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  • Cole Brennan
    Cole BrennanTime siden

    You sold my fantasy championship, thank you so much for being trash against the leagues worst defense.

  • Mr Anthony Hill
    Mr Anthony HillTime siden

    That’s my qb

  • Masoom Shafi
    Masoom ShafiTime siden

    Mans dressed like he thinks he's a rapper 😂😂😂

  • George P
    George PTime siden

    My dude. Smart.

  • Maad
    MaadTime siden

    Jalen please turn up im the only that thinks you’re gonna ball out

  • thebigson
    thebigsonTime siden

    And he’s about to take in millions more too

  • Get Right 2 it Podcast
    Get Right 2 it PodcastTime siden

    ‼💯Good video philly in the building ‼

  • KING Q
    KING QTime siden

    Finally my Quarterback is on hear LETS GOOO!!!

  • Putin
    PutinTime siden

    Editor needs a paycut for not putting in the ufc fight he was talking about at the start

  • Colton Lombardo
    Colton LombardoTime siden

    The perspective is crazy like 20k would literally change my life and it’s just another notch in an athlete’s belt.

  • Bob Bobson
    Bob BobsonTime siden

    wish the title was how ____ spent his first contract

  • Jebin James
    Jebin JamesTime siden

    Seems like a really great dude. I'll definitely be rooting for him.

  • Giovanni Samuel
    Giovanni SamuelTime siden

    Best One yet.

  • Mr Anthony Hill
    Mr Anthony HillTime siden


  • De'angelo Ahmed
    De'angelo AhmedTime siden

    I feel like thats not how he really talks

  • Alexcia Sommerville
    Alexcia SommervilleTime siden

    He is so selfless... dude is not thinking about himself at all

  • Tyler Reed
    Tyler ReedTime siden

    This dude just made some more on a straight talk endorsement lol

  • The Goldmine
    The GoldmineTime siden

    lol who do be seeing this in 2021? 5:08

  • Camaroone. Tv
    Camaroone. TvTime siden

    In hurts we trust 💯🤞🏾

  • Christian Winkler
    Christian WinklerTime siden

    Jalen Hurts is awesome I hope he has a successful long career!

  • Jonathan milton
    Jonathan miltonTime siden

    I didn’t know you pledged big homie! RESPECT! Omega Psi Phi! Q dogs

  • Lil c
    Lil cTime siden

    The world's jolliest and friendliest MMA fighter. We love GSP and his franglaise😅♥️

  • Olu Adedapo
    Olu AdedapoTime siden

    Thats my QB1

  • Bob Bobson
    Bob BobsonTime siden

    I really liked his tips until he sponsored straight talk

  • Noob Master69
    Noob Master69Time siden

    I don’t like the eagles but I’m rooting for this guy

  • Jonathan milton
    Jonathan miltonTime siden

    This my boy right here don’t count him out Eagles. He’s very smart and the mindset is humble. He knows what he’s doing with his finances.

  • Ella Vantre
    Ella VantreTime siden

    how can u not like this guy. he smart, humble, generous/kind and a beast at football.🙏🏻 i’m excited to see u next year in philly!!🖤💚🦅#flyeaglesfly

  • Travis Vannuil
    Travis VannuilTime siden

    Can you guys get Lebron on here it would be insane

  • hs4lhp
    hs4lhpTime siden

    how can you not love GSP? what a man

  • Alexis gaming
    Alexis gamingTime siden

    Im an eagles fan

  • Jeremy S
    Jeremy STime siden

    Dat. N E C C C C C

  • jam man
    jam manTime siden

    Jalen seems smart and cool asf

  • Tish Maya
    Tish MayaTime siden

    Humble and down to earth. Man I hope he works out in Philly.

  • Robert Hovenkamp
    Robert HovenkampTime siden

    He is going to be wealthy

  • Top Strike Gaming
    Top Strike GamingTime siden

    dislikes are just people angry with his talent (cowboy fans)

  • Justin Silva
    Justin Silva2 timer siden


  • L. Ron Gardner
    L. Ron Gardner2 timer siden

    The average guy: "I can't drive 55, and I can't hit 95."

  • Cosmic King
    Cosmic King2 timer siden

    he nice and humble, more respect to him

  • Gerardo Montalvo
    Gerardo Montalvo2 timer siden

    Bring him to Houston!!

  • Icy Rhodes
    Icy Rhodes2 timer siden

    I wanna see him try to throw 85 mph!!!

  • C
    C2 timer siden

    Chase young next?

  • Icy Rhodes
    Icy Rhodes2 timer siden

    This is fantastic free batting lessons

  • Matt Thibault
    Matt Thibault2 timer siden

    maybe the nicest guy who has done these yet. Roll Tide

  • jonathan leshko
    jonathan leshko2 timer siden

    dang, im proud of hurts, this dude could do great things

  • squareship 956
    squareship 9562 timer siden

    Saving is the best because some players don't save it so at the end of the year they have to pay taxes

  • Lisa Marleen
    Lisa Marleen2 timer siden

    That's the guy who left One Direction...

  • LuvMike
    LuvMike2 timer siden

    Love you Jalen I know you're gonna do great thing s in philly

  • L J
    L J2 timer siden

    Hope he pans out in the league just not in Philly

  • Santiago Schulz Schulz Kumar
    Santiago Schulz Schulz Kumar2 timer siden

    Wait... GSP wasn't bald this entire time??? retirement look good on the GOAT

  • John Wade
    John Wade2 timer siden

    Been following him since his freshman year! What a guy

  • William Savary
    William Savary2 timer siden

    Leasing a car is worst than buying a new car....

  • CezrDaPleazr
    CezrDaPleazr2 timer siden

    I LOVE THIS MAN! #FlyEaglesFly

  • goose with shoes
    goose with shoes2 timer siden

    I really hope hurts is the guy. You couldn’t ask for a better person to be the face of your franchise....

  • SW
    SWTime siden

    Fax. He and Tyrod (watched him when he was on hard Knocks twice) are literally 2 of the best teammates I've ever seen. Absolutely love them

  • U Gonna Chit
    U Gonna Chit2 timer siden

    He didn't mention Macho Man Randy Savage "The Cream Of The Crop".

  • Abraham Aspericueta
    Abraham Aspericueta2 timer siden

    Yall neeed to get my boy justin herbert !!!!

  • MB
    MB2 timer siden


  • Will Allen
    Will Allen2 timer siden

    Happy to see Jalen was raised right! God bless him and all y’all

  • Jerome Bettis
    Jerome Bettis2 timer siden

    You are a very special person my boy

  • Jerome Bettis
    Jerome Bettis2 timer siden

    I like how you did that bra lol promote

  • Nowell clay
    Nowell clay2 timer siden

    About Dam Time Gq

  • Northern Beast
    Northern Beast2 timer siden

    Gabe Rosado is a real dude. Never ducks anyone in his division and always keeps it real. Nice to see him get more shine👍

  • Will Ayton
    Will Ayton2 timer siden

    I think he will get that all important 2nd contract, not going nuts with the custom SUV's & Richard Mille's helps!

  • Johnra Brown
    Johnra Brown2 timer siden

    Good Brother

  • Mireya Torres
    Mireya Torres2 timer siden

    i am a cowboys fan but i love this guy philly is his team

  • NFL YoungBoy _
    NFL YoungBoy _2 timer siden

    qb factory

  • simon scowled
    simon scowled2 timer siden

    Boring episode, cheapest guy ever, used car?

  • Whaler Ship
    Whaler Ship2 timer siden

    smart guy.

  • Paradise Water
    Paradise Water2 timer siden

    Future of Philly football right here

  • lisandro flores
    lisandro flores2 timer siden

    That unwritten rule is true. Although some people don't know it until it's done to them. Happened to me, put someone I couldn't beat in an arm bar and went straight to the break, luckily he knew I was inexperienced and tapped right before but I hurt him pretty bad. Few years later the same was done to me although I wasn't so lucky and tore my rotator cuff and hurt my cap shell.

  • Kamikaze Uzi
    Kamikaze Uzi2 timer siden

    bruh do justin herbert

  • JgarcoM8
    JgarcoM82 timer siden

    I wanna go to heaven

  • Ftd jay
    Ftd jay2 timer siden

    He really saved his money no cap

  • Luke Wisler
    Luke Wisler2 timer siden

    Humble man. Only one who hadn’t bought a car.

  • Daquan McDonald
    Daquan McDonaldTime siden

    I'd lease cars to some guys just get caught up in the wrong mindsets that's all

  • It’s Itzamna
    It’s ItzamnaTime siden

    You can tell by the way he moves he’s quite and humble but explosive on the field even in out the field he seems chill

  • Axel Santos
    Axel Santos2 timer siden

    Is his hairline slanted or is it just me?

  • TM Smith
    TM Smith2 timer siden

    I’ve been waiting on another episode of this

  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson2 timer siden

    I hate the Eagles but definitely a fan of Jalen Hurts

  • yo niha
    yo niha2 timer siden


  • Cardo
    Cardo2 timer siden

    I know it’s too soon but talking about massages is risky

  • Jovanna Peralez
    Jovanna Peralez2 timer siden

    You suck you lose to cowboys

  • Vlad Fifty-Two
    Vlad Fifty-Two2 timer siden

    Imagine being some college student, and Jalen Hurts is your neighbor.