10 Things Auston Matthews Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things Toronto Maple Leafs player Auston Matthews can't live without when he hits the road. From his hockey stick and sneakers to his Rolex GMT-Master II watch and golf clubs, these are the NHL star's travel essentials.
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10 Things Auston Matthews Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Ryan A
    Ryan ADag siden

    I just wanna know when Matthews and Marner are going to finally tie the knot.

  • VFA-86 The Virtual Sidewinders
    VFA-86 The Virtual SidewindersDag siden

    Chief Wiggum look-alike

  • Lucas Haynes-Roberts (STUDENT)
    Lucas Haynes-Roberts (STUDENT)2 dager siden

    Move over Gretzky Ovie and super Mario matthews is the G.O.A.T

  • chris fryer
    chris fryer2 dager siden

    Your dog is cute

  • ForGodAndGlory
    ForGodAndGlory3 dager siden

    Seems like the kind of guy who will blow through his earnings after his career and we'll have some story about former NHLer getting a DUI. But hey at least you can still listen to drake and have some shoes...?

  • Scarface_Capone
    Scarface_Capone6 dager siden

    everything he needs that's essential is corny except the dog and rolex

  • Lisa M
    Lisa M11 dager siden

    His slides though, sheeeeeeeesh

  • Demon
    Demon17 dager siden

    hi Austin Matthews. you are my favorite hockey player in the would.

  • Davsome `

    Davsome `

    11 dager siden

    hi Austin Matthews you are my favorite hockey player in the would too.

  • Ollie Rowland
    Ollie Rowland22 dager siden

    Auston is the type of person to be the popular guy that’s cool w everyone

  • Noah Hammond
    Noah Hammond22 dager siden

    Cale maker

  • Molly Malarczuk
    Molly Malarczuk26 dager siden

    fornite is so good

  • Molly Malarczuk
    Molly Malarczuk26 dager siden

    fprnite is so good

  • Deanna Wierzbicki
    Deanna WierzbickiMåned siden

    Well we know one that isn’t essential is his hairline

  • Bubbles
    BubblesMåned siden

    Hilarious ! Matthews is awesome !

  • Jenny
    JennyMåned siden


  • bossusosu
    bossusosuMåned siden

    You'll be playing plenty of golf with the Leafs, Auston 🍻

  • Keri Stewart
    Keri StewartMåned siden

    I love the smell of Old Spice.

  • Jack Allgeyer
    Jack AllgeyerMåned siden

    Five, six years now

  • Lucas LaCombe Roblox
    Lucas LaCombe RobloxMåned siden

    Dude ur one of the best in nhl 21

  • Kyle Reid [Student]
    Kyle Reid [Student]Måned siden

    I started using Dove because of Matthews good products

  • AJ Yu
    AJ YuMåned siden

    ok yeah i cant bring myself to hate this guy.

  • Landon Byrne
    Landon ByrneMåned siden

    do yeygemkd u568rj r34445

  • Sukh Manku
    Sukh MankuMåned siden

    Yu are my favorite player

  • Stern Saturn
    Stern SaturnMåned siden

    I feel like hockey players aren’t allowed to express their style if it isn’t sticks and Suits cause you’d say “focus on the game and not yourself”

  • Morgan Simms
    Morgan SimmsMåned siden

    Dude..you need to renegotiate your contract to pay the heating bills in your house Must be tuff man ..having to sit there and give interviews in your stocking cap. I know Canada is cold but we do have a pay as you go system in place for the unfortunate #helpaustinheathishome

  • Josh M
    Josh MMåned siden

    I love the mustache

  • Morgan Simms
    Morgan SimmsMåned siden

    I wish he could live without that MOUSESTASHHHHH

  • Drei Ayanami
    Drei AyanamiMåned siden

    I know what Matthews can live without! A playoff series win 😂

  • thomas
    thomasMåned siden

    that stache has to go Auston

  • Erin S
    Erin SMåned siden

    Ya know

  • Bill Brasky
    Bill BraskyMåned siden

    Why do hockey players always listen to rap? It’s so boring and doesn’t pump you up. It’s sad to see what a man was 30 years ago and what they are now.

  • RoastedPotato88
    RoastedPotato88Måned siden

    how many shoes does Auston Matthews have ;-;

  • Wenjing S.
    Wenjing S.Måned siden

    He blushed when he talked about the body spray. SO CUTE

  • Jayke Knoll
    Jayke KnollMåned siden

    My respect for Matthew’s when he said he plays Xbox and switch 📈📈

  • blackxskull101
    blackxskull101Måned siden

    Please get kopitar on here

  • Kayn
    KaynMåned siden

    kinda crazy that he grew up in southern cali and arizona and still sounds like a generic mid western hockey player.

  • Gianluca Tkach
    Gianluca TkachMåned siden

    1:10 in Southern California, MUCH, like Arizona, my eyes don’t shed tears...

  • under construction
    under constructionMåned siden

    He likes his dove

  • P R
    P RMåned siden

    in Toronto, my mans Auston is the essential one

  • Pete V
    Pete VMåned siden

    So none of his essentials are essential.

  • Lana Moreland
    Lana Moreland2 måneder siden

    Please please shave that black line under your nose you are NOT a guy who should have facial hair you are so handsome.

  • Matthew Wallace
    Matthew Wallace2 måneder siden

    @nopong have to hookup Austin.

  • Johnny Dong
    Johnny Dong2 måneder siden

    By looking at the thumbnail this commercial is sponsored by Nike, I guess

  • Wyatt Hilson
    Wyatt Hilson2 måneder siden

    Omg big fan

  • Cam Taylor
    Cam Taylor2 måneder siden

    nobody: papi: i can't really sleep unless i have something between my legs

  • Aileen


    12 dager siden

    Cam Taylor, I wondered how long before someone else mentioned that quote...😏

  • Those golds
    Those golds2 måneder siden

    I have the same Xbox controller as him

  • Anna Wilson
    Anna Wilson2 måneder siden

    i absolutely love how Auston has picked up on how to say Toronto like a local

  • sinkorstone
    sinkorstone2 måneder siden

    Auston speaks of his essentials, we in Toronto think that he is essential!

  • Brad
    Brad2 måneder siden

    "Brightens up my day even when he poops in my house..." 😂😂😂

  • Lukas CF
    Lukas CF2 måneder siden

    Does anyone know where I can get that shirt

  • Leafan :O
    Leafan :O2 måneder siden

    Hi Auston Matthews, if your reading the comments just want to let u know that I am ur biggest fan.

  • brayden Sanford
    brayden Sanford2 måneder siden


  • Sophia Ladak
    Sophia Ladak2 måneder siden

    I love your Rolex I am and I’m only eight years old

  • Auston Methhead
    Auston Methhead2 måneder siden

    you forgot meth

  • Dan S.
    Dan S.2 måneder siden

    And this is important why??????? Auston no oxygen, water? you proved that like all professional athletes money and narcissism comes first.

  • C Purdy
    C Purdy2 måneder siden

    Go Leafs Go

  • ljummingen
    ljummingen2 måneder siden

    His music taste is shite

  • Daniel
    Daniel2 måneder siden

    I didn't think I could love this guy any more but I do. AM34

  • NA
    NA2 måneder siden

    Soon as ya get paid it puts a stop to training all year round eh

  • Pam Fullerton
    Pam Fullerton2 måneder siden

    How about living without that poor excuse for a mustashe

  • Brian yeah that brian Strang
    Brian yeah that brian Strang2 måneder siden

    Is this young Phil kessel

  • Will Fischer
    Will Fischer2 måneder siden

    I think every guy would use woman’s deodorant if it wasn’t embarrassing. We all like stuff that smells good!

  • Candy Stone
    Candy Stone2 måneder siden

    My sons hockey idol. ❤️#34

  • tjlazer
    tjlazer2 måneder siden

    Apparently he can live without winning a playoff series.

  • Alpha Therapy
    Alpha Therapy2 måneder siden

    GQ motivated me to start my own channel for young men with depression 💪🏻 #mentalhealthmatters

  • sweetie lune
    sweetie lune2 måneder siden

    Shave the mustache you look like Ron Jeremy

  • sweetie lune

    sweetie lune

    2 måneder siden

    @Autumn Taylor-Andrews an ugly Ron Jeremy

  • Autumn Taylor-Andrews

    Autumn Taylor-Andrews

    2 måneder siden


  • Yee yee Ass hair cut
    Yee yee Ass hair cut2 måneder siden

    Most boring dude

  • sensorglitch
    sensorglitch2 måneder siden

    This is probably one of the most boring "10 Things.." I have seen to date.

  • Erminia Bilan
    Erminia Bilan2 måneder siden

    awesome.!!!!!!!!!...how lucky are we in Toronto..HE is the face and our future! of the LEAFS!!

  • tyrone coates
    tyrone coates2 måneder siden

    No one realized he showed his dove body spray twice ?? Lol

  • BE Reviews
    BE Reviews2 måneder siden

    AM34 is awesome

  • Nathan 4173
    Nathan 41732 måneder siden

    I was hoping to God he would have some anime pillowcase on the body pillow, like fuckin Megumin or something

  • Auston Mats
    Auston Mats2 måneder siden

    Young Thug, Lil baby, Gunna..... 🚮

  • Mckessa King
    Mckessa King2 måneder siden

    Austin is a great hockey player but if you want personality you cant beat Brett Hull Jeremy Roenick or Phil Esposito

  • poketoad333
    poketoad3332 måneder siden

    Should’ve put that stache on his list

  • Nail Yakupov
    Nail Yakupov2 måneder siden

    Another essential for everybody are my sick plays

  • Aymé Per
    Aymé Per2 måneder siden

    I wonder what will be the year he'll go full bald, that hair line has been slowly going back

  • K1da


    2 måneder siden

    Lebron v2

  • Kayleigh Cat
    Kayleigh Cat2 måneder siden

    help we use the same deodorant

  • Celine Montgomery
    Celine Montgomery2 måneder siden

    Drake kk

  • Kookanoop
    Kookanoop2 måneder siden

    Mcdavid next

  • ADK
    ADK2 måneder siden

    Terrible taste of ”rap”, like wtf

  • K Davis
    K Davis2 måneder siden

    He got into Dove because a chick he was mashing on left it at his place.

  • Aileen


    12 dager siden

    @Jessy Lapointe Whoops! Uh oh, maybe Candy is too...😁 :))

  • Jessy Lapointe

    Jessy Lapointe

    12 dager siden

    @Aileen I'm a dude

  • Aileen


    12 dager siden

    Candy and Jessy! Hey, isn't any Girlie going to mention that body pillow quote: "just can't sleep without something between my arms and my legs." Not even a smirk! Now That is cooool....

  • Candy Stone

    Candy Stone

    2 måneder siden

    Jessy Lapointe - really ? bc I commented “ ouch” & you responded.

  • Jessy Lapointe

    Jessy Lapointe

    2 måneder siden

    @Candy Stone 🤣😂wasn't talking to you

  • 7Trace McSorley
    7Trace McSorley2 måneder siden

    I love Austin matthews!

  • lakerchamps100
    lakerchamps1002 måneder siden

    This guy is a fruit and gives no shits about it. That’s fuckin awesome. I love athletes that I feel I’d get along with

  • Brass Tacks Boxing
    Brass Tacks Boxing2 måneder siden

    "I cant sleep, unless I have something between my legs". That's what she said.😉

  • Pound_Cake1
    Pound_Cake12 måneder siden

    I might get that deoderant

  • Derek Doucette
    Derek Doucette2 måneder siden

    He needs that hat.. cuz his hairline is receeeeeeeeeding hard.

  • Alex
    Alex2 måneder siden

    🔥🔥 playlist. Guess your my fav player now

  • daboy dudus
    daboy dudus2 måneder siden

    who is this?

  • foshastajones
    foshastajones2 måneder siden

    Come back to AZ

  • mediacenter man
    mediacenter man2 måneder siden

    3:11 Hey, this is a family show

  • J T
    J T2 måneder siden

    Mathews likes mumble rap 🤢

  • laur yolo
    laur yolo2 måneder siden


  • Jessy Lapointe
    Jessy Lapointe3 måneder siden

    Captain underpants

  • Katie E
    Katie E3 måneder siden

    I think it’s cool that he uses women’s deodorant, when a lot of women use men’s deodorant

  • Kmasi Playz
    Kmasi Playz3 måneder siden

    Jesus is coming soon pls give ur life to him if you havent

  • Tdr94 19
    Tdr94 193 måneder siden

    A good watch always essential literally sets off the whole outfit.

  • Danny Covell
    Danny Covell3 måneder siden

    The accurate colombia wailly multiply because egypt arthroscopically entertain qua a creepy parent. tough, creepy wealth

  • Martin Zeťák
    Martin Zeťák3 måneder siden

    1. Mustache

  • Bradley Hart
    Bradley Hart3 måneder siden

    the content i've been waiting