10 Things Christian Pulisic Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things Chelsea attacking midfielder Christian Pulisic can't live without when he hits the road. From Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and Reese's peanut butter cups to cologne and his cell phone, these are the soccer (or football, if you like) star's travel essentials.
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10 Things Christian Pulisic Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Tim.otaii
    Tim.otaii9 timer siden

    adam levine?

  • cr 7
    cr 7Dag siden

    1:29 lol if Cristiano sees this he would be furious... 😂😂

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine3 dager siden

    He is so soft spoken 😍

  • Sohamm Rajput
    Sohamm Rajput5 dager siden

    I use houseparty a lot. That's how much humble he is

  • Ibrahim saleh
    Ibrahim saleh7 dager siden

    10000000000000000000000 simping with that cologne man christain wen did u become a lover boy oh frankie lampi would love to heat this

  • RAM3N TV
    RAM3N TV9 dager siden

    He’s like the Kimi Raikkonen of Soccer 😂 so calm and simple

  • Asjhd Eriuf

    Asjhd Eriuf

    7 dager siden

    Not really tbh

  • Henry the black Alien head
    Henry the black Alien head10 dager siden

    I can't live without my head, but don't bully me or I'll leave social media tomorrow morning

  • ShrekMan 313
    ShrekMan 31310 dager siden

    A goal?

  • Taylor Tobias
    Taylor Tobias12 dager siden

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  • H Ansell
    H Ansell13 dager siden

    Absolute chiller.

  • Mustaf Adan
    Mustaf Adan14 dager siden

    he is doing a promotion in the video for houseparty

  • Zalay Boti
    Zalay Boti14 dager siden

    Christian the goat so humble

  • Treasure HarveyTv
    Treasure HarveyTv14 dager siden

    he seems so sweet 🥺

  • Jared Garcia
    Jared Garcia14 dager siden

    I thought one of them was gonna be n’golo kante

  • Shaquire is the name
    Shaquire is the name14 dager siden

    @GQ Sports you should do a series of ten apps that you can’t live without it

  • Leonardo Serodio
    Leonardo Serodio15 dager siden

    Soccer players are normally like this y'all, you're just not used to humble superstars lol

  • Steve Cato
    Steve Cato17 dager siden

    Such a simple and hilarious guy.

  • Guinness Harvey
    Guinness Harvey19 dager siden

    I feel some of these athletes don’t quite understand the concept here. Phone, shoes, wallet?? I’m sure it’s not supposed to be what you literally can’t live without:))) come on guys, be more creative:)

  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle19 dager siden

    Great endorsement for Kirke cologne.

  • urban
    urban24 dager siden

    doesn't know how to pronounce his last name lol

  • X. Invictus
    X. Invictus27 dager siden

    He seems to friendly that I can't even put him on attacking mentality on football manager.

  • Russell Mothupi
    Russell Mothupi28 dager siden

    they definitely caught him walking on the street and said "hey, wanna shoot a 10 essentials episode"

  • R N
    R N28 dager siden

    Humble and cool guy overall 🤙🏽

  • Brynne McHugh
    Brynne McHugh28 dager siden

    He said that he does not want he newest phones as he is holding the iPhone 11 Pro! LOL

  • Toni Georg
    Toni GeorgMåned siden

    Christian Pulisic make Klay Thompson to looks cocky

  • Giorgio Setti
    Giorgio SettiMåned siden

    Did he say that when his shoes get dirty he gets a new pair?😂

  • Fahmi M. Gibran
    Fahmi M. GibranMåned siden

    bruh i thought pulisic was croatian

  • nicmcd
    nicmcdMåned siden

    anyone got the background beat name at 3:49

  • JeanMarc Delmolino
    JeanMarc DelmolinoMåned siden

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  • amandine pluchet
    amandine pluchetMåned siden

    Can't believe his only 22

  • krkiva2
    krkiva2Måned siden

    He forgot to mention his injuries though

  • Bethanie Stauffer
    Bethanie StaufferMåned siden

    "i don't even know if it works" lmao same but you will not catch me without the chapstick either

  • Kaithlyn Lisbey
    Kaithlyn LisbeyMåned siden

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  • 3RD Period Vlogs
    3RD Period VlogsMåned siden

    “As soon as they get dirty I buy some new ones” could never be me

  • Ugo Boss
    Ugo BossMåned siden

    Hey, come to Manchester city! Pep, get this guy. Let Chelsea buy Halaand!

  • Aidan Rossiter
    Aidan RossiterMåned siden

    Ladies man

  • Hector Albarado
    Hector AlbaradoMåned siden

    It’s sad his life is getting ruined

  • David Barr
    David BarrMåned siden

    Chelsea football club could beat Liverpool football club because Liverpool aren’t playing well

  • S Myers
    S MyersMåned siden

    Nn*23455&& &v&t&v5*&&$#@@@@@##2##@@@@@z@@%@%@g@%##@#$ $*((m7’(&n86rsuiou4(7(& 2#@1@z@2@jO

  • Pero Maric
    Pero MaricMåned siden

    Man, he doesn't know to pronounce his surname correctly

  • N G
    N GMåned siden

    lets goo

  • Dee DiTeodoro
    Dee DiTeodoroMåned siden

    I want Chelsea mask they are my fav team

  • veshtoran
    veshtoranMåned siden

    stop eating those reese's and start scoring goals !!! :D

  • Justin Ace
    Justin AceMåned siden

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  • footamins store
    footamins storeMåned siden

    Pulisic can live without goals / assist

    DR NWAMBZMåned siden

    This boy is so simple😂😂

  • henderman
    hendermanMåned siden

    Forgot to add guns innit

  • RATT
    RATTMåned siden

    dude looks like white drake

  • Brett Orlob
    Brett OrlobMåned siden

    Since he also can't live without supporting the murder of people who oppose fascism and racism, he can f right off. I say that as a long time CFC & USMNT supporter.

  • Justin Ace
    Justin AceMåned siden

    The false familiar famous carrot findingsinitially delay because oxygen assembly request than a furry furtive apartment. bawdy, spotless server

  • KTK
    KTKMåned siden


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    16 dager siden


  • SoyBoy69
    SoyBoy69Måned siden

    Did this man just choose his iphone...

  • isaac S
    isaac SMåned siden


  • one click
    one clickMåned siden

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  • cocobana29
    cocobana29Måned siden

    more football (soccer) players if you ask me

  • Bogdan Obradovic
    Bogdan ObradovicMåned siden

    It's funny how he doesn't even know how to pronounce his own name lol.

  • Nightrain92
    Nightrain92Måned siden

    Flight: a nobooodyyyyyyyy

  • Edith Sarangeh
    Edith SarangehMåned siden

    My faaav player ... captain America😍

  • Robert Brown
    Robert BrownMåned siden

    Bro is so likable and down to earth, super dope 🔥

  • Order 66
    Order 66Måned siden

    So literally there are thousands of football players, and you picked Pulisic?

  • Groza Vladimir
    Groza VladimirMåned siden

    I think this should play for Chelsea idk, he looks like he can be good at football

  • Oscar
    OscarMåned siden

    How about english girls

  • Karan Perla
    Karan PerlaMåned siden

    If Pulisic wears his chain with "Om Symbol" instead of the "Cross", Christian Pulisic would be called as Hindu Pulisic!

  • Immanuel Aya
    Immanuel AyaMåned siden

    Honestly, he's so boring and flimsy it's kind of awkward.

  • Ken Farlez
    Ken FarlezMåned siden

    get MPJ to do this !!!

  • roller
    rollerMåned siden


  • Mr JM10
    Mr JM10Måned siden

    < HI guys please check out my football channel.

  • Deyvid Komsiyski
    Deyvid KomsiyskiMåned siden

    sometimes you gotta show your id, pay for things, that's how the world works nowadays? Mate, have you been living in a cave before ? It's been like that for quite a few decades now

  • Caleb Chetty
    Caleb Chetty2 måneder siden

    Is dis guy American

  • Han Solo

    Han Solo

    Måned siden

    Of course he is 😂😂😂

  • Callum 20
    Callum 202 måneder siden

    Very down to earth guy.

  • Callum 20
    Callum 202 måneder siden

    He needs a different brand of chapstick if it's causing him chapped lips

  • sany
    sany2 måneder siden

    don't know who he is but hellooooo

  • Joe Miller
    Joe Miller2 måneder siden

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

  • Dov Finkelstein
    Dov Finkelstein2 måneder siden

    This guy is so chill

  • merve kemeş
    merve kemeş2 måneder siden

    gvblknmkv ujgh

  • Odhiambo
    Odhiambo2 måneder siden

    Such a Humble guy. Kudos 👏👏

  • Darra m
    Darra m2 måneder siden

    As a Chelsea fan, I’m starting to believe that this dude is slightly overrated. He hasn’t performed in almost 2 years

  • Daniel
    Daniel2 måneder siden

    You cant hate person such a Pulisic. What a kind guy!

  • tonyk174
    tonyk1742 måneder siden

    I know you are American, but your name sounds Croatian, sooo Pulišič looks better :D

  • gerald moodley
    gerald moodley2 måneder siden

    Captain America 🤩🤩

  • Liga MX En Vivo
    Liga MX En Vivo2 måneder siden

    Can y’all do video with Cristiano Ronaldo ???

  • Marty D
    Marty D2 måneder siden

    love reese’s!

  • YEEKEE Kwon
    YEEKEE Kwon2 måneder siden

    Dude pulled out an id as an essential on gq vogue..

  • Bad Wolfe
    Bad Wolfe2 måneder siden


  • Allex Wentz
    Allex Wentz2 måneder siden

    Joe Harris next

  • Life Time
    Life Time2 måneder siden

    What's up dude

  • Ashley D
    Ashley D2 måneder siden

    Please do this with Jamal Adams

  • Santiago Umana
    Santiago Umana2 måneder siden

    Hopefully they get to show more soccer players

  • Saad
    Saad2 måneder siden

    Can we all agree Burt's Bees is amazing?

  • PJ
    PJ2 måneder siden

    Pulisic looks like someone who'd be in the military.

  • Uglie fish
    Uglie fish2 måneder siden

    He is the only type of American I like.

  • PJ


    2 måneder siden

    hmm well he sure seems to be a pretty chill dude but meh he's kinda boring. Americans are usually much louder and have a lot more social energy than him, the ones I've came across to say the least. I guess he's what happens when an American lives in Europe for way too long.

  • Carlos Chairez
    Carlos Chairez2 måneder siden

    Good video you guys should do more futbol players !

  • gLock Kidd
    gLock Kidd2 måneder siden

    His mom was my p.e teacher in 7th grade ms pulisic

  • PastorDonkoh
    PastorDonkoh2 måneder siden

    Where’s his American rifle??

  • vCnsored-
    vCnsored-2 måneder siden

    As a European when i heard his surname for the first time, i thought he was balkan. Turns out he's American and says his name like pulisik😆

  • Joe Poop
    Joe Poop2 måneder siden

    Man this man is giving valuable points as to why it's worth mugging him

  • Matthew Wilkinson
    Matthew Wilkinson2 måneder siden

    A gun

    AKF AAF2 måneder siden


  • 100- Cherries
    100- Cherries2 måneder siden

    I’m surprised he didn’t say step-overs

  • dotun akinola
    dotun akinola2 måneder siden

    the head bop hit different at 0:05