10 Things Christian McCaffrey Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things Carolina Panthers star running back Christian McCaffrey can't live without at home. From his personal sauna and his piano to his Xbox and Boosted Board, these are Christian McCaffrey's essentials.

Shop Christian McCaffrey's essentials below. (Note: if you buy something through these retail links, GQ may earn an affiliate commission.)
Apple iPad: amzn.to/3iEX8W9
Bose Home Speaker: amzn.to/2XRVYOP
Xbox: amzn.to/3kyBGE1
Boosted electric longboard: fave.co/3ajjppr
Jura coffee maker: amzn.to/3kDFX8Z
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10 Things Christian McCaffrey Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Jacob Hassell
    Jacob HassellDag siden

    6:42 well I've decided where I'm gonna live :D

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    권혁민2 dager siden

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  • Evans 27
    Evans 273 dager siden

    fortnite of all games...he really picked fortnite

  • 8Forrest8Gump8
    8Forrest8Gump83 dager siden

    Looks like he can’t live without ankles huh.. at least can’t play football without them!

  • KobeTheGoat
    KobeTheGoat4 dager siden

    I don’t even watch football but I liked his lifestyle and mentality

  • Paul Stiles
    Paul Stiles5 dager siden

    I wonder what was hanging on the wall that they must have taken down for the shot. Can see the hooks on the wall behind him.

  • Dxvgie Dxvg
    Dxvgie Dxvg5 dager siden

    Good for CMC playing xbox. And everyone always hates on fortnite, but epic still supports the game and if you having fun, then power to you.

  • kiitos12345
    kiitos123457 dager siden


  • Caleb Batch
    Caleb Batch11 dager siden

    Seems like a really cool guy

  • We finna Make it
    We finna Make it12 dager siden

    Who here cuz they miss seeing him😫😫😫 get well soon

  • Drew Dean
    Drew Dean23 dager siden

    He is my favorite player

  • mora peeps
    mora peeps24 dager siden

    “What’s up guys this is Christian, RB, WR, QB, Coach, GM, and Owner of the Carolina Panthers”!”

  • Saw Real
    Saw Real25 dager siden

    Man im 1-6 in fantasy because you not playing bro!!!

  • stanley Appleton
    stanley Appleton25 dager siden

    No one- CMC- “it’s a mental escape”

  • Juan Gil
    Juan Gil25 dager siden

    Hi Christian! This is lazarus

  • steve martin
    steve martin26 dager siden

    I appreciate hearing what you like and I do appreciate your beliefs and your humble spirit mr.

  • Madisøn N
    Madisøn N26 dager siden

    Ok but his grill is sick with that carolina Panthers logo on it

  • Kenneth Steele
    Kenneth Steele26 dager siden

    Who’s watching on Halloween I know kinda random lol

  • Henry Taylor
    Henry Taylor27 dager siden

    Christian seems like a cool dude to just hang out with

  • Gerad Brough
    Gerad Brough27 dager siden

    One of the more humble, if that's possible, superstars. Gives you no choice but to like him.

  • Loma Leannon
    Loma Leannon27 dager siden

    he’s one of my essentials in fantasy football

  • Antisocial-Wxlf Inuzuka
    Antisocial-Wxlf Inuzuka27 dager siden

    Why you beat destroying like that

  • Rohan Mathew
    Rohan Mathew28 dager siden

    You look related to valteri bottas

  • Dalton Cannon
    Dalton Cannon29 dager siden

    Ewww fortnite

  • Phil the thrill
    Phil the thrill29 dager siden

    Seems like a cool guy....

  • Samu Moala
    Samu Moala29 dager siden

    Who thought the two stuff on his wall was something on your screen!!LMAO

  • Bagels Bagels
    Bagels BagelsMåned siden

    I thought he was gonna add Doritos lol

  • Andrew Wang
    Andrew WangMåned siden

    Still waiting for someone to say a can of beans

  • Bro Django
    Bro DjangoMåned siden

    Biggie, Pac, Em and Wayne? Did we just become best friends?

  • Matrix - The original.
    Matrix - The original.Måned siden

    0:49 Did the sauna actually broke the table like that and nobody is talking about it?😭

  • Christopher Noll
    Christopher NollMåned siden

    Bring Nick Chubb on here

  • 43 Seven
    43 SevenMåned siden

    So Tad made it.

  • Jessica Agriani
    Jessica AgrianiMåned siden

    This guy is well put together man. I’m so jealous haha

  • Diego London
    Diego LondonMåned siden

    CMC 🐐🐐🐐

  • Matthew Padilla
    Matthew PadillaMåned siden

    Can take the kid out of Colorado but you can't take the Colorado out the kid lol

  • chaka zulu

    chaka zulu

    26 dager siden

    He doesn't smoke weed or ski, and everyone in Colorado drives Subarus.

  • Neil Crawford
    Neil CrawfordMåned siden

    also his essential 100+ yards a game

  • Pj Marsden
    Pj MarsdenMåned siden

    The best way to get girls is to learn to.play the piano. Some reason I feel being one best attacking players in the NFL might allow you to not need the piano playing

  • Iceman 1001
    Iceman 1001Måned siden

    Next up. King Henry please!!!

  • Kevin
    KevinMåned siden

    You guys need George Kittle on here asap

  • rnaefaletui
    rnaefaletuiMåned siden

    a man of taste.

  • Alex Kamara
    Alex KamaraMåned siden

    Yeah gonna skip the season cause of a 99% survival rating sickness so you can lolly gag I your mansion. Stfu

  • RuSean


    23 dager siden

    @Alex Kamara A high ankle sprain specifically? I mean we're talking about one of the worst variations of a sprain that anyone can get and you're comparing it to your JV injuries? Obviously the Panthers are going to hold CMAC back until he's 100%. By the way, a green and blue sprain is not directly proportional to the severity of your ankle sprain, it just means that spot got swollen 😬

  • Alex Kamara

    Alex Kamara

    24 dager siden

    @RuSean why would I be mad bud?😂 I'm not even a Panthers fan. And a sprained ankle? For 8 weeks?😂 I sprained my ankle badly last year... it was green and blue and I was back after only 4 days. 🤦‍♂️

  • RuSean


    24 dager siden

    @Alex Kamara nor is he skipping the season cause of Covid-19. He has a legitimate injury and you're mad that he's out 😂😂

  • Alex Kamara

    Alex Kamara

    25 dager siden

    @RuSean and still isn't playing. 🤦‍♂️

  • RuSean


    27 dager siden

    what are you talking about he's still on the active roster...

  • East Coast Killa
    East Coast KillaMåned siden


  • Higher Than Time's
    Higher Than Time'sMåned siden

    The boosted board tho

  • Lamp Pole
    Lamp PoleMåned siden

    Rip boosted

  • Sid Howard
    Sid HowardMåned siden

    He must know how good he is or something

  • Laney Collins
    Laney CollinsMåned siden

    now i know were he lives, smirk face!

  • Hit‘em in the Groin With a Banjo
    Hit‘em in the Groin With a BanjoMåned siden

    I remember watching Ed run slants & just get lit up back when defense could hit. More often than not, he held onto the ball & got the first down when his team needed it most. Like a tall Edelman type. You can tell he taught his kid well

  • chad richards
    chad richardsMåned siden

    he removed a painting or picture on the wall behind him, you can see the hangars

  • Dee Loc
    Dee LocMåned siden

    Crazy a white possession receiver birthed a son that may end up being the top white running back ever and is one of the top running backs in the NFL now

  • SmittyTheGoat
    SmittyTheGoatMåned siden

    imagine you and the boys are in squads in 2018-20 and you kill cmc and crew and not even know

  • Whospyro
    WhospyroMåned siden

    I would love to see 10 Things Tyler Herro Can't Live Without | GQ Sports

  • Aidan Cridlebaugh
    Aidan CridlebaughMåned siden

    Christian: My game right now is fortnite. Me and the boys: AYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  • drakeanton2000
    drakeanton2000Måned siden

    Y’all really put a ranger up there

  • Zinovi the best
    Zinovi the bestMåned siden

    Can you do mahomes next

    SLIME DOGMåned siden

    He hella got a lisp

  • Anna
    AnnaMåned siden

    Wowowow what an incredibly handsome and down to earth man

  • Cc Bernadin
    Cc BernadinMåned siden

    Solid Essentials

  • Sandra Gonzalez
    Sandra GonzalezMåned siden

    His electric skate board is awesome!!!

  • Benjamin Weiss
    Benjamin WeissMåned siden

    Does he have perfect pitch

  • Matthew Hallal
    Matthew HallalMåned siden

    U guys should do trace mcsorley next

  • Mike Morr
    Mike MorrMåned siden

    Eww he’s a X-box guy

  • jg 711
    jg 711Måned siden

    Just an old school 90s laid back american kid, raised with good moral values.

  • Flea Flicker
    Flea FlickerMåned siden


  • Luis Sevilla
    Luis SevillaMåned siden

    Christian sounds like such a down to earth guy , God bless man !

  • Alycia Wilson
    Alycia WilsonMåned siden

    I call ice hockey which I’ve been playing since I was 8 out here in sunny California lol I have always called it “my first true love.” The place I always felt exactly right , so when he said football was his love... hit me right in my sports feels 😂

  • mikecip2311
    mikecip2311Måned siden

    Looks like Steve cook

  • Ronnie Williams
    Ronnie WilliamsMåned siden

    I want that Bose Speaker. Love a great sound system. My Sony Docking station, 15 - 20 watts of pure bliss.

  • Rodolfo Escamilla
    Rodolfo EscamillaMåned siden

    Colorado kid! Rooting for C Mac!

  • Justin Anderson
    Justin AndersonMåned siden

    Proceeds to show a Ranger lol

  • thtkidfrmscool k
    thtkidfrmscool kMåned siden

    He seems so old then on the field

  • thtkidfrmscool k
    thtkidfrmscool kMåned siden

    He my favorite player on my favorite team

  • Clark Curtis
    Clark CurtisMåned siden

    Why’d they have a picture of a Ford Ranger haha

  • AdamGold
    AdamGold2 måneder siden

    this is why I like christian, cos non of these you can bring on the plane..lol

  • Someone named Joe
    Someone named Joe2 måneder siden

    Bro cmc is a fortnite kid

  • ShaloneC13
    ShaloneC132 måneder siden

    Real athletes luv saunas man

  • Sauls XS ✓
    Sauls XS ✓2 måneder siden

    I have same exact iPad, with the same exact case 😂.... I’m using it rn

  • Teemu Engberg
    Teemu Engberg2 måneder siden

    Suomi mainittu!! Torille!!

  • Devin
    Devin2 måneder siden

    Fck Yeah Jura Gang

  • Dizzy
    Dizzy2 måneder siden

    Still waiting on an Alex Caruso video

  • Fichy
    Fichy2 måneder siden

    Anyone else cringe at the RANGER not the raptor

  • Patrick Springer
    Patrick Springer2 måneder siden

    They gotta do richard sherman, I wanna know what a Stanford graduate with a 4.2 gpa that plays in the nfl essentials are.

  • JayJoJonny
    JayJoJonny2 måneder siden

    CMC, have you thought about a grill cover?

  • NeXuS DRaMa
    NeXuS DRaMa2 måneder siden

    The best running back in the league doesn't like to walk 😂😂 who'd have thought

  • Pacific12reign
    Pacific12reign2 måneder siden

    He would be a beast in Rugby!!!

  • keuris fernandez
    keuris fernandez2 måneder siden

    He literally loves his board 😂

  • XXX
    XXX2 måneder siden

    Y’all really put up a picture of a ford “Ranger” raptor.... wack

  • Jacob Novotny
    Jacob Novotny2 måneder siden

    bruh, fortnite, ew

  • Tanner Luke
    Tanner Luke2 måneder siden

    Respect for being an xbox guy but the mostly fortnite is disappointing Haha

  • Jim Acee
    Jim Acee2 måneder siden

    shoutout jack arnold

  • Pat Miller
    Pat Miller2 måneder siden

    This the only real essential

  • sherman 8
    sherman 82 måneder siden

    make a giant grill sized burger on the grill it would have the panthers logo on it

  • Mustafaryan
    Mustafaryan2 måneder siden

    11. Ankle

  • Madden Pulse
    Madden Pulse2 måneder siden

    New Video Title... The history of sauna

  • Ayden Kraus
    Ayden Kraus2 måneder siden

    what I did not know christian play fort nite

  • Masterpsflood
    Masterpsflood2 måneder siden

    Add 1 ankle brace to these essentials

  • 100 subs with No vids
    100 subs with No vids2 måneder siden

    Panthers can’t live without Christian McCaffry

  • Affiliuos
    Affiliuos2 måneder siden

    5 Things i can’t live without 1:Food 2:Air 3:Water 4:Legs 5:Arms

  • Dubs Only
    Dubs Only2 måneder siden

    Get Tyler Herro on this

  • Jordan Duncan
    Jordan Duncan2 måneder siden

    Apparently his ankle was an essential:(

  • jp rodz
    jp rodz2 måneder siden

    when he said fortnite i lost respect for him