10 Things Austin Rivers Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


There are a few things Austin Rivers can't live without when he hits the road. From a spray bottle of Byredo Perfume to the keys to his Ferrari, these are the Houston Rockets' Guard travel essentials.
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10 Things Austin Rivers Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • Donny Dykes
    Donny DykesDag siden

    people forget this man had one of the hardest hoopmixtapes ever

  • Caleb Fib
    Caleb Fib21 dag siden

    you forgot to add his dad as one of the things he can't live without

  • CaRz 164
    CaRz 164Måned siden

    Humble guy

  • J&C0B M
    J&C0B MMåned siden

    Now he really needs hand sanitizer 😅

  • Mauricio Rodriguez
    Mauricio RodriguezMåned siden

    This dude corny af

  • XO
    XO2 måneder siden

    Got that Doc Rivers lazy eye too

  • Ishaan Harjai
    Ishaan Harjai2 måneder siden

    How is Austin rivers handling the coronavirus

  • Andrés Rios
    Andrés Rios2 måneder siden

    JEWELERY 2:36 & TOP

  • Dang Le
    Dang Le2 måneder siden

    he looks like jackson mahomes lol

  • yash chaitanya
    yash chaitanya2 måneder siden

    Aaaahhh...materialism at it's finest

  • Piecekeepr
    Piecekeepr2 måneder siden

    Man he uses hand sanitizer before the pandemic goes crazy🔥

  • Christian Makouji
    Christian Makouji2 måneder siden

    This should be re-titled “Austin rivers shows off his dad’s money for 8 minutes and 37 seconds” Edit: yes I liked my own comment, shut up!

  • Andrew Hill
    Andrew Hill2 måneder siden

    Lmao well we know Austin rivers prolly won’t get the corona virus lmao

  • fornajti fast
    fornajti fast3 måneder siden

    Is this where manlinnes has come too, wearing jewlery like a girl and caring and beautifing yourself???

  • Anthony Singapore
    Anthony Singapore3 måneder siden

    put ja morant

  • Trokon Gaye
    Trokon Gaye3 måneder siden

    Did he mention his dad? Didn't watch the video

  • Shary Sinclair
    Shary Sinclair3 måneder siden

    Bra Austin Rivers is not a golden guy

  • Harry
    Harry3 måneder siden

    1:24 You are done when u want to feel like an adult by relying on the decoration.

  • The Fashion Archive
    The Fashion Archive3 måneder siden

    here after he unleashed 41pts on the kings. Hope he maintains his duke level form & confidence.

  • STWAberry
    STWAberry3 måneder siden

    I came back here after he dropped a career-high 40 piece last night.

  • opponent 116
    opponent 1163 måneder siden

    5:05 mans was prepared for corona

  • Matthew Childress
    Matthew Childress4 måneder siden

    Why isn’t his dad on here?

  • BackwardsHatTalman
    BackwardsHatTalman4 måneder siden

    That hand sanitizer hits different now

  • Rodrigo CS
    Rodrigo CS4 måneder siden

    His dad.

  • squeebus
    squeebus4 måneder siden

    cuz has one eye looking to drive to the rim and one eye looking to dish it to the corner 3

  • Jj Reyes
    Jj Reyes4 måneder siden

    The lack of respect for this man is disgusting. Certified hooper

  • Yisroel Weiss
    Yisroel Weiss4 måneder siden

    He didn’t answer how he got the AirPods. LOL

  • Almond Simon
    Almond Simon4 måneder siden

    Hand sanitizer became everyone essentials now btw

  • Bryan Refuerzo
    Bryan Refuerzo4 måneder siden


  • Stanlen Faucher
    Stanlen Faucher5 måneder siden

    Austin Rivers is so underrated in terms of being real.

  • Mahad Hussain
    Mahad Hussain5 måneder siden

    This dude is the biggest hypocrite

  • Akash Gomes
    Akash Gomes5 måneder siden

    Can't live without he's dad on the team 😂🤣

  • Ye Yu
    Ye Yu6 måneder siden

    Obama brauchen Teil universal kommt mit neuen Punkt Welt Rumänien angezeigt 202 jahre gewählt unbekannt eigentlich möchte Live star Berichts

  • Ry
    Ry6 måneder siden

    He should get his bracelet dipped into rose or white gold if he don’t like yellow gold

  • Zhizhong Zhang
    Zhizhong Zhang6 måneder siden

    Very Normal

  • Dominic Ellis
    Dominic Ellis7 måneder siden

    Get meek mill on here he's dope

  • MEEPMAN212 XboX
    MEEPMAN212 XboX7 måneder siden

    I’ve met him before at my gym

  • Vincent Castillo
    Vincent Castillo7 måneder siden

    pls put jr smith in here or/and one of the Ball brothers.

  • Ethan Gallagher
    Ethan Gallagher7 måneder siden

    I go to the highschool that he went to in Orlando. he's my neighbor and our siblings played volleyball together. super cool guy.

  • Mark Halvorsen
    Mark Halvorsen7 måneder siden

    Watch collection is on point. So glad he didnt do the gaudy ice on Pateks like lot of young guys do. 5726 is dope watch. Makes me sick when they ruin w diamonds

  • da blurr
    da blurr7 måneder siden

    Seems like a cool dude. Smell nice is a must man, but what's up with the nails tho ? Gotta cut them.

  • TNapster
    TNapster7 måneder siden

    Casual Outfit Ideas For Men - Celebrity Men Casual Outfit Style instagram.com/munecagearbracelets/

  • mosouss
    mosouss7 måneder siden

    5:00 he was ahead of his time

  • Christian Cesar
    Christian Cesar7 måneder siden

    He was ahead of corona

  • Miguel Nogueira
    Miguel Nogueira8 måneder siden

    This man ain't playing with corona

  • lovablelibra
    lovablelibra8 måneder siden

    Nice, he’s thinking of investments not just flashy

  • Amber R
    Amber R8 måneder siden

    Can y’all Blake griffin please 😩

  • fredygrillz
    fredygrillz8 måneder siden

    Broke out here lol

  • Its Lit
    Its Lit8 måneder siden


  • J- Hickz
    J- Hickz8 måneder siden

    This the most Light Skin video i even seen in my life LOL

  • Sean B
    Sean B9 måneder siden

    1 thing Austin Rivers can live without- A Jump shot

  • Vendetta Wraith
    Vendetta Wraith9 måneder siden

    Is this in the rocks with AR lol

  • Bret Baumann Jr
    Bret Baumann Jr9 måneder siden

    #1 his dad

  • Jordan Megi
    Jordan Megi9 måneder siden

    his dad

  • Will Nadin
    Will Nadin9 måneder siden

    10 things lil mosey can’t live without

  • Mike Literus
    Mike Literus9 måneder siden

    You bought three Patek nautilus why they are 90k sports watches

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata9 måneder siden

    Love this guy

  • Camay
    Camay9 måneder siden

    I didnt see any condoms...maybe that's too personal?

  • Chuy Z
    Chuy Z9 måneder siden

    So when are we getting kawhi???

  • HJOTech
    HJOTech9 måneder siden

    This just confirmed Rivers is really a clown

  • Romejot Sanghera
    Romejot Sanghera9 måneder siden

    Germaphobic buddy u are a germ JK

  • SMC
    SMC9 måneder siden

    DUKE !!!

  • Sael Domenech
    Sael Domenech9 måneder siden

    I’ve been having the same hand sanitizers for like a decade

  • Joe Tomas
    Joe Tomas9 måneder siden

    Get Kyle Lowry

  • MrJre4491
    MrJre44919 måneder siden

    "Not trying to be on 30 for 30" ofcourse you're gonna be on 30 for 30 your father is the whole reason you're in the league you've definitely improved sense you started but there are dudes at lots of gyms and street ball courts that could easily do what you do in the league

  • javi m
    javi m9 måneder siden

    I don't want to go broke...my babies mother 🤔

  • Jose Meca
    Jose Meca9 måneder siden

    We need Ben simmon and tobias harris

  • Jose Meca
    Jose Meca9 måneder siden

    We need nick young

  • Troy Turner
    Troy Turner9 måneder siden

    Rebounds on this list?

  • Korvus
    Korvus9 måneder siden

    If I become a millionaire. I'm gonna be a watch guy bcuz its fascinating to see how they design the watches gears and the faces

  • Korvus
    Korvus9 måneder siden

    If I become a millionaire. I'm gonna be a watch guy bcuz its fascinating to see how they design the watches gears and the faces

  • Patrick Nguyen
    Patrick Nguyen9 måneder siden

    I have the middle Patek! 5712G brotha

  • Spartan08
    Spartan0810 måneder siden

    My man is a guard and has a 64% career FREE THROW percentage lmao

  • flow flow
    flow flow10 måneder siden

    Stay level Austin

  • Vish
    Vish10 måneder siden

    That Ferrari was ode flex

  • Trey Tern
    Trey Tern10 måneder siden

    When he said facial hair grows so quickly 😥 😂

  • Joey J
    Joey J10 måneder siden

    Get Demar Derozan on here

  • Joel Isaí
    Joel Isaí10 måneder siden

    "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious". -Michael Scott -Austin Rivers

  • QB NJ
    QB NJ10 måneder siden


  • blob blobby
    blob blobby10 måneder siden

    "dont want to be like everyone else"....proceeds to show watches that literally every "famous" black person has 😂😂😂

  • Connor Hamlet
    Connor Hamlet10 måneder siden

    He cant live without his dad

  • above6ft 29
    above6ft 2910 måneder siden

    Light skin dude essentials

  • Y2K Illuminati
    Y2K Illuminati10 måneder siden

    More of these.

  • alltime great
    alltime great10 måneder siden

    Is he part of the jonas brothers?

  • Colten Bluhm
    Colten Bluhm10 måneder siden

    smh he said baby mother

  • Dane Ibsen
    Dane Ibsen10 måneder siden


  • Nathan Mogollan
    Nathan Mogollan10 måneder siden

    I don’t know who this is, but I like this guy.

  • Noman Tariq
    Noman Tariq10 måneder siden

    People like to hate on this dude because they think he was given everything because of his dad including his NBA career but if that was the case Michael Jordan’s kids would be scoring champions averaging 35+ points a game. He seems like a humble down to earth guy

  • YT JailRouteRecords
    YT JailRouteRecords10 måneder siden

    glad he is in houston rn H-Town!!!!

  • Booza Murphdog
    Booza Murphdog10 måneder siden


  • pokojoindis
    pokojoindis10 måneder siden

    Austin Rivers is a bench player why is he even on here.

    CATIVOS DO VAL10 måneder siden

    3 pointers

  • King Singh
    King Singh10 måneder siden


  • Alec
    Alec10 måneder siden

    I asked my gramps what his shirt said This guy said digiorno

  • Joltin Joe
    Joltin Joe10 måneder siden

    Guy really showed what a hood booger he truly is when he says his “baby mother” bought him the bracelet straight up proves money can’t buy class .

  • Xavier Shanley
    Xavier Shanley10 måneder siden

    please put damian lillard on this it will be my dream come true

  • ricky arroyo
    ricky arroyo10 måneder siden

    Nobody cares what ten things you like lamoooooooo

  • Icx !
    Icx !10 måneder siden

    I love Austin ♥️

  • Te Lamb
    Te Lamb10 måneder siden

    Do y'all think he doesn't cut his nails because it will affect his shot?

  • roxxylala26
    roxxylala2610 måneder siden

    Nothing wrong with it but Austin too much of a pretty boy. He seems like a lil diva, can't play without his rubber bands.Boy stop.😆