hes Dame Time!

  • Jash Desai
    Jash Desai3 måneder siden

    Who is here after he is destroying in the nba bubble

  • Alex Seow

    Alex Seow

    3 måneder siden

    @nac gaming yah good

  • nac gaming

    nac gaming

    3 måneder siden

    @Alex Seow well I'm here because of game 2. Chill dude

  • Alex Seow

    Alex Seow

    3 måneder siden

    @Kenzie Murray dude you're saying that I'm supporting the blazers 😂. Since when did i said I support the blazers?

  • Alex Seow

    Alex Seow

    3 måneder siden

    @nac gaming did I said I support the blazers? 😂 I'm here because of game 1 only dude chill

  • Alex Seow

    Alex Seow

    3 måneder siden

    @Kenzie Murray did I said I support the blazers? No right than pls don't freakin hate me

  • Mav Romulo
    Mav Romulo3 måneder siden

    He def got no love for pat bev and pg13

  • BlueBomber917
    BlueBomber9173 måneder siden

    Someone needs to make a meme about dame saying, “Crusty lips.”

  • MKX mobile
    MKX mobile3 måneder siden

    I just don't understand how some many people hate him for literally no reason

  • Kunmi Oriade
    Kunmi Oriade3 måneder siden

    I feel like he was lowkey memeing throughout this

  • Shiven Pathuri
    Shiven Pathuri4 måneder siden

    I feel like if john wall wasn't playing through injuries and mental issues. He woulda been in dames position right now

  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas4 måneder siden

    Dame: reads “the power of a humble life” Also Dame: my watch is just so people see it’s expensive. I still check my phone for the time

  • Deadhorzion 241
    Deadhorzion 2414 måneder siden

    iPhone 8😅😅

  • Fresh
    Fresh4 måneder siden

    I think that he should be a little bit more humble at this interview like cmon you need an AP Watch just to show to others that you have one

    IGOBYTHEBESTMAN _4 måneder siden

    They need to get giannis on here

  • Talonus ClipZ
    Talonus ClipZ4 måneder siden

    Now on 2k21 cover

  • Jordan Robinson
    Jordan Robinson4 måneder siden

    Dame really the most chill dude

  • Donavin Arrington
    Donavin Arrington4 måneder siden


  • Yisroel Weiss
    Yisroel Weiss4 måneder siden

    Honestly why do Basketball players need snap? Like most of the time they’re playing or in then midst of friends and practicing for big games.