10 Things Bubba Wallace Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace can't live without when he hits the road. From his Nintendo Switch and iPad Pro to Carmex and his camera, these are Bubba Wallace's travel essentials.

Shop Bubba Wallace's essentials below. (Note: if you buy something through these retail links, GQ may earn an affiliate commission.)

Maui Jim sunglasses: amzn.to/3kAzkVf
Beats Studio3: amzn.to/2XYxSSS
Nintendo Switch: amzn.to/33RlS9q
iPad Pro: amzn.to/33Q3cH7
Sony a9 II Mirrorless Camera: amzn.to/30PgAJt
Bell & Ross BR 03-94 RS18 watch: fave.co/2XTiPJY
Macbook Pro: amzn.to/2PMrsl5
Carmex: amzn.to/2XSO6Nm
iPhone11 Pro: amzn.to/31Lkrqn
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10 Things Bubba Wallace Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Baracka Flaka Flame
    Baracka Flaka FlameDag siden

    Id love to spit on this pos.

  • The Nascar Tiger Cup series
    The Nascar Tiger Cup series2 dager siden

    Next do chase Elliott

    DDOSING14 dager siden

    10 things he cant live without..... Followed by 15 guys he couldn't solve a hoax without ....

  • CAS
    CAS17 dager siden

    He can live without WINNING that's forsure

    JUSTIN K RENGOKU19 dager siden

    Surprise he didn't show off the rope😂

  • Noah Green
    Noah Green24 dager siden

    he had to say ipad PRO

  • Bystronicman08
    Bystronicman0825 dager siden

    Apple and Beats. Two of the most overrated products ever.

  • T W
    T W28 dager siden

    I hope fake hate crimes is on the list.

  • classic white bread
    classic white bread28 dager siden

    And seizures

  • Enter the Normie
    Enter the Normie29 dager siden


  • Derrin Eckelmann
    Derrin Eckelmann29 dager siden

    Bubba Wallace cant live without “Protesting”

  • Jenina Cusay
    Jenina CusayMåned siden

    You can really tell he use that bell and ross.. gotta respect the guy

  • Justin Looper
    Justin LooperMåned siden

    He forgot to show off his rope ;)

  • Derrin Eckelmann

    Derrin Eckelmann

    29 dager siden

    Thats because it was in a knot 😂🤣👍🏻

  • david wilson
    david wilsonMåned siden


  • aidan
    aidanMåned siden

    holy watch tan line

  • Andreas Habeck
    Andreas HabeckMåned siden

    When he said he likes Metal, I thought it was going to be Metallica. But no, actually something legit, respect

  • M Phelps
    M PhelpsMåned siden

    I don't follow NASCAR but as soon as he said he was a Metal fan and that the heaviest relaxes him the most I thought "Yes mate, you're speaking my language."

  • Trent Scott
    Trent ScottMåned siden

    Nick Jonas in Blackface

  • Mountain Man
    Mountain ManMåned siden

    Tanned Louis Rossmann

  • Homie Homie
    Homie HomieMåned siden

    This guy too cool

  • No83 YT
    No83 YTMåned siden


  • Gav Millz
    Gav MillzMåned siden

    Anyone see the bug crawling on the bag

  • Gav Millz

    Gav Millz

    Måned siden

    Near 10:40

  • Thiago Mauá
    Thiago MauáMåned siden

    He went full watch tanning

  • Joshy D
    Joshy DMåned siden

    Fun fact his watch was made by bell and Ross for a collab with Renault sport formula one team as the my sponsor them

  • Johnny Bolt
    Johnny BoltMåned siden

    Now my boy is a Jordan racing driver

  • All Guru
    All GuruMåned siden

    What does he do?

  • dega


    Måned siden

    He's a NASCAR driver

    ELECTRONMåned siden


  • T W

    T W

    28 dager siden

    Burn, loot. Murder



    29 dager siden

    @Derrin Eckelmann Only the first part I agree with the last part no

  • Derrin Eckelmann

    Derrin Eckelmann

    29 dager siden


  • Blue Flags
    Blue FlagsMåned siden

    If a camera getting thrown at him scares him the imagine a 3000 pound car coming at him

  • Tech Explained
    Tech ExplainedMåned siden

    wow this comment section is not a degenerate cancerous cesspool i'm surprised

  • Junior Colanzi
    Junior ColanziMåned siden

    I dont know why but I always thought he would have some custom beats, like Danny Ricciardo wait a minute, you got a league on Mario Kart? that's kinda stuff I would do if I were a racing driver lmao

  • Junior Colanzi

    Junior Colanzi

    Måned siden

    @Andrew Ramthun that looks pretty cool! richard petty blue

  • Andrew Ramthun

    Andrew Ramthun

    Måned siden

    He actually does now, this video was filmed 2 months ago, if you look on his Instagram he has a couple of pictures while wearing them

  • Itzr
    ItzrMåned siden

    Bubba says he doesn’t listen to country and the lists three traditional country artists

  • Glock Boy
    Glock BoyMåned siden

    forgot the garage door closing string.

  • Roger Roger
    Roger RogerMåned siden

    Blue Lives Matter. Say it. Live it

  • andy roo
    andy rooMåned siden

    His victim status?

  • jay sand
    jay sandMåned siden

    It’s hysterical because I can live without bubba Wallace

  • King Tipps
    King TippsMåned siden

    today I went to Bubba Wallace's race in charlotte a lot of racist booed him and I was very mad because they boo the black guy because he's black and he's making it to the top and just to let you know me and my mom were one of the only black people there so yeah

  • Derrin Eckelmann

    Derrin Eckelmann

    29 dager siden

    So because they booed a Liar and manipulator who is a race baiter your upset ? I think that makes you a racist for trying to find racism were there is no racism .

  • M1 M
    M1 MMåned siden

    Famous for being afraid of a garage door handle? WIllie T wanna be... it’ll never happen. If only he’d be competitive and finish higher than 25th I’d root for the guy. Being propped up by nascar and now a Jordan Hamlin money making pandering scheme won’t cut it for most nascar viewers. Don’t be a pawn bubba!!! Good luck.

    MrAKJUICY2 måneder siden

    No one likes you bubba



    Måned siden

    @dega stfu BLM drone

  • dega


    Måned siden

    lmao sure dumbass

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan2 måneder siden

    People *reaaalllyyy* hate being told racism and classism still exists huh? These comments are pathetic and projecting insecurities on the internet.

  • T W

    T W

    28 dager siden

    Na they just hate when people make up fake hate crimes to get attention.

  • Derrin Eckelmann

    Derrin Eckelmann

    29 dager siden

    Sounds like you just described yourself buddy 👍🏻

  • Justin Elia
    Justin Elia2 måneder siden

    I can't stand this guy

  • Joseph Kamron

    Joseph Kamron

    2 måneder siden


  • Jaluan
    Jaluan2 måneder siden

    So people dislike and hate him because he stood up against hate...haters will do that

  • TheJudoJoker
    TheJudoJoker2 måneder siden

    Lots of sad, jealous, insecure dudes in the comments here.

  • SurrealCereal


    Måned siden

    you don't know the half of it my guy

  • Zenon 45

    Zenon 45

    Måned siden

    Unfortunately people just can't own up to the fact he didn't do anything, sooner or later they'll realize this guys is gonna be around for a while, and for good reason

  • Arccway
    Arccway2 måneder siden

    This guys awesome! 👏🏿

  • IamSuave
    IamSuave2 måneder siden

    I like the Mario Kart competition. Cool idea.

  • AP Two Tone
    AP Two Tone2 måneder siden

    Racists are going to have field day in here

  • Khari Johnson
    Khari Johnson2 måneder siden

    A garage pull

  • roger watson
    roger watson2 måneder siden

    I can tell you the #1 thing I can live without. bubba wallace.

  • Lynette Locklear
    Lynette Locklear2 måneder siden

    I say bubba needs to go back to the gas station.

  • TNT1138
    TNT11382 måneder siden


  • Nicholas John
    Nicholas John2 måneder siden

    Anyone who doesn't like this guy is a loser

  • Ivan Chavez
    Ivan Chavez2 måneder siden

    This guy seems like a class A douche bag

  • Jj Aze
    Jj Aze2 måneder siden

    You won't hear this amidst all the hate, but he's not having a bad season, 1 Top 5, 5 Top 10s and an avg. finish of 19.5. Consider that's he's racing for RPM, Aric Almirola put up similar numbers in his last season at RPM before going to Stewart Haas and now he's a Top 10 driver.

  • Zenon 45

    Zenon 45

    Måned siden

    I personally think the problem is he is trying too hard to outperform his ride, hes still inexperienced so wait a couple years and he'll be silencing the silencing the haters

  • NotMy RealName
    NotMy RealName2 måneder siden

    Number 11: "I can't live without playing the victim"

  • Nicolas T

    Nicolas T

    2 måneder siden

    lol true

  • KnoxRail


    2 måneder siden

    NotMy RealName SO TRUE LOL

  • Jon C
    Jon C2 måneder siden

    Greetings tiki-torch whites! 👋

  • Logan Jurczak
    Logan Jurczak2 måneder siden

    Essential number 11. Beat up Aubrey Huff

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B2 måneder siden

    Jussie #2

  • macatac14
    macatac142 måneder siden

    Number 1 The hangman's guide to essential knots.

  • Wes Derp
    Wes Derp2 måneder siden

    This is obviously not really his 10 essentials because I was almost certain No. 1 was going to be his Victim Card.

  • christopher and julia
    christopher and julia3 måneder siden

    baremetalwallet.com ! the best

  • Sherwin John
    Sherwin John3 måneder siden

    He’s the future of NASCAR and the hope for NASCAR to be as popular as back in the early to mid 2000s

  • Nicolas T

    Nicolas T

    2 måneder siden


  • Carl The One

    Carl The One

    2 måneder siden


    WIZE GUYZ *SUPREME*3 måneder siden

    This is my use to be video , these use to be my Sun glasses , & this use 2 be stuff b4 I told poppa petty w my unlimited money supply!!! "The Nascar Program" that I wanted to go find my real Daddy Al Sharpton w da Limited Money Supply!!! "The Snap Program"

  • Steve Robinson
    Steve Robinson3 måneder siden

    Who really cares?

  • Emily George

    Emily George

    2 måneder siden

    Just curious, why don’t you like him.

  • Andrew Ang
    Andrew Ang3 måneder siden

    Currents 🤘

  • Moe A
    Moe A3 måneder siden

    Number 1 thing he can’t live without, BEING THE VICTIM!

  • C L
    C L3 måneder siden

    1. telling a boo boo 2. being a victim 3.. telling a boo boo 4. My BLM surname Wallace 5. telling a boo boo 6. Knot tying hand book 7. telling a boo boo 8. not acknowledging the telling of a Boo Boo 9 .telling a boo boo 10. Juicy Smollet

  • Micah Nao
    Micah Nao3 måneder siden

    Smollett got gains.

    DRACO FURY 133 måneder siden

    Bell and Ross skeleton is a beautiful timepiece

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson3 måneder siden

    Smollett has been hitting he gym...

  • spunkmeyer k
    spunkmeyer k3 måneder siden

    Or is it juicy Wallace I can’t remember?

  • spunkmeyer k
    spunkmeyer k3 måneder siden

    Hey it’s that bubba smolet guy.

  • Ah Ok
    Ah Ok3 måneder siden

    Pretty sure he carries a little dollhouse rope to dispose near by whenever he feels he want to be a victim and start a race war at the same time.

  • Salty Navy
    Salty Navy3 måneder siden

    He Probly loses in Mario kart too.

  • Charles Groebner

    Charles Groebner

    2 måneder siden

    Salty Navy Honestly that’s nearly everyone. I always lose on Sherbet Land in N64.

  • Jerry Phillips
    Jerry Phillips3 måneder siden

    Who cares!

  • Salvador Tejeda
    Salvador Tejeda3 måneder siden

    Guess what nobody cares!!! Quit acting like he's a good driver and has a lot of fans.

  • KnoxRail


    2 måneder siden

    IINightWolf he always plays the victim card and his a prick

  • dead computers

    dead computers

    3 måneder siden


  • IINightWolf_侍


    3 måneder siden

    I never undertstand why People hate Wallace. I love this Guy, personnaly.

  • bbob70
    bbob703 måneder siden

    Chip on his shoulder should be number one.

  • Aurora 51
    Aurora 513 måneder siden

    Bubba the Cry Baby Wallace is getting a lot of attention. Hes like a little school girl who just became popular. Sorry Baby Bubba Nascar fans still think you Suck!

  • Austin butler
    Austin butler3 måneder siden

    I feel like all the juicy comments were deleted

  • Black Man In A Kilt

    Black Man In A Kilt

    Måned siden

    @MMM 🤣🤣🤣Jesus

  • ً


    Måned siden

    @SurrealCereal "white people stay mad" is racist

  • SurrealCereal


    Måned siden

    @MMM found one, austin

  • MMM


    Måned siden

    @TreManning1985 stay oppressed

  • TreManning1985


    2 måneder siden

    White people stay mad

  • zak luke
    zak luke3 måneder siden

    I would hate to only be well known bc my race and not my performance

  • Zenon 45

    Zenon 45

    Måned siden

    Nascar jumped the gun on this one, bubba took the blame cause nascar made it look like he orchestrated it. Bubba is still inexperienced though, hopefully he can flourish with whatever cars jordan and hamlin can put together

  • Digital Camaro

    Digital Camaro

    2 måneder siden

    He literally only brings it up when someone asks him about it.

  • KnoxRail


    2 måneder siden

    zak luke I know it’s so raist

  • Jon C

    Jon C

    2 måneder siden

    He didn't ask for it. I'm assuming your white so blame it on your family and friends

  • Krista Anheluk
    Krista Anheluk3 måneder siden

    He brought ANY and ALL negative comments on himself....dudes an idiot

  • CoreyAtoZ
    CoreyAtoZ3 måneder siden

    Metal music in nascar. Respect. Manual mode photography. Respect. Both things I am very into. They’re both very relaxing and also energizing.

  • Zenon 45

    Zenon 45

    Måned siden

    @Cody Simpson he's just angry cause his favourite victim kyle busch hasn't won yet

  • Cody Simpson

    Cody Simpson

    2 måneder siden

    @Oliver Seiler Hey, what someone gave you a package that said there was a bomb in it? I bet you would play the victim too

  • IINightWolf_侍


    3 måneder siden

    @Oliver Seiler And you, you love Believe Politic BullShits !

  • Do The Thing Theater
    Do The Thing Theater3 måneder siden

    How the BG music is heavy metal after he mentions he likes metal 👌

  • wv171
    wv1713 måneder siden

    Blame everybody & everything except himself over his race finishes at end of the day.

  • aidan


    Måned siden


  • The mad lad
    The mad lad3 måneder siden

    hey look it is jussie bobby

  • Andreas Habeck

    Andreas Habeck

    Måned siden

    Not really tho

  • Jimi Deez

    Jimi Deez

    Måned siden


  • Alex7aj
    Alex7aj3 måneder siden

    Glad he didn’t mistake those glasses they tossed at him for a throwing knife. First blood.@ me

  • dom, raider nation
    dom, raider nation3 måneder siden

    i always seemed to think bubba wallace never sleeps this just confirmed it

  • Van Tastic
    Van Tastic3 måneder siden

    Ok here's one thing I can live without; 1. Bubba Wallace

  • Michael Waltrip

    Michael Waltrip

    2 måneder siden


  • Van Tastic

    Van Tastic

    3 måneder siden

    @Oliver Seiler , that's right !

  • Tim L
    Tim L3 måneder siden

    I’m not big into racing but this guy seems cool. Hope he does well

  • ThatFunnyGuy Brandon
    ThatFunnyGuy Brandon3 måneder siden

    I dont watch Nascar but doesn't this guy *Suck* on the Track? Figuratively and *Literally* of course.

  • c_ez
    c_ez3 måneder siden

    Credit where credit is due, dude took full advantage to get his name out when he had the chance. had zero part in the actual “noose” debacle. Just some pit crew member who didn’t bother showing him, allegedly. Still, not that great on the actual track

  • 330 wiz

    330 wiz

    Måned siden

    Lol thats not great. Thats barely better then Danica Patrick territory.

  • Carl The One

    Carl The One

    2 måneder siden

    How is that great?

  • mattk101600


    2 måneder siden

    he is great on the track has the 26th fastest car and has an average finish of 20th

  • SpursNation 47
    SpursNation 473 måneder siden

    Me excited thinking the comments are going to be hilarious. Every Comment: “These comments are going to be good.”

  • R Snr
    R Snr3 måneder siden

    All Apple everything. I’m not mad tho.

  • Robert Neeper
    Robert Neeper3 måneder siden

    Bldm Bubbas life don't matter

  • Jade A

    Jade A

    3 måneder siden

    your sick .

  • Bloosteur _
    Bloosteur _3 måneder siden

    First person to be true and say that he is paid to wear and showed... like the fact that he his honest

  • Jacob.Infinte7


    3 måneder siden


  • Jacob.Infinte7


    3 måneder siden


  • Justin Wallace
    Justin Wallace3 måneder siden

    These comments gonna be crazy

  • CF Billy
    CF Billy3 måneder siden

    How about doing a 10 things I can't live without, but have to..

  • Kevin Polo
    Kevin Polo3 måneder siden

    I saw the notification for this and instantly knew the comments weren’t gonna be good

  • Ronald williams
    Ronald williams3 måneder siden

    Bubba plays the race car.....often

  • Daniel Nuteson
    Daniel Nuteson3 måneder siden


  • didheisa
    didheisa3 måneder siden

    Number one: race baiting

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez3 måneder siden

    🟦☆🟦🟥🟥🟥🟦☆🟦 🟥🟦☆🟦🟥🟦☆🟦🟥 🟥🟥🟦☆🟦☆🟦🟥🔥 🟥🟥🟥🟦☆🟦🟥🔥🔥 🟥🟥🟦☆🟦☆🔥🔥🔥 🟥🟦☆🟦🟥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🟦☆🟦🟥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • IINightWolf_侍


    3 måneder siden

    Burn this Flag of Sh*t !!! . . .Perfect !